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Now Playing: The Pope Smokes?! (No, It Was Jude Law in Costume) The Pope Smokes?! (No, It Was Jude Law in Costume)
2015-08-05 Producer Says He's Working on 'Sherlock Holmes 3' Script
2015-08-05 Paolo Sorrentino's ‘Young Pope' Rounds Out Cast With Top International Talent
2015-08-04 Sienna Miller's Star Journey
2015-07-28 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Jude Law
2015-06-24 Best Of: Jude Law
2015-06-18 Melissa McCarthy Wears Spy Stunt Scars with Pride
2015-06-06 'Spy' Joins Wave of New Female Movies
2015-06-04 Melissa McCarthy Was All Laughs At European Spy Premiere
2015-05-28 27 Hunkiest Celebrity Dads of All Time
2015-05-25 An Inside Look at Sienna Miller's Love Life
2015-05-12 The 'Spy' Who Swiped Me: Here Comes Another Movie Promotion on Tinder
2015-05-11 Jude Law's Lookalike Son Rafferty Is All Grown Up--and He's the Spitting Image of His Famous Father
2015-04-28 Jason Statham Schools Melissa McCarthy in New 'Spy' Trailer
2015-04-01 Will 'Spy' Be Melissa McCarthy's Best Role Yet?
2015-04-01 The Secrets of Jude Law's Love Life
2015-03-24 Jude Law Welcomes Fifth Child, a Baby Girl With Ex-Girlfriend Catherine Harding
2015-03-19 Jude Law Becomes Father for the Fifth Time
2015-03-18 Jude Law Welcomes Fifth Child
2015-03-18 Jude Law Welcomes Fifth Child
2015-03-18 Guy Ritchie Shares First Look at King Arthur
2015-03-15 Jude Law in Talks for Lead Role in Paolo Sorrentino's 'The Young Pope'
2015-03-09 Black Sea: Richard Roeper's Review
2015-02-15 Behind the Scenes of Vanity Fair's British Portfolio: Part 1
2015-02-09 Jude Law and Kristina's Red Carpet Moment
2015-02-08 Jude Law Kissing Kristina Behr
2015-02-08 Jude Law Set to Become Dad to New Daughter Any Day Now
2015-01-30 Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy Join Forces for 'Spy'
2015-01-22 Incoming Spy Movie! - Trailer Time
2015-01-20 Unexpected CIA Agent Goes Deep Undercover in 'Spy'
2015-01-15 'Black Sea' Director Kevin Macdonald on Submarine Movies and Class Struggle
2015-01-07 'Black Sea' Director Kevin Macdonald on Filming in a Submarine
2015-01-07 'Black Sea': Kevin Macdonald on Not Wanting Jude Law and Why He Cast Him
2015-01-07 'Black Sea' Director Kevin Macdonald on Oscar Season and Low Budget Filming
2015-01-07 Could Aaron Paul Be Heading to a Galaxy Far, Far Away?
2014-12-30 Friday's Showbiz News Round-Up: Golden Globe Nominees Announced and More
2014-12-12 Jude Law Describes 'Desperate' Nature of 'Black Sea'
2014-12-04 'Black Sea': Interview With Jude Law, Kevin Macdonald & Cast
2014-12-04 6 On-Again Off-Again Hollywood Couples
2014-11-28 'Black Sea': Anywhere Clip
2014-11-19 Director Kevin Macdonald on 'Black Sea'
2014-11-16 Black Sea - Trailer No. 1
2014-11-08 'Black Sea' Trailer
2014-10-23 Jude Law's Ex Is Pregnant With His Baby
2014-10-17 Jude Law: With Maturity Comes Complication
2014-07-31 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Gets a Lego Makeover
2014-06-17 This Week's Broken News: Kimye's Wedding, McDonald's Mascot, & Deep V-Necks
2014-05-23 Must List for April 4: ‘Raising Hope’ Series Finale
2014-04-05 Jude Law in Olivier Awards Battle
2014-03-10 'The Grand Budapest Hotel': 'They Only Had the Half-Ounce'
2014-03-06 Jude Law, Jason Schwartzman in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Scene
2014-03-05 'The Grand Budapest Hotel': Clip - A Plan for Your Survival
2014-03-02 'The Grand Budapest Hotel': Featurette - The Story
2014-03-02 Jude Law Opens Up For First Time About Affair Between Sienna Miller And Daniel Craig
2014-01-28 Jude Law Forced to Reveal Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig Affair
2014-01-28 'Contagion' 2011 Movie Review
2014-01-27 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-23 'Fast & Furious 7' Gets A Release Date
2013-12-23 The All Star Cast Of The Grand Budapest Hotel
2013-12-22 Jude Law's Son Is Relaxed in the Spotlight
2013-11-16 Jude Law on Rewarding Role in 'Dom Hemingway'
2013-11-15 Richard E. Grant: 'Don Hemingway Already Cult Film'
2013-11-09 Jude Law: 'Hemingway Role Scared Me'
2013-11-08 Jude Law Shows No Embarrassment at Naked Scenes
2013-11-08 Jude Law Hints 'Sherlock Holmes 3' Is in the Works
2013-11-06 Grant and Law Became Best Pals
2013-11-02 Sofia Vergara, Jude Law and Singer Susan Boyle in Celebrity News
2013-10-31 Rafferty Law, Jude Law's Son, Stars In Fashion Film
2013-10-07 Jude Law Talks 'Sherlock Holmes' 3
2013-09-27 Jude Law Liked Being A Bad Boy While Filming His Movie
2013-09-13 Jude Law 'Buried' Dom Hemingway
2013-09-10 Hollywood's Most Notorious Cheaters
2013-09-10 Celebrity Chasing at TIFF
2013-09-03 Robert Pattinson Is the New Face of Dior
2013-06-12 Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara on Side Effects