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Now Playing: iCarly: iShock America shows Jimmy Fallon LOVE iCarly's Noah Munck talks to Larry the Duck
2014-04-18 Nathan Kress Doesn't Want To Get Slimmed at the Kids' Choice Awards 2014
2014-03-30 Ariana Grande Parody Album in the Works?
2014-03-21 iCarly and Victorious Invades Sam and Cat!
2014-01-21 iCarly Throwback! Nathan Kress Reveals Audition Tape
2013-12-13 "Carly" Cast Talks Reunion Possibilities, Future Projects and More
2013-09-17 Is There an iCarly Reunion in the Works?
2013-09-13 Is There an ICarly Reunion in the Works?
2013-09-13 Nathan Kress"Nicky Deuce"Los Angeles Premiere ARRIVALS
2013-05-28 Noah Munck, Cristine Prosperi, Nathan Kress, Steve Schirripa"Nicky Deuce"Premiere ARRIVA...
2013-05-28 Nathan Kress Talks New Movie "Black Sky"
2013-04-09 Nick HALO Awards with Marvin Marvin Cast, Nathan Kress&More!
2012-11-20 Nick HALO Awards With Marvin Marvin Cast, Nathan Kress & More!
2012-11-20 Nick iCarly Cast Say Goodbye to Fans!
2012-11-14 Nick ICarly Cast Say Goodbye to Fans!
2012-11-14 iCarly: iShock America shows Jimmy Fallon LOVE
2012-11-06 ICarly: IShock America Shows Jimmy Fallon LOVE
2012-11-06 iCarly meets The Pawn Stars!
2012-11-02 Pawn Stars Invades ICarly!
2012-11-02 Nickelodeon's Jennette McCurdy on Eating Veggies
2012-07-26 Nickelodeon Stars Get Slimed On 'Figure It Out' Reboot
2012-06-15 ICarly Cast Discusses IBattleship Episode
2012-06-08 iCarly Cast Discusses iBattleship Episode
2012-06-07 Behind the Scenes of Nathan Kress' Photo Shoot
2012-04-24 Shaq&iCarly at Hall of Game Awards 2012
2012-03-01 Why You Should't"Sass"iCarly's Creator, Dan Schneider
2011-09-18 Why You Should't "Sass" ICarly's Creator, Dan Schneider
2011-09-18 iCarly&Victorious Light Up the Creative Arts Emmys
2011-09-13 ICarly & Victorious Light Up the Creative Arts Emmys
2011-09-13 iCarly'sJerry Trainor&Dan Scheider: Who Owes Who?
2011-09-12 ICarly'sJerry Trainor & Dan Scheider: Who Owes Who?
2011-09-12 Backstage iCarly set tour with Jerry Trainor
2011-08-16 Jerry Trainor's Hilarious Food Snacking Experience on Set of iCarly!
2011-08-16 Jerry Trainor's Hilarious Take On iCarly's New Season
2011-08-16 Nathan Kress All Dressed Up For Keke Palmer's Sweet 16
2011-08-16 Nathan Kress Catches You Up On iCarly Set Slang
2011-08-16 Nathan Kress Is A Rock Band MASTER
2011-08-16 Nathan Kress' Awesome Birthday Gift To Keke Palmer
2011-08-16 Nathan Kress: Best Birthday Present Ever
2011-08-16 iCarly's Jerry Trainor's Funniest Fan Moment
2011-08-16 iCarly: Funny Backstage Chat with Jerry Trainor
2011-08-16 iCarly's Nathan Kress Spills Funny Driving Story!
2011-08-11 Could Nathan Kress Play Gibby on iCarly?
2011-08-04 Which iCarly Co-Star Causes Nathan Kress To Break Character?
2011-08-04 TV Tuesdday: Nathan Kress' Favorite TV Show Of All Time...
2011-06-28 Fanlala's Music Monday With Nathan Kress
2011-06-27 Nathan Kress Answers Fan Questions
2011-06-24 Nickelodeon Stars Crossing Over: "I Would Want to Play..."
2011-06-11 ICarly Star Gives An Update on His Talent & Hobby!
2011-06-09 Nathan Kress Gives Scoop iCarly's iOMG Episode!
2011-04-08 iCarly Star Nathan Kress' Famous Red Carpet Pose
2011-04-06 Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Kids' Choice Awards
2011-04-01 iCarly's Nathan Kress on Kids' Choice Competition and Style
2011-03-30 Nathan Kress Helps Stop Cyber-Bullying
2011-03-29 Nathan Kress iCarly Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes
2011-03-13 iCarly's Nathan Kress' Plans for Summer
2011-03-13 Fanlala 1 to 1 with Nathan Kress & Doug Brochu
2011-02-15 Nathan Kress Gives You a Tour of the iCarly Set

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