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Ace Knute: The Latest In Crazy Celebrity Baby Names

7/1/2013 8:32pm EDT
Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is stealing Kim Kardashian baby thunder -- the singer gave birth to her second child with fiance Eric Johnson over the weekend and the baby boy's name definitely tops Kim and Kanye's headline-grabbing moniker North Nomiddlename West.

The proud parents of one Maxwell Drew (their one-year-old daughter) welcomed little Ace Knute into the world on Sunday.

From Apple To Zowie: The Craziest Celebrity Baby Names

No, the baby isn't named after famed Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne, he's named after Johnson's Swedish grandfather -- and it's pronounced "Ka-nute," according ...

Jessica Simpson Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

6/30/2013 7:05pm EDT
Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson
Jessica Simpson has given birth to Ace Knute.

Simpson welcomed her second child with fiance Eric Johnson in Los Angeles. She is also mother to daughter Maxwell Drew. The name is in honor of Eric's father, Knute Johnson.

Simpson had previously planned on keeping the sex of her second child a secret, but she let the gender slip during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I just feel awful, I’ve been vomiting. The crazy thing is, I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous," she said, not realizing the revelation.

"Well, I guess I just told the world that I'm having a boy!" Sh...

Jessica Simpson Confirms Second Pregnancy On Twitter

12/25/2012 9:05pm EST
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has confirmed she's pregnant with her second child in a sweet Christmas Day tweet.

After weeks of speculation suggesting the singer-turned-fashion mogul and reality TV star was expecting again, Simpson made the baby news official by posting a photo of her seven-month-old daughter Maxwell sitting in the sand during a festive vacation in Hawaii behind the message 'BIG SIS'.

Little Maxwell was born in May, just before her famous mom signed up to front a lucrative new diet campaign for WeightWatchers.

It doesn't seem as if WeightWatchers bosses are too concerned that their ne...

Eric Johnson Is Twice The Hero With 'Rookie Blue' Return and 'Splinter Cell: Blacklist'

8/9/2012 12:30pm EDT
Rookie Blue
He's a man on a mission...two of them, in fact. Actor Eric Johnson returns to Rookie Blue tonight as Detective Luke Callaghan. Having left the show when his relationship with Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) took a nosedive in the second season, Luke is back to help the cops of 15 Division deal with a possible serial killer who's kidnapped one of their own, and it's no one and done appearance, either.

"You'll see me through the end of the year, through episode thirteen," Johnson told me during a recent interview. As far as whether or not that will include finding out what Luke's doing since...

Jessica Simpson Introduces Daughter Maxwell Drew To The World

6/3/2012 10:00am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, introduce their newborn daughter Maxwell Drew with exclusive family photos in this week's issue of PEOPLE and open up about becoming first-time parents. "I'm learning so much about myself and how to be a mom. It's an amazing process, and I look forward to every day," Simpson, 31, tells PEOPLE. "She's my career at the moment. I know I was always meant to be a mom, and I think I'm doing a really good job. I'm the most aware I've ever been."

Luckily, Simpson says that her 3-week-old daughter "Maxi," or "Max," makes things easy. Since she gave...

Jessica Simpson Celebrates Her First Mother's Day & Gushes Over Baby Maxwell

5/13/2012 11:28am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Sunday might be all about the mothers, but new mom Jessica Simpson is celebrating her first Mother's Day gushing about baby Maxwell Drew, who she gave birth to just two weeks ago.

Jessica calls her newborn "insanely beautiful" and is already sharing her love of fashion with the little one.

"I'm addicted to buying headbands w massive flowers for Maxwell on etsy!" she says via Twitter. "She is insanely beautiful I can't help but play dress up!"

One of the Fashion Star's friends tells People magazine, "The baby is wearing different outfits every second"; and that Maxwell has "a ton" of ones...

Jessica Simpson Looks Ready To Give Birth Any Day Now

3/4/2012 5:24pm EST
Jessica Simpson
"We are loving Laguna...and yes, I'm wearing flip flops!" a very pregnant Jessica Simpson tweeted on Thursday.

Jessica's comment about her choice of footwear is in reference to a comment she made last fall to Us Magazine after seeing her doctor for a pregnancy checkup.

"I went to the doctor yesterday and he said, 'You're gonna need to get out of those heels!' I was like, 'Excuse me! I'll be delivering in these heels!'"

The pop singer is set to launch her new show, Fashion Star, on NBC this month and judging by the way she looks in this picture she'll be launching something else, too!


Celebrities We Expect Will Get Married In 2012

1/17/2012 1:00pm EST
Olivier Martinez
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez -Halle’s daughter, Nahla seems to give her mommy two thumbs up on her choice for her future husband, Olivier Martinez. Although her biological father, Gabriel Aubry is still very much in her life, Olivier has opened his arms up to the adorable little girl and the three will no doubt be a happy family.

Bret Michaels and Kristi Gibson - Although this couple was on our list last year due to get married in 2011, we have a feeling that the rocker will finally say “I Do” this year. C’mon Bret, you’ve come this far…

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick -...

Jessica Simpson: 'They Aren't Going Anywhere!'

9/8/2011 11:33am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has silenced speculation she's planning to undergo breast reduction surgery, jokingly telling fans: "It's udderly not true!"

The singer/actress was rumored to be planning the procedure ahead of her wedding to ex-football player Eric Johnson, but she took to her blog this week to dismiss the reports.

In a series of posts, she writes, "Been getting lots of questions about this alleged breast reduction... not to worry... I LOVE MY BOOBIES!! They aren't going anywhere!... It's UDDERly not true!"

'Smallville' Producers Talk About The Series Finale

5/13/2011 12:20pm EDT
Smallville Finale
After 10 years, Smallville is airing its final episode tonight on The CW. The two-hour finale will wrap up the journey of Clark Kent, so he can finally emerge as the Superman we know. Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders reflected on their years in Smallville as the end of it all approached.

“It’s probably the theme that emerged this year, which is believe in heroes,” Souders said. “I think that has become incredibly important to us that we were able to work on a show that had such a positive message. The fact that we have such hardcore fans that have followed the show, I think that’...

'Smallville' Recap: 'Patriot'

11/20/2010 4:06pm EST
At Fort Ryan, Kansas, Colonel Slade Wilson (“Battlestar Galactica” vet Michael Hogan) is preaching the gospel of anti-vigilantism. The more people put their faith in superheroes, the less they turn to their elected leaders. But Slade’s certain that once the secret vigilantes come into power, they’ll become malevolent dictators. Appointed by the President to oversee the Vigilante Registration Act (for which not one hero has yet signed up), Slade has a plan.

Meanwhile, off the coast of Florida, two figures speedily swim towards an offshore oil rig. Orin, aka Arthur Curry aka AC aka Aquaman (...

'Smallville' Recap: 'Harvest'

10/31/2010 2:36pm EDT
Lois and Clark are heading to the boonies to cover the “Cherry Festival” (really?) when they get a double blowout. Clark heads to the nearest town to get a new tire while Lois hangs back with Charlotte Cavanagh, a little farm girl straight out of “Little House on the Prairie.” But when Clark returns to the car with a fresh tire, Lois is nowhere to be seen.

Even weirder, as Clark puts the tire in the trunk, he cuts his suddenly not-indestructible hand. A local constable agrees to help Clark search for Lois, who is taking a horse-and-buggy carriage ride with Charlotte back to her Amish-looki...

'Smallville' Recap: 'Homecoming'

10/18/2010 6:36am EDT
Brainiac and Clark
Clark’s self-doubt lingers as the episode opens with a nice synergistic shot of some Time Warner magazines with superheroes on the covers. Lois pops by to remind Clark that their 5-year high school reunion is the next day and she does not want to miss it (never mind that she was enrolled in Smallville High for all of 23 days, five of which she actually attended). The on-hold status of their relationship notwithstanding, Clark agrees to go.

Back at Smallville High, a beleaguered guidance counselor looks back over a decade of dealing with meteor-rock malfeasants (in early seasons of SMALLV...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 17

8/17/2007 3:00am EDT
Robert De Niro
Happy Birthday to Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen (1977), French soccer star Thierry Henry (1977), New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada (1971), New Kid On The Block Donnie Wahlberg (1969), "Rockstar: Supernova" guitarist Gilby Clarke (1962), "Dead Man Walking" actor Sean Penn (1960), Go-Go's singer Belinda Carlisle (1958), guitarist Eric Johnson (1954), prolific actor Robert De Niro (1943), actor Glenn Corbett (1930; d. 1993), "How Green Was My Valley" actress Maureen O'Hara (1920), silver screen legend Mae West (1893; d. 1980), and frontiersman Davy Crockett (1786; d. 1836).

SCI FI Channel Unveils Summer Programming

4/27/2007 10:11am EDT
SCI FI Channel is about to launch its biggest summer yet with a lineup featuring all-new originals and the return of some of last year's most popular shows. Last year's record-breaking hit dramedy Eureka returns as does an even bigger season of the competition series Who Wants to be A Superhero? with Stan Lee, all-new investigations with the Ghost Hunters, and season 3 of Doctor Who.

Summer will also introduce viewers to a contemporary re-imagined take on Flash Gordon, the investigative adventure reality series Destination Truth and the mind-twisting British mentalist Derren Brown.


Celebrity Birthdays, August 17

8/17/2006 3:00am EDT
Robert De Niro
Happy Birthday to Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen (1977), French soccer star Thierry Henry (1977), New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada (1971), New Kid On The Block Donnie Wahlberg (1969), "Rockstar: Supernova" guitarist Gilby Clarke (1962), "Dead Man Walking" actor Sean Penn (1960), Go-Go's singer Belinda Carlisle (1958), guitarist Eric Johnson (1954), prolific actor Robert De Niro (1943), actor Glenn Corbett (1930; d. 1993), "How Green Was My Valley" actress Maureen O'Hara (1920), silver screen legend Mae West (1893; d. 1980), and frontiersman Davy Crockett (1786; d. 1836).