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Now Playing: Shia LaBeouf Hotter and Happier Than Ever Shia LaBeouf Hotter and Happier Than Ever
2015-09-16 Hairstyles We Hope Never Make A Comeback
2015-08-11 The Big Picture: Junk Drawer 2014
2015-07-28 Shia LaBeouf Leaves Girlfriend in Germany After Intense Fight
2015-07-28 Shia LaBeouf Fights with Girlfriend Mia Goth: 'I Would Have Killed Her'
2015-07-27 Shia LaBeouf -- Yeehaw!!! Do-Si-DoIn Hotel USA Parking Lot
2015-07-06 Shia LaBeouf Treats Fans to More Freestyle Rapping
2015-07-03 Shia LaBeouf Wows Fans with Passionate Freestyle Rap
2015-06-30 Shia LaBeouf -- Insane Patriotism At Mt. Rushmore
2015-06-30 Shia LaBeouf: Insane Patriotism at Mt. Rushmore
2015-06-30 Bobbi Kristina Brown Moved to Hospice Care and More
2015-06-25 Shia LaBeouf Hospitalised with Head Injury
2015-06-25 Alternate Energy Sources Scientists Should Be Working on Right Now
2015-06-07 Batman & Shia Labeouf V. Superman Is The Dawn Of Do It
2015-06-04 James Franco Spoofs Shia LaBeouf in His Underwear
2015-06-03 Shia LaBeouf Lends Graduates a Hand
2015-05-28 Shia LaBeouf Joins Coming Of Age Drama ‘American Honey'
2015-04-07 5 Weird Ways Celebs Avoid Paparazzi
2015-04-05 Shia LaBeouf's Girlfriend Spotted with Diamond on Ring Finger
2015-03-11 Shia LaBeouf's Girlfriend, Mia Goth, Flashes 'Engagement Ring'
2015-03-10 TooFab or TooDrab?! See The Best And Worst In Celebrity Street Style
2015-03-07 Shia LaBeouf's New Hairstyle Generates Major Buzz
2015-03-04 Eccentric A-List Special: Hollywood's Craziest Stars
2015-02-20 Shia LaBeouf at the 2015 Grammys
2015-02-09 'Fury': Movie Review for Parents
2015-02-02 Chad Michael Murray Ties the Knot With Sarah Roemer
2015-01-21 Sia Apologizes for Controversial 'Elastic Heart' Video With Shia LaBeouf
2015-01-08 Why Christian Bale and George Clooney Love Berlinale
2014-12-29 Mark Wahlberg to Reprise 'Transformers' Role
2014-12-19 10 Celeb WTF Moments of 2014
2014-12-07 Shia LaBeouf Collaborators Comment on Alleged Rape of Star During Art Performance
2014-12-01 Shia LaBeouf Claims That He Was Raped During His #IAMSORRY Art Performance
2014-11-28 Shia LaBeouf Impresses in Court and More
2014-11-26 Shia LaBeouf -- Judge Gives Actor High Five For Alcohol Rehab
2014-11-25 The Scariest Thing You'll Encounter This Halloween Is Shia LaBeouf
2014-10-31 Fury Actor Logan Lerman Talks Emotions on Set
2014-10-28 Fury Star Logan Recalls Claustrophobic Tank Experience
2014-10-24 'Fury': Exclusive Interview With Cast & Director
2014-10-22 Logan Lerman and David Ayer Back on Military Grounds
2014-10-22 'Fury' Stars Talk Violent and Gritty Filmmaking
2014-10-21 'Fury': Exclusive LFF Closing Gala Premiere
2014-10-21 'Fury' Role Helped Brad Pitt Be a Better Father
2014-10-20 'Fury Made Me a Better Father'
2014-10-20 Top 10 Famous Douchebags
2014-10-19 Four Things We Learned About Brad Pitt at the Premiere of 'Fury'
2014-10-19 Richard Roeper Reviews' Fury'
2014-10-19 FURY - "FURY" Is a Day in the Life of a Family of Brothers
2014-10-17 FURY - Jon Bernthal on Going Through a Bonding Bootcamp
2014-10-17 FURY - Logan Lerman Researching for "FURY"
2014-10-17 FURY - Director David Ayer Makes Chick Flicks for Guys
2014-10-17 FURY - Why Director David Ayer Identifies with Logan Lerman
2014-10-17 Michael Pena Opens Up About Intimate Moments on 'Fury' Set
2014-10-16 FURY - Logan Lerman on Working with Brad Pitt
2014-10-16 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Clip: Shia LaBeouf on Fighting Brad Pitt in 'Fury'
2014-10-14 Shia LaBeouf's Has An Important Message On His Butt
2014-10-14 Shia LaBeouf Admits To Punching Brad Pitt
2014-10-14 Shia LaBeouf Admits To ‘Judgement Errors’ on ‘Ellen’
2014-10-10 Shia LaBeouf Breaks Silence on Breakdown & Jail: Wore Hannibal Mask
2014-10-10 'Fury' Film Clip
2014-10-09 Shia LaBeouf Slashed Cuts Into His Face While Filming Fury, Says Co-Star Logan Lerman!
2014-10-08 'Fury': Recreating Hell Featurette
2014-10-02 'Charlie Countryman' Trailer
2014-10-02 Find Out Why Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf Almost Fought Scott Eastwood
2014-09-30 Brad Pitt Opens Up About Marrying Angelina Jolie, Fighting With Shia LaBeouf And Avoiding Twitter
2014-09-29 Brad Pitt Discusses George Clooney and Shia LaBeouf
2014-09-29 Shia LaBeouf Turns Things Round with Art Event
2014-09-28 Shia LaBeouf Obtains Restraining Order
2014-09-18 Shia LaBeouf Has a Stalker Who Thinks He's Albert Einstein
2014-09-17 'Fury' Trailer 2
2014-09-14 Shia Labeouf Cops Plea in Broadway Meltdown Case
2014-09-10 Shia Labeouf Cops Plea in Broadway Meltdown Case
2014-09-10 'Fury': Brothers Under the Gun Featurette
2014-09-09 'Fury' Featurette
2014-09-04 Shia LaBeouf Sobers Up for Brad Pitt
2014-09-02 Bradley Cooper Coming for Christmas