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Now Playing: Kim Kardashian Goes Platinum Blond After Admitting She Has "the Hairiest Forehead You Could Ever Imagine!" Kim Kardashian Goes Platinum Blond After Admitting She Has "the Hairiest Forehead You Could Ever Imagine!"
2015-03-05 Bruce Jenner Tells Daughters About Transition in Episode 13 of 'KUWTK'
2015-03-05 Kardashians Set to Make $100 Million for 4 More Seasons of 'KUWTK' on E!
2015-03-01 Celebrity Blogger Fred Mwangaguhunga on Social Media
2015-03-01 Kylie Jenner Exposes Bra and Underwear in See-Through Dress
2015-02-26 Kardashians Reportedly Re-Up for 4 More Years With E!
2015-02-26 Kim Kardashian and Family Sign $100 Million Dollar Deal With E!
2015-02-26 Bruce Jenner No Longer Keeping Up With The Kardashians
2015-02-25 Bruce Jenner Is Likely to Avoid Charges in Fatal Crash
2015-02-25 Khloe Kardashian Recounts Car Accident: 'Kim Was Screaming & Crying'
2015-02-24 Kylie Jenner -- See Ya Mom, I Just Bought a $2.7M House!
2015-02-24 Kylie Jenner Is Moving Out of Kris Jenner's Mansion, Into Her Own $2.7 Million Calabases Crib
2015-02-24 Kanye West's Return to "The Breakfast Club" Is the Best Thing You Will Watch All Day
2015-02-20 Bruce Jenner Car Crash: Who's Really at Fault?
2015-02-19 Bruce Jenner Could Face Manslaughter Charge After New Video of Deadly Crash Emerges
2015-02-18 Bruce Jenner's Entire Crash on Video
2015-02-18 Bruce Jenner To Family -- I Knew I Was a Woman Since Age 5
2015-02-16 Bruce Jenner Has Known He Was a Woman Since Age 5
2015-02-16 Could Bruce Jenner Be Charged in Fatal Car Crash?
2015-02-13 Jenner Car Crash Update
2015-02-13 Bruce Jenner -- She Slammed On Her Brakes ... I Didn't Have a Chance
2015-02-13 Lexus 'Destroyed' After Horrific Accident Involving Bruce Jenner
2015-02-12 Bruce Jenner Talks On Phone While Driving Days After Fatal Crash
2015-02-12 Did Bruce Jenner Wear Makeup for Diane Sawyer Interview?
2015-02-12 Black Box Of Bruce Jenner's Crashed Car To Be Examined
2015-02-11 Bruce Jenner 'Devastated' Over Wreck, Daughters Respond
2015-02-11 Cops Obtain Critical Video of Fatal Crash Involving Bruce Jenner
2015-02-11 Bruce Jenner Lawyers Up After Fatal Crash
2015-02-10 Bruce Jenner Crash Fatality Victim Identified as Kardashian Neighbor
2015-02-10 Jenner, Knight, and Spider-Man: This Week's Showbiz Round-Up
2015-02-10 Bruce Jenner Told Cops at Wreck That He's Taking Hormone Treatments
2015-02-10 Paparazzi Not Involved in Bruce Jenner Crash, Cops Say
2015-02-09 Bruce Jenner Speaks Out
2015-02-09 Bruce Jenner Issues Statement After Fatal Car Crash
2015-02-09 Bruce Jenner Breaks Silence After Fatal Car Wreck
2015-02-09 Bruce Jenner May Not Be at Fault in Fatal Car Crash
2015-02-09 Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Crash That Killed One Person
2015-02-08 Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Crash, 1 Dead
2015-02-08 Bruce Jenner Escapes Fatal Crash
2015-02-08 Bruce Jenner Involved in Car Crash in Which One Woman Died
2015-02-08 Bruce Jenner Involved in Fatal Malibu Crash
2015-02-08 Bruce Jenner's Mom Shocked at His Reported Change to Womanhood
2015-02-06 Bruce Jenner Has Told the Kardashians He Is Transgender - People
2015-02-05 Kardashians CANCEL ALL PRESS For New Season
2015-02-05 Bruce Jenner 'Finally Happy' Transitioning Into a Woman
2015-02-05 Bruce Jenner's Mom Opens Up and More Celebrity News
2015-02-05 Bruce Jenner's Mom 'at Peace' with Gender Transition
2015-02-05 Diane Sawyer -- Mum's the Word on Bruce Jenner Interview
2015-02-05 Even Ex-Wife Kris Jenner Didn't Know Bruce Jenner's Desire to Become a Woman
2015-02-05 Piers Morgan Slams Bruce Jenner's Critics
2015-02-04 Bruce Jenner Will Sit Down With Diane Sawyer to Discuss His Gender Transition
2015-02-03 Bruce Jenner to Discuss 'Transformation' With Diane Sawyer
2015-02-03 Bruce Jenner Is ‘Transitioning to a Woman', Sources Confirm
2015-01-31 Bruce Jenner's Gender Expression Reportedly Fueled 'Massive Arguments' With Kris Jenner
2015-01-29 Bruce Jenner to Discuss Transformation on TV
2015-01-29 Bruce Jenner to Document His 'Life Changes' on Own Reality Show
2015-01-29 Bruce Jenner Has Kim Kardashian's Full Support
2015-01-28 EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner: 'He's the Happiest I've Ever Seen Him'
2015-01-28 Kim K Says Bruce Jenner Will Come Clean 'When Time Is Right'
2015-01-28 EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner: 'He's the Happiest I've Ever Seen Him'
2015-01-27 Kim Kardashian -- Bruce Is on a 'Journey'
2015-01-27 Kim Kardashian Addresses Bruce Jenner's 'Journey'
2015-01-27 Kylie Jenner Is Over Homeschooling, Is Now a High School Dropout
2015-01-23 Kardashian-Jenner Women Rally Around Bruce Jenner
2015-01-21 Bruce Jenner Was Hurt by That Infamous Photoshopped InTouch Magazine Cover
2015-01-21 Bruce Jenner 'Upset' By Photoshopped Magazine Cover
2015-01-21 Bruce Jenner's Transgender Rumors
2015-01-18 Bruce Jenner's Questionable Advice to Son Brody
2015-01-15 Kim and Khloé Kardashian Film in LA Amidst Bruce Jenner Controversy
2015-01-15 Bruce Jenner Transgender ‘InTouch' Cover Created Using Stephanie Beacham Photo
2015-01-15 Kim Kardashian Claims She 'Bought' Kendall Jenner Her Career
2015-01-06 9 Ways You Know You've Watched Too Much of the Kardashians
2015-01-01 Kris Jenner First Christmas Bash as a Single
2014-12-25 Kris Jenner Changing Her Name Back to 'Kardashain?'
2014-12-22 10 Celeb WTF Moments of 2014