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'Hawaii Five-O' 1.17 'Powa Maka Moana' Review

2/15/2011 9:36am EST
Hawaii Five-O
We've had a tsunami (fake but still). We've had the jungle. So what's next in Hawaii Five-O's recent string of high adventure stories? Well, pirates, of course! Pirates who take over a hapless ship full of college kids and who will not ask you why the rum is gone.

Steve and Danny are pushing Steve's father's car up a hill when they get wind of the hijacking. I mention this because that vehicle is, in fact, the original 1974 Marquis that Jack Lord drove in the original series, and I love how much this show respects its predecessor. Five-O gets together and arrives on the boat, which ...

'Hawaii Five-O' 1.16 'E Malama' Review

2/8/2011 2:00am EST
Hawaii Five-O
How do you follow the threat of a tsunami? With an episode in the Hawaiian jungle. Really, the only way this episode of Hawaii Five-O could've had a cooler setting was if there'd been some excuse for a Bengal tiger. Just look at this picture and tell me that's not cool. (I have to say, though, I was laughing a little at the Google Earth opening.)

So how does one get to this point? Julie (True Blood's Mariana Klaveno) is a Very Important Witness in a high-profile murder case, and on the day she's scheduled to testify, barely escapes a pair of thugs posing as HPD cops. Needless to say,...

'Hawaii Five-O' 1.15 'Kaie'e' Review

1/24/2011 7:30am EST
Hawaii Five-O
Hawaii Five-O scored the post-conference championship time slot this year, and you can't say this episode didn't make the most of it: we've got a tsunami, the return of Steve's girlfriend Catherine Rollins, and Scott Caan finally getting to show that Alex O'Loughlin isn't the only one who looks good without a shirt on. (Hey, he held his own with a shirtless Paul Walker, remember?) If this were any other show, I'd be crying "stunt episode" by now, but not with this one - because the tidal wave functions as an impetus for the hunt for a missing scientist.

By the middle of the episode...

Fans Get Lucky With 'Lost' Lottery Numbers

1/5/2011 10:55pm EST
Superfans of TV show Lost got lucky on Tuesday - if they followed character Hurley's cursed lottery numbers.

Four of the six winning numbers in the Mega Millions lottery matched the digits that haunted Jorge Garcia's character after he won $114 million.

Tuesday's jackpot was $355 million.

Anyone with Hurley's Lost numbers would have won a whopping $150.

According to Lost creator Damon Lindelof, 9,078 people "played Hurley's numbers."

Click for more great "Lost" pictures:

'Hawaii Five-O' 1.13 'Ke Kinohi' Review

1/4/2011 2:03am EST
Hawaii Five-O
"Ke Kinohi" is the episode we've all been waiting for since...well, two weeks ago. Or since Taryn Manning gave an interview where she vented her frustrations. Never mind the behind the scenes drama; there's enough in front of the camera, with a fair bit of anticipation for this episode, especially on the heels of how great the previous one was. (Probably even a little more for me, as I had myself an Alex O'Loughlin marathon this weekend. After which, I need to admit that I am taking membership in his fan club. You can say 'I told you so' later.)

Just when Steve gets a victory by putti...

'Hawaii Five-O' 1.12 'Hana ‘a’a Makehewa' Review

12/14/2010 2:07am EST
Hawaii Five-O
CBS gave an early gift to Hawaii Five-O fans: the episode we've been waiting for, which features the return of Victor Hesse (James Marsters), better known as the man who murdered McGarrett's father.

The show opens right in the middle of the action, which is a great idea, except for that the whole "unknown caller" setup doesn't really work considering that Victor's return was spoiled some time ago. It's not the script's fault, though; rather, it's a perfect example of how shows can get spoiled by today's improved flow of information. What is a little jarring is the choice to then go b...

'Hawaii Five-O' 1.11 'Palekeiko' Review

12/7/2010 1:50am EST
Hawaii Five-O
There's been a lot of Hawaii Five-O buzz this week, with the news that the show is bringing on Reiko Aylesworth in a potentially recurring role and casting for a new series regular. In case you're keeping score, if you add in the two other recurring characters - Max Bergman and Mary Ann McGarrett - that's doubling the main cast in less than one season, depending on your definition of recurring. Yet both Max and Mary Ann have been suspiciously MIA, at least until tonight, when Max returns to the fold in order to help Five-O with a murder-abduction. (No idea where Mary Ann is for the six...

Hot Legs: Nina Dobrev Sizzles At The 2010 Scream Awards

10/18/2010 1:10pm EDT
Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev arrived at the Spike TV 2010 Scream Awards Saturday night looking spec-tac-ular in a short, tight, low cut, long sleeved dress from Rock & Republic showing off her perfect gams. All we can say is 'wow.' She paired the dress with a Pavia bag.

The 21-year-old "Vampire Diaries" actress was born Nina Constantinova Dobreva in Sofia, Bulgaria, and at the age of two her parents uprooted and moved the family to Canada.

"The Vampire Diaries" is based on the bestselling book series of the same name and is the tale of two vampire brothers (Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley) after a girl (D...

Lost Without 'Lost'? Try This...

10/14/2010 2:10pm EDT
Regardless of what you thought of the ‘Lost’ finale that aired last May, chances are you will miss the show come January. Then, you’ll realize during the doldrums of winter that your favorite show is not making a return from the usual eight-month hiatus. It is, in fact, over. Done. Finito.

There are ways to cope, however. There are potential new shows that may remedy your ‘Lost’ pains, and there are shows coming up that will sound promising to you. There are even a few old favorites you might find comforting.

What you can watch now:

-‘The Event’ on NBC. There’s no way you could ha...

'Beauty And The Beast' Stars: Where Are They Now?

10/1/2010 9:37am EDT
Robby Benson
Possibly Disney's crowning jewel in the company's "renaissance" -- the period from the late '80s to the late '90s that produced wildly popular and widely acclaimed animated flicks that became classics -- "Beauty and the Beast" is being released on DVD and Blu-ray in a combo pack on October 5.

The combo pack includes all kinds of goodies and extras: fully-restored footage (it's the first time it'll be in high def), a sing-along mode, games, a virtual tour of the castle, deleted scenes (including a never-before-seen one), and more.

Until last year's "Up," 1991's "Beauty and the Beast" was...

New Fall Shows - What Should You Be Watching?

9/17/2010 10:15am EDT
Hawaii Five-O
The Fall season is officially upon us, and that means while the weather gets cooler, there's more and more reason to stay inside and watch your favorite shows. This has been a big season for new dramas, however, so here's a look at some of the most buzzed about hour-long dramas for the 2010-2011 season. You can look forward to superheroes, worldwide mysteries, con-men, and justice!

Hawaii Five-O
September 20th on CBS at 10 PM EST

Remakes of old favorites are usually a hit or a miss, and it's still too early to tell which one this is going to be. Based on the procedural drama that aired...

Enigmatic Final Scene Of 'LOST' Added By Network - Not Producers

5/27/2010 11:05pm EDT
The final scene shown during ABC's Sunday night broadcast of the "LOST" series finale was added to the show by the network - not executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse - according to a report on Entertainment

The last images of Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage strewn across the beach with only the soothing sound of crashing waves in the distance quickly became one of the show's biggest mysteries.

But a spokesman for ABC told the L.A. Times, "The images shown during the end credits of the 'Lost' finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not p...

Everything You Need To Know About The End Of 'Lost' Is In This Week's Special Collector's Edition Of EW

5/6/2010 2:29pm EDT
Entertainment Weekly has been obsessing over "Lost" since it first premiered in 2004, and now that the end is near they have put together the ultimate handbook to get viewers ready for the remaining episodes before the series signs off. From the big finale preview (Entertainment Weekly was on set) to recaps of every season to an oral history of how it all began, this week's special collector's issue has the entire Island covered.

For the filming of the pivotal sequence that's part of the final 10 minutes of "Lost's" two-hour series finale, nearly two dozen cast members are in attendance, ...

'LOST' Recap: 'The Candidate'

5/6/2010 8:30am EDT
If you're a LOST fan, you already know this is going to be a difficult recap. The show is no stranger to intense tragedy, especially not when early on they established that anyone could die at any time. The most shocking example of this was probably when Ana Lucia and Libby died in one foul swoop, and at the hands of another Lostie at that. However, never on the show has an episode taken four characters in one pivotal scene, three of whom were regulars from season one. It was harsh, it was violent, and for the first time the fans probably do believe it when the writers say the ending of thi...

LOST Recap: 'The Last Recruit'

4/21/2010 1:15pm EDT
LOST Recap
There are only three episodes of LOST left before the big series finale on Sunday, May 23rd. There's going to have to be a support group for us when it's gone. I wonder how soon after the show will the five stages of grief start. I'm already in the denial phase over and over again. In any case, the show is taking a one week vacation and will be back in May. Then it's just a one way road to the series finale. What are the LOST fans going to do? Everyone else will probably be thankful never to hear anything about polar bears on an Island again. They don't know it yet, but they're just a compl...

'Lost' Finale Cloaked In Secrecy With Mystery Scripts

4/14/2010 10:30am EDT
The producers of Lost are determined to keep the series finale a surprise - they've planned a "missing scene" which will keep the stars of the show in suspense until the day of filming.

The cast is in the process of shooting the last episodes of the desert island drama, ahead of the final installment, which will air in May.

Cast member Daniel Dae Kim revealed last month that the show's climax is "incredibly powerful" - but new top secret scripts mean the actor doesn't know the true ending.

Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume on the show, says, "All the actors have the scripts tha...

Daniel Dae Kim: 'Lost' Finale Is 'Perfect'

3/31/2010 11:55pm EDT
Daniel Dae Kim-ALO-015399.jpg
"Lost" star Daniel Dae Kim insists fans of the desert island drama will not be disappointed with the show's climax - it has left him stunned.

The actor is one of the few stars who know how the series will end and he admits the show's creators have outdone themselves.

He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I found the finale incredibly powerful. So much so that after I finished reading what I received, I had to sit for a few minutes after I closed the last page, just to reflect on it.

"It's big and it's significant. It's very emotionally resonant. I was satisfied by it. At its heart, 'L...

LOST Recap: 'The Package'

3/31/2010 2:01pm EDT
LOST - The Package
Ahhh, Sun and Jin, Jin and Sun. Remember when their biggest problems on LOST was him demanding she button up her blouse and her secretly being able to speak English? Good times. Now the Korean couple have been separated for years since Sun was one of the Oceanic 6, raising their daughter in the real world, and Jin was stuck in the 70's Dharmaville. It's been several seasons now with them being separated, and unfortunately their last episode "The Package" does not give the fans the reunion they were so hoping for. Foul, show.

In the flashsideways, Jin and Sun were never married but they are...

'Lost' Producer Urged Cast To Take High Ground During Tsunami Warning

2/28/2010 2:00pm EST
Producers of hit TV show Lost urged cast and crew working on the series in Hawaii to take to higher ground following warnings of a potential tsunami - offering workers shelter at the TV studio.

Officials on the island chain have been on high alert since a devastating earthquake shook Chile on Friday.

The tremor was feared to have set off a chain of high waves which would have swept across the Pacific Ocean and hit areas as far away as Hawaii, California and even Australia. Instead, only slight flooding was reported on shores.

Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse took to his

Daniel Dae Kim Aboard For 'Hawaii Five-O' Remake

2/8/2010 12:08pm EST
Daniel Dae Kim Aboard For
Lost star Daniel Dae Kim has landed a new TV role in an upcoming remake of Hawaii Five-O. The actor has played Jin Kwon in the mystery drama for six seasons, relocating to Hawaii for the duration of the show.

And it looks as if Kim will be staying in the island paradise after scoring a role in CBS' new version of classic cop show Hawaii Five-O.

The original drama series, about the Hawaiian police department, ran from 1968 to 1980 and starred Jack Lord and James MacArthur.

Kim is said to have been handed the role of Detective Chin Ho Kelly, originally played by Kam Fong, accordin...

Questions That Must Absolutely Be Answered On 'Lost's' Final Season

1/29/2010 4:00pm EST
"Lost" has baffled, bewildered, and enthralled viewers for five action-packed seasons. When it began years ago, people were shocked by this sci-fi drama that seemed to come out of nowhere. It had a huge cast with mostly unknowns, and it was filmed almost entirely on a beautiful island in Hawaii. Almost immediately the audience was hooked on this bizarre place where the characters were all stranded on an island that had polar bears and smoke monsters and natives that stole children.

Now that "Lost" is gearing up for its final season, however, our patience is wearing thing. We have loved ...

Check Out 'Lost: The Complete Fifth Season' On Blu-Ray & DVD Dec. 8

12/7/2009 8:00am EST
Lost season 5
The show that revolutionized primetime proves once again why it is television's most addictive and creative series, as the epic story of Lost twists, turns and spirals through time in its brilliant fifth season.

Destiny sends the Oceanic 6 back to the Island and into the heart of the enigmatic Dharma Initiative. The reason they had to return and the fate of all those who were left behind is revealed as the momentum builds toward the much anticipated series finale in 2010. Some of "Lost’s" most pressing questions are finally answered in a spectacular 5-disc collection, packed with delete...

The Sad Victims Of 'Lost' Deserve A Second Chance At Life

8/3/2009 1:32pm EDT
There were not that many secrets or hints given at the "Lost" panel during the San Diego Comic Con, but this was hardly a surprise since they notoriously guard their spoilers every year. One of the major pieces of information gathered, however, was that two fan favorites would be returning to the show for the final season, despite their apparent deaths: Daniel Faraday and Juliet Burke.

For those who do not recall, Faraday was one of the scientists on the freighter who was there to study the island and/or "rescue" the survivors. He quickly became a favorite because of his intelligence, g...

A Fantastic Ending To Another Season Of 'Lost' - What Did You Think?

5/14/2009 11:28am EDT
"Lost" is famous for being one of the most confusing and thought-provoking shows on television, and this is why a great deal of people gave up on it since the first season, and why the fans left over are diehard cultish obsessors. Like me. Season five is now officially over with an explosive (literally) two hour finale, and while quite a few things were answered ... they bring up more questions and leave us with nine months of waiting helplessly until the next season starts. Damn you, "Lost," damn you.

The show starts out introducing two characters who are not exactly new to the show b...

'Lost' Recap: Jack Makes It To The Bomb & Locke Unveils Plans For Jacob

5/7/2009 1:09pm EDT
The sorrow from Daniel's death on "Lost" is still fresh, especially since Jeremy Davies sticks around long enough to be a corpse for a few scenes this week. Dan, we miss you already. The episode starts with Jack and Kate waiting in the bushes for Dan to talk to his mother, and briefly discussing the merits of his plan to change everything that happened. They hear the gunshot and decide to get out of there, but Widmore comes galloping in on his horse and takes them both hostage. Young Eloise is reeling from what Daniel told her before he died ("I'm your son"), and she grabs his journal. This...

Another Character Dies On 'Lost'

4/30/2009 1:40pm EDT
Loving "Lost" can be a euphoric, confusing, and acutely painful experience. Fans have made it through the best of times and worst of times with the show, including pointless Jack tattoo episodes and awesome Dharma genocide, and more than a few lives have been lost along the way. Not just red shirts though, oh no. "Lost" enjoys bringing characters in that we fall madly in love with, and then brutally ripping them away from us. Just look at Charlie. While Desmond and Penny fans have been given a reprieve, another death was assured this episode titled "The Variable." And sadly, it was Penny's ...

Ben Survives The Smoke Monster On 'Lost'

4/9/2009 10:19am EDT
Oh, Benjamin Linus. You evil, manipulative genius. After exterminating the Dharma, keeping the Losties in cages, killing John Locke twice (well one was only a bullet in the gut), swearing to kill the love of Desmond's life, and saying "so?" when you caused the explosion of the entire still manage to be creepily fascinating and sympathetic. Is it Michael Emerson or is it the fact "Lost" writes Ben better than anyone else? It is probably a blend of the two.

This latest episode, "Dead is Dead," features everyone's favorite sociopath. He wakes up to find Locke alive and wel...

'Lost' Recap: 'Whatever Happened, Happened'

4/2/2009 1:34pm EDT
There are only five episodes left in the fifth season of "Lost" after this week's, and that number is both exciting and terrifying. The show grows ever closer to its natural end, and while it is difficult waiting week by week for a new episode … imagine when there are no episodes left to air! What will everyone do?! This week's episode, 'Whatever Happened, Happened," is a Kate-centric episode that gives the viewers insight into where Aaron went, why Kate went back to the Island, and how Ben became the sociopath we know and love.

Last week Sayid shot Little Ben and left him for dead, a...

'Lost' Recap: 'He's Our You'

3/26/2009 10:09am EDT
I was gone last week so I didn't get a chance to recap Lost, but here is basically what happened: the Oceanic 6 ... er ... 4 (Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sayid) end up in the 70's with the Dharma and the Strandies. Sawyer is all big man on campus now and he puts Jack in his place, while being generally uncomfortable about his One True Love now back and shacking up next to his lovenest with Juliet. Sayid gets captured and everyone thinks he is an Other, and he meets Little Ben at the end of the episode. Sun, Frank, and Big Ben are in the present on the Island, and Sun and Frank just met up with ...

'Lost' Recap: Sawyer & Juliet Fall In Love During The 70s

3/5/2009 8:58am EST
"Lost" has this amazing ability occasionally to be incredible and infuriating all at once. Sometimes it is about the confusing plotlines, the unanswered questions, or the stubbornness of these well defined but sometimes stupidly human characters.

This week's episode 'LaFleur' is centered around everyone's favorite conman, the unsung hero of the Island James 'Sawyer' Ford. This episode focuses on the Strandies completely and what happened to them after John Locke fixed the wheel through to when the Oceanic Six saw Jin in a Dharma suit.

Sawyer, Miles, Juliet, and Jin find Dan...