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Now Playing: Shia LaBeouf Copying Lady Gaga's Friend in Bizarre Exhibit Find Out Why Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf Almost Fought Scott Eastwood
2014-09-30 Brad Pitt Opens Up About Marrying Angelina Jolie, Fighting With Shia LaBeouf And Avoiding Twitter
2014-09-29 Brad Pitt Discusses George Clooney and Shia LaBeouf
2014-09-29 Shia LaBeouf Turns Things Round with Art Event
2014-09-28 Shia LaBeouf Obtains Restraining Order
2014-09-18 Shia LaBeouf Has a Stalker Who Thinks He's Albert Einstein
2014-09-17 'Fury' Trailer 2
2014-09-14 Shia Labeouf Cops Plea in Broadway Meltdown Case
2014-09-10 Shia Labeouf Cops Plea in Broadway Meltdown Case
2014-09-10 'Fury': Brothers Under the Gun Featurette
2014-09-09 'Fury' Featurette
2014-09-04 Shia LaBeouf Sobers Up for Brad Pitt
2014-09-02 Bradley Cooper Coming for Christmas
2014-09-01 Shia Labeouf LOVES Nature Valley Bars
2014-08-30 Shia LaBeouf -- Calls 911 -- There's a Strange Chick "In My House!"
2014-08-23 Megan Fox Defends 'Billiant, Talented' Shia LaBeouf
2014-08-08 Shia LaBeouf Is Taking His Alcohol Treatment & Sobriety Seriously All Thanks To Brad Pitt!
2014-07-23 Celebrities That We'd Like to Send to the Moon
2014-07-20 Shia LaBeouf Has Mel Gibson In His Corner! Is This Argument Going To Convince You To Be On His Side?
2014-07-11 'Pacific Rim 2' and Shia LaBeouf Arrested and More Hollywood Happenings
2014-07-06 Shia LaBeouf Enters Rehab: Report
2014-07-04 Publicist: Shia LaBeouf Treated for Alcoholism
2014-07-02 Kickstarter's 3-City Film Festival Will Be Live-Streamed
2014-07-02 Shia LaBeouf Receiving Treatment for Alcohol Addiction
2014-07-02 Shia LaBeouf Arrested
2014-06-30 Shia LaBeouf's 'Cabaret' Arrest: Latest Developments
2014-06-29 Shia LaBeouf Arrested After Disrupting A Performance Of Broadway's Cabaret
2014-06-28 Actor Shia LaBeouf Charged With Disorderly Conduct, Harassment
2014-06-28 Shia LaBeouf Busted
2014-06-28 Shia LaBeouf Was Busted
2014-06-28 Fury - Trailer No. 1
2014-06-27 Shia LaBeouf Arrested, Was A 'Mess' At Broadway Show
2014-06-27 Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested And Charged With Criminal Trespass, Harassment And Disorderly While Seeing Broadway's Cabaret
2014-06-27 Shia LaBeouf Cried During Arrest for Erratic Behavior
2014-06-27 'Fury' Trailer
2014-06-26 Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman In "Fury" First Trailer
2014-06-25 8 Things You Didn't Know About Transformers
2014-06-22 'Fury' Director David Ayer on Shia LaBeouf's Meltdown
2014-03-23 Uma Thurman Says 'Nymphomaniac' Is 'Not Your Average Movie'
2014-03-17 Uma Thurman, Stellan Skarsgard, Shia LaBeouf in "Nymphomaniac" Trailer
2014-03-12 Kid Cudi on Shia: "He's Fine"
2014-02-25 Alec Baldwin Says He's Done With Public Life
2014-02-24 Shia LaBeouf Wears Paper Bag On His Head On Red Carpet
2014-02-20 Robert Pattinson Doesn't Want Fame Anymore
2014-02-18 WTF Moments: Shia LaBeouf, Justin Bieber, Shaun White
2014-02-15 John Mayer Sticks Up for Shia LaBeouf
2014-02-14 Shia LaBeouf Gets A Valiant Defender In John Mayer
2014-02-13 Shia LaBeouf Ripping Off Lady Gaga's Pal in New Bizarre Exhibit
2014-02-12 Bill Murray Explains Shia LaBeouf's "Problem": He's Got A Funny Name, He Probably Got Beat Up A Lot
2014-02-11 Shia LaBeouf Exhibits Very Strange Behavior At Premiere
2014-02-11 Shia LaBeouf Is Not Famous Anymore
2014-02-10 Shia LaBeouf Storms Out of Press Concert, Wears Brown Bag to Premiere
2014-02-10 Shia LaBeouf Sports Paper Bag On Head At Film Premiere
2014-02-10 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-28 Shia LaBeouf Head-Butts Man in London Pub
2014-01-19 Shia LaBeouf Headbutts Guy in London Bar Brawl
2014-01-17 Shia Lebeouf: London Bar Brawl at a Different Angle
2014-01-17 Shia LaBeouf's Drunken Apology After Bar Fight
2014-01-17 Shia LaBeouf Responds To Jim Carrey's Golden Globes Diss
2014-01-14 Shia LaBeouf Retires 'From All Public Life'
2014-01-12 A Guide to Shia LaBeouf's Bizarre Antics
2014-01-09 Shia LaBeouf Uses Skywriter to Apologize to Cartoonist
2014-01-02 Alexander Payne's 'Nebraska' Boasts Solid Start
2013-11-18 Charlie Countryman- Trailer No. 1
2013-10-11 Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf Took Male-Bonding Camping Trip
2013-10-01 Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf's Gritty New War Movie
2013-09-30 Why Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf Were Abandoned in the Wild
2013-09-26 See Brad Pitt as a Clean-Cut Soldier
2013-09-19 Shia LaBeouf Runs Some Errands With Mia Goth
2013-08-13 The Company You Keep - DVD Clip No.1
2013-08-09 New 'Nymphomaniac' Photo Shows LaBeouf, Martin Engaged In Steamy Sex Scene
2013-07-26 Media's Rush To Criticize Huma Abedin
2013-07-26 Black Sabbath to Release New Album and Embark on World Tour
2013-06-11 Shia LaBeouf's PRISM Warning Goes Back To 2008
2013-06-11 Did Shia LaBeouf Warn Us About PRISM?