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Will The Rock Be Wrestling For The Championship At WrestleMania 32?

1/26/2016 12:05pm EST
Will The Rock Face Triple H At WrestleMania 32?
The Rock has made his return to a WWE wrestling ring. He made his comeback on Monday Night Raw in Miami to promote his upcoming appearance at April's WrestleMania 32. Is there a chance that he'll be the one facing Triple H for the championship?

Regardless of who The Rock faces later, it was still fun to have him back. While Triple H's God complex character can get boring after 20 years of it, The Rock is always fun loving.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Brock Lesnar will compete in a Triple Threat match in WWE Fastlane to determine who will face Triple H at WrestleMania for a title ...

Check Out The Rock's Tremendous Legs In His Latest Instagram Pic

12/30/2015 10:26am EST
Dwayne Johnson
It not uncommon for women to show off their beautiful legs on social media, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also has some legs to be proud of.

The wrestler-turned-actor posted a pretty amazing photo of himself on Instagram on Tuesday in which his thighs were as big as tree trunks. The "Hercules" star is pictured in the gym wearing a black tank top with his shorts rolled up to his groin so fans can get a good look at his physique.

He captioned the pic: "Tonight we trained "the beefs" aka legs. I passed out after we took this pic from holding my breath and trying to look cool. #IronParadise #...

The Rock Sings To His Baby Girl

12/27/2015 7:49am EST
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Serenades Newborn Daughter [Video]
Action film star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed his softer side in an Instagram video where the former wrestler serenaded his two-week old daughter.

He also let his followers know that the little girl isn't going to be afraid to kick some booty when needed!

Over 37 million Instagram followers heard the sweet serenade from Johnson to his daughter, where he sang "The Christmas Song" to her.

Jasmine Johnson, Dwayne Johnson's daughter with longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian, was born on Dec. 16.

In a video captioned “#BeCarefulSantaShesTough,” the actor posted his daughter's first social ...

The Rock and Mark Wahlberg Are In Legal Trouble

12/18/2015 9:31pm EST
The Rock
A new lawsuit claims that the Rock and Mark Wahlberg stole the show Ballers.

Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton filed in federal court, alleging that they went to the Rock and Wahlberg with an idea for a show called Off Season in 2007.

Silas and Littleton are both writers. They were negotiating a deal to sell their show with producers, Mark Ciardi and Gordon Graywith. Both have worked with Wahlberg in the past. During the process, a trailer, treatment, and screenplay were given to the Rock and Wahlberg, with an eye for them in the lead roles.

According to their suit, Silas and Litt...

The Rock: 'IT’S A BABY GIRL!!'

12/17/2015 8:40am EST
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Lauren Hashian Welcome A Baby Girl!
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and girlfriend Lauren Hashian welcomed a baby girl to their family on Dec. 16.

A friend close to the couple told People Magazine, “Both Mom and Dad are over the moon; Christmas definitely came early!”

“So grateful and in awe of this time. To experience creating a little life is just incredible,” Hashian, a 31-year-old singer/songwriter, said in an Instagram photo earlier this week.

The couple has been together for a decade.

Johnson is admittedly thrilled with the latest addition to his family.

The actor is already a father to a 14-year-old daughter, Simone, fr...

What's Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Smiling About?

11/11/2015 1:20am EST
It's A Girl For 'The Rock' And Girlfriend Lauren Hashian: 'Bring
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared some great news with his Instagram followers on Tuesday. The 43-year-old actor and semi-retired WWE wrestler and his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashain are expecting a baby girl. Needless to say, they are thrilled.

The photo (above) shows Johnson with his massive hand on Hashian's growing baby bump, and while their broad smiles said it all, the Furious 7 star posted a heartfelt caption with the photo.

"I was raised by and live with amazing and strong women, so the universe felt we needed one more... IT'S A BABY GIRL!! THANK YOU guys so much for the aweso...

What Celebrity Would You Like To See On ‘The Muppets’?

9/22/2015 8:06am EDT
10 Celebrities Who NEED To Guest Star On 'The Muppets'
The latest small screen version of Jim Henson’s creations is coming to ABC, debuting this Tuesday, September 22. The Muppets have always been known for their celebrity cameos, and this iteration looks to be no different. Simply titled “The Muppets,” the show is a mockumentary about the behind-the-scenes production of “Up Late with Miss Piggy,” a fictional talk show airing after “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Elizabeth Banks and Tom Bergeron are appearing as themselves on the premiere, and plenty more Season 1 guests have already been announced. That still leaves room for plenty more cameos, so here a...

Tired Of Being Overweight, Jonah Hill Seeks Fellow Actor's Help To Lose Weight

8/28/2015 9:06am EDT
Jonah Hill Turns To A Famous Action Star To Lose Weight & Get Ba
Jonah Hill has reportedly enlisted the help of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to lose weight and get in shape.

Hill and Channing Tatum are working on upcoming film "23 Jump Street" and are trying to get Johnson on board the film. In the meantime, Hill has been asking the actor/professional wrestler advice about diet and fitness, according to OK! magazine.

Johnson loves bodybuilding and is a self-proclaimed "gym rat" and knows a thing or two about getting in and staying in shape. He often fills his Instagram page with images of himself working out.

The action star posted a photo of himself lif...

Disney's Making A 'Jungle Cruise' Movie, And It'll Star Dwayne Johnson

8/19/2015 11:53pm EDT
Dwayne Johnson Cast In 'Jungle Cruise,' Disney's Latest Theme Pa
Dwayne Johnson’s taking a Jungle Cruise for Disney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Furious 7 and future Moana star has just signed on to a film adaptation of Disney’s famous Jungle Cruise theme park ride.

Here’s what we know about the film so far: John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, the screenwriters behind this year’s Will Smith con man movie Focus, will write the script for Jungle Cruise. They also directed Focus (and Crazy, Stupid, Love, but it’s not yet clear if they’ll direct the pic too).

Big news! Goal is to make this insanely cool and fun for fans 'round the globe. #Adventur...

'The Rock' Causes Car Accident, Makes A New Best Friend

6/17/2015 11:51am EDT
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sideswiped a stranger's car- and was a total class act about it. On Instagram the wrestler-turned-actor posted a pic of himself , another man, and a car with a busted side view mirror, along with a story that will warm your heart.

Apparently, Johnson was driving to work with his music "blasting." The actor continued: "I'm singing away like I'm having a one man party in my truck- then I head a loud BANG. What the hell..?"

Turns out Johnson hadn't been paying enough attention to the road, and sideswiped a parked pickup truck- totally wrecking the side view mirror. ...

'The Rock' To Remake 80s Action Flick

6/2/2015 9:26am EDT
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson To Star In Remake Of 80s Action Flick
Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as "The Rock" is in talks to remake the iconic 1986 action flick "Big Trouble in Little China.'

The original film, which starred Kurt Russell, detailed the story of an All-American trucker who found himself dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle in Chinatown. Russell played Jack Burton. Kim Cattrall co-starred as one of a group of women who are kidnapped so their bodies would service a two thousand year old sorcerer.

Johnson is currently enjoying his biggest opening weekend in his film career with the disaster movie "San Andreas." The box office win...

'The Rock' Sets Selfie Record

5/28/2015 8:23am EDT
All Hail The Selfie King! Dwayne Johnson Breaks Guinness Selfie
Could you take 105 selfies in under three minutes? Dwayne Johnson can. And Dwayne Johnson did. And that makes Dwayne Johnson the official Guinness World Record holder for "Most Self-Portrait Photographs (Selfies) Taken in Three Minutes."

Impressed? We are. At the UK premiere of Johnson's upcoming "San Andreas," Johnson launched himself into the crowd and took selfie after selfie with mobs of fans desperate to smell what The Rock is self-portrait photographing.

There were specific Guinness rules Johnson had to follow, of course. According to Guinness's official site, the record-breaking se...

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Diet Will Astound You

4/10/2015 8:48am EDT
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Diet Would Kill A Lesser Man - Ten P
We sometimes take for granted how impossibly huge Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson really is. And how much work it takes to get that big - not just work in the weight room, but in the kitchen, too. Because Johnson just revealed his current daily diet plan, and it's more food than most of us eat in a week.

Ready to marvel at what the Rock is (literally) cooking, every day? Here goes:

Meal 1:

10 oz cod

2 whole eggs

2 cups oatmeal

Meal 2:

8 oz cod

12 oz sweet potato

1 cup veggies

Meal 3:

8 oz chicken

2 cups white rice

1 cup veggies

Meal 4:

8 oz cod

2 cups rice

1 cup veggies

1 tbsp f...

These Celebs Are Obsessed With Their Pets!

3/31/2015 7:00pm EDT
10 Celebrities Totally Obsessed With Their Pets
Ah, the life of a celebrity pet. Gourmet food. Luxury beds and baths. Little hand-knit booties in the wintertime, probably. Oh, a solid social media following is almost guaranteed. It's a sweet gig.

Obviously, we can't all be celebrity pets (chances are if you're reading this, you're not a domesticated animal) but we can at least read about them. So let's do just that- click over to the next page to find out about 10 of the most well-treated (and sometimes, the most bizarre) celebrity pets out there.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was a one-cat woman at the start of 2014, sharing her home wi...

Who Was The Top Grossing Actor Of 2014?

12/28/2014 8:53am EST
Jennifer Lawrence Is The Top Grossing Actor Of 2014
Jennifer Lawrence is the top grossing actress of 2014.

While Lawrence's success may come as no surprise to filmgoers with the success of "Hunger Games: Mockingjay" and subsequent other hit films, it's her male counterpart that came as a huge surprise.

Chris Pratt was the top grossing actor of this past year. Yes, Chris Pratt, who had never headlined a major film before this year.

Lawrence scored with "X-Men" and "Hunger Games," both films grossing over $1.36 billion worldwide.

Hot on Lawrence's heels was Scarlett Johansson with a total gross of $1.22 billion with the success of "Captain...

Fallon Takes On The Rock In An 'Intense Staredown'

12/12/2014 4:49pm EST
Jimmy Fallon And Dwayne Johnson Have An Epic 'Intense Staredown'
Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson pondered the mysteries of the universe during an "Intense Staredown" on Fallon's "Tonight Show" Thursday night.

The two stars donned long Kimono-like outfits and wore long haired wigs while sitting in the snowy mountains to share their wisdom via their thoughts as falling snow and the fog from a smoke machine was blown through their set.

The hilarious bit featured Johnson waxing poetic with his old WWE wrestling nickname and Fallon riffing on Harry Belafonte's classic song "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)."

One of the funnier moments comes as Johns...

Dwayne Johnson To Play 'Shazam' Bad Guy Black Adam

9/3/2014 10:45pm EDT
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he'll be starring in the movie adaptation of "Shazam," but he won't be playing the title superhero.

The "Fast & Furious 7" star shared on Twitter on Wednesday that he'll be stepping into the role of the comic book series' villain Black Adam in the DC Comics film.

Johnson has been dropping hints that he'd be starring in an upcoming film based on a DC Comics character.

"'Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his boot.' My honor to become.. #BlackAdam #TheAntiHero #DCComics," the actor tweeted.

"BLACK ADAM. A complex psychology, motivated by bad ass dominanc...

Scary Car Crash

8/12/2014 2:00pm EDT
Dwayne Johnson
A woman is facing DUI and related charges after she crashed head-on with a vehicle carrying Dwayne Johnson's mother and cousin.

Ata Maivia-Johnson and Lina Fanene were driving home from a charity event in Clermont, Florida on August 2 when the drunk driver allegedly ran two red lights and crashed into the front of Maivia-Johnson's SUV, TMZ reports.

Johnson posted a photo of two wrecked cars with the message, "My mom & cousin @linafanene were struck head on by a drunk driver this week - they lived. First reaction is to find the person who did this and do unrelenting harm to them. But the...

You Won't Believe What Type Of Hair Was Used For Dwayne Johnson's 'Hercules' Beard

7/22/2014 11:15pm EDT
You Won't Believe What Type Of Hair Was Used For Dwayne Johnson'
Dwayne Johnson was shocked when he found out what kind of hair was used to make his "Hercules" beard.

The actor was forced to spend three hours in the make-up chair every day to portray the Greek demigod, and the process got him thinking about what exactly was being put on his face.

He explained on "Live With Kelly & Michael," "The beard hair... had to be put on, strips cut, inch high, quarter inch wide, piece by piece. I asked my Italian designer, I said, 'Matteo, what is this?' He goes, 'Oh, it's the hair from a yak'. It's very expensive, very fine hair... He was putting it on my face a...

Cinema Giants: The 15 Tallest Actors In Hollywood

4/23/2014 4:03pm EDT
Cinema Giants: The 15 Tallest Actors In Hollywood
Actors come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the tallest people in the world have made their living in front of the camera. Here is a selection of some of the tallest actors in Hollywood.

Matthew McGrory, 7'6". The late Big Fish actor wasn't comfortable with his stature, something he shared with Andre the Giant (who he played in Andre: Heart of the Giant). "He felt the same way, that he would do anything just to be a person of regular size one day a week, where people don't have to stare at him, where he could go see a regular movie and walk down the street," Andre director Drew Sky sa...

Celebrities Celebrate Easter On Instagram And Twitter

4/21/2014 1:02pm EDT
Celebrities Celebrate Easter On Instagram And Twitter
Many celebrities love to celebrate Easter – maybe because it's one of the few days of the year they allow themselves to actually eat candy. Celebs also love to share their family and friends enjoying the holiday, so we rounded up our favorite tweets and Instagram pics from their Easter celebrations this weekend.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Easter bunny? Are you coming??? - Love, Ms. Monroe & Ms. Mariah

— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) April 20, 2014

Kendra Wilkinson

David Spade

Me on easter, hangin with my Peeps. Harper and mom

The 10 Fittest Male Celebrities In Hollywood

4/17/2014 3:00am EDT
The 10 Fittest Male Celebrities In Hollywood
Chris Hemsworth has problems most men would envy. For example, he put on so much muscle while he was preparing to play "Thor" that his costume didn't fit.

The Australian star told the Los Angeles Times in 2011: "I got the part and immediately started looking at the comic books, and the guy is 500 pounds or something and looks like Schwarzenegger. And I thought, 'OK, I'm not gonna get to that.' But I have to get bigger. (The filmmakers) kept saying 'Yeah, get as big as you can, as big as you can.'"

The "Thor" costume was altered to fit his new shape, and movie execs ordered Hemsworth to g...

Trailer Revealed For 'Hercules' Starring Dwayne Johnson, Who Confirms DC Comics Role

3/25/2014 5:03pm EDT
Dwayne Johnson presented the first cinematic trailer for his upcoming film Hercules - but he wasn't done there, confirming he has agreed to play a character in an upcoming DC Comics film.

First thing first: as he promised yesterday, Johnson gave his fans the link to the Hercules trailer on Twitter. In the sneak peek, Hercules starts chained up (for killing his children and wife when driven mad by Hera) before breaking out and starting the "twelve labors of Hercules."

There's a glimpse of several of his labors, including his battles against the Lernaean Hydra, Nemean Lion, and Erymanthia...

Dwayne Johnson Reveals 'Hercules: The Thracian Wars' Sneak Peek

3/24/2014 1:14pm EDT
Dwayne Johnson Reveals 'Hercules: The Thracian Wars' Sneak Peek
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson teased his fans on Twitter with the first photo of himself dressed up as Hercules for the upcoming Hercules: The Thracian Wars.

While there have been bits and pieces shown from the film over the last few months, the 41 year-old action star took it upon himself to give fans his first action shot complete with Grecian armor.

EXCLUSIVE first look..#HERCULES The world's first superhero. #TilDeathOrVictory

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March 24, 2014

The Rock also said the first trailer for the July 25 action flick will come out tomorrow...

Is Dwayne Johnson The Next Green Lantern?

2/6/2014 12:03pm EST
Dwayne Johnson
When Dwayne Johnson said he was working with DC Comics in 2014, rumors swirled over potential roles for the ex-wrestler in the upcoming Batman/Superman film - and now he has teased he could be playing the next Green Lantern.

"We just had a big meeting w/ Warner Bros CEO re: @DCComics 2014 we will partner up and create the cool bad assery. #RockTalk @ActionTilson," Johnson tweeted on the last day of 2013. A strong guess was he would play the burly Martian Manhunter as Warner Bros. continued to build up its Justice League movie.

However, did The Rock reveal he was playing Green Lantern John...

The Most Anticipated Films Of 2014, Part One

1/1/2014 9:03am EST
Dumb and Dumber
No more new films will be released in 2013 - but there's no need to fret! Check out why we're hyped (and why we're worried) for these highly-anticipated 2014 films:

Dumb And Dumber To

Why We’re Hyped: The Farrelly Brothers, Jim Carey, and Jeff Daniels would only do the film if everyone was involved.

Why We’re Worried: When’s the last time the Farrelly Brothers made a good movie? Will Jim Carrey alienate half of his audience on Twitter – again?

The Expendables 3

Why We’re Hyped: Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammer join the ridiculous cast for another go at...

Dwayne Johnson Is Top-Grossing Actor Of 2013

12/17/2013 8:08am EST
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson is the top-grossing actor of the year, according to Forbes magazine. The wrestler-turned-actor starred in several blockbuster films throughout 2013 that helped him beat the competition.

Johnson's most notable film, "Fast & Furious 6," earned $789 million worldwide. In addition, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," "Pain & Gain" and "Snitch" grossed a total of $1.3 billion at the global box office.

Related: Paul Walker's co-stars 'too distraught' to film, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel lead Paul Walker tributes, Kellan Lutz couldn't get as 'big' as Dwayne Johnson for Hercules, Dwayne Joh...

Male Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

10/1/2013 1:07pm EDT
Mickey Rourke
Usually we think about women when we think about plastic surgery in Hollywood. However, plenty of leading men had had some work done to keep their youthful appearance. Here are some male celebrities who have had plastic surgery...

Mickey Rourke

Despite never losing a matching during his three-year boxing career, the fights left Mickey's face disfigured. The actor says he went to the "wrong guy" for his cosmetic work. He had five operations on his nose and had to fix a broken cheekbone.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce had a facelift and nose job in the 80s during a rough period in his life. "I ...

Blu-ray Review: 'Snitch'

6/28/2013 10:00am EDT
How far would go you to protect your flesh and blood?  We’re gonna find out just how far Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will go in the new to Blu-ray flick "Snitch," out now from Summit Home Entertainment.  All moves good and bad reviewed below!



   Title: "Snitch"

   Grade: 2 1/2

   Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Jon Bernthal, Susan Sarandon

   Director: Ric Roman Waugh

   Rating: PG-13

   Runtime: 112 minutes

   Release Company: Summit Home Entertainment



The Flick: Good news and bad news with The Rock’s latest.  On the good side "Snitch" ha...

'The Fast And The Furious 6' Delivers Big Time Thrills (Video)

5/23/2013 8:45am EDT
'Fast And Furious 6'
Yes, it's hard to believe that this is number 6.  Where does the time go? Well, I'm happy to report that this one, won't let you down.


As the title suggest...The film is fast...It's furious...and it's definitely, fun.

The whole gang is back including Vin Diesel (Dom), Paul Walker (Brian), Tyrese Gibson (Roman), Ludacris (Tej), Jordana Brewster (Mia), Elsa Pataky (Elsa) and Michelle Rodriguez (Letty).

For those of you who haven't seen 'The Fast And The Furious 5' here's a brief recap.

After stealing 100 million dollars from a drug...