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Now Playing: EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner: 'He's the Happiest I've Ever Seen Him' EXCLUSIVE! Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner: 'He's the Happiest I've Ever Seen Him'
2015-01-27 Kim Kardashian -- Bruce Is on a 'Journey'
2015-01-27 Kim Kardashian Addresses Bruce Jenner's 'Journey'
2015-01-27 Kylie Jenner Is Over Homeschooling, Is Now a High School Dropout
2015-01-23 Kim and Kanye Break Bread With Beyonce and Jay Z
2015-01-21 Kardashian-Jenner Women Rally Around Bruce Jenner
2015-01-21 Bruce Jenner Was Hurt by That Infamous Photoshopped InTouch Magazine Cover
2015-01-21 Bruce Jenner 'Upset' By Photoshopped Magazine Cover
2015-01-21 Bruce Jenner's Transgender Rumors
2015-01-18 Bruce Jenner's Questionable Advice to Son Brody
2015-01-15 Kim and Khloé Kardashian Film in LA Amidst Bruce Jenner Controversy
2015-01-15 Bruce Jenner Transgender ‘InTouch' Cover Created Using Stephanie Beacham Photo
2015-01-15 Kim Kardashian Claims She 'Bought' Kendall Jenner Her Career
2015-01-06 9 Ways You Know You've Watched Too Much of the Kardashians
2015-01-01 Kris Jenner First Christmas Bash as a Single
2014-12-25 Kris Jenner Changing Her Name Back to 'Kardashain?'
2014-12-22 10 Celeb WTF Moments of 2014
2014-12-07 The Kardashian Advent Kalendar
2014-12-05 Kris Jenner Enjoys A Date Night With Corey Gamble
2014-11-26 Kim Kardashian Confidently Eats a Cupcake in Shorts on Elle U.K. Cover
2014-11-25 Is Kanye West to Blame for Canceling the Kardashian Khristmas Kard?
2014-11-20 Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Parents Split: ‘It Sucked’
2014-11-19 You'll Be Amazed at Bruce Jenner's Changing Looks
2014-11-13 Kris Jenner's New Romance Won't Stop Bruce Jenner Wearing His Wedding Ring
2014-11-12 Kim Kardashian's Mobile Game Has Raked in $43 Million So Far
2014-11-11 Kris Jenner Cuddles Up to New Man Corey Gamble
2014-11-05 The Kardashian Clan Celebrate Bruce Jenner's Birthday
2014-10-30 Bruce Jenner Taunted on Country Club Golf Course
2014-10-30 Kendall Jenner Wishes Her Father Happy Birthday With Touching Note
2014-10-29 Kim Kardashian Wears Wool in the Scorching LA Heat
2014-10-21 Kim Kardashian in 1994 Home Video: 'When I'm Famous, Remember Me as This Beautiful Little Girl'
2014-10-21 Kim Kardashian Always Keeps It Sexy - Even For An Afternoon Movie Date
2014-10-20 Kris Jenner Devastated and Betrayed That Bruce Is Dating Her Ex-Best Friend
2014-10-20 Kris Jenner Sobs Every Night Over Bruce's New Date
2014-10-18 Kris Jenner Opens Up About Her Divorce
2014-10-07 Kris Jenner Wants To Find True Love Again After Divorce From Bruce Jenner
2014-10-04 Kim Kardashian Parties With Ciara, Kendall Jenner Pickets With Cara Delevingne And Much More
2014-10-02 North West Sits Front Row At First Fashion Show With Kim Kardashian, Kanye West
2014-09-25 The Kardashians Take Over Paris
2014-09-25 Kendall Jenner Responds To Kris and Bruce's Divorce
2014-09-24 More Details Emerge in Kris and Bruce Jenner's Divorce
2014-09-24 Kim Kardashian's Smoky Eyes, Khloé Kardashian's Strappy Heels
2014-09-23 Kris Jenner Officially Files For Divorce From Bruce
2014-09-23 Kris Jenner Files for Divorce; Is the Timing Too Perfect?
2014-09-23 Kris and Bruce Jenner Are Officially Getting Divorced
2014-09-23 Kris Jenner Files for Divorce and More Entertainment News
2014-09-23 Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner Divorce: It's Official
2014-09-23 Khloé Kardashian And French Montana Kiss, Baby News & More In Official Kourtney & Khloé Take The Hamptons Trailer
2014-09-09 Khloe Kardashian and Bruce Jenner's Bonding Moment
2014-09-01 Bruce Jenner’s 4 Hour Salon Trip
2014-08-30 How The Kardashians and Jenners Spent Their Summer Vacation
2014-08-27 Kim Kardashian's Straight Tresses, Kylie And Kendall Jenner's Blinged Out Jackets And More
2014-08-21 Best Of Summer: Kardashian Moments Tournament
2014-08-20 Khloé Kardashian Responds To Fan Who Asks If Her Butt Is Real: "Yes, You Can Touch It"
2014-08-19 Bruce Jenner Gets Busted By the Cops & Brody Jenner Captures It on Camera
2014-08-12 Happy Birthday, Kylie Jenner! See The Heartfelt And Hilarious Messages From Her Sisters
2014-08-11 Bruce Jenner -- Stopped By Cops, Busted By Brody!
2014-08-11 Bruce Jenner Debuts New Hairstyle
2014-08-06 Rob Kardashian Comes Out Of Hiding In Malibu! See What The Reality Star Looks Like These Days!
2014-07-30 Kim Kardashian Says She Was Followed By a "Crazy Driver'
2014-07-29 Kim Kardashian's High-Flying Freak-Out
2014-07-18 Kris Jenner Reveals She and Bruce Had No Money When Kendall Was Born
2014-07-08 Kris Jenner on Kimye, French Montana and Family
2014-07-03 Kim Kardashian Misses Kanye West "So Much"
2014-07-01 North West's 1st Birthday Bash -- Kidchella!
2014-06-22 Kim Kardashian Learns to Cook for Kanye West
2014-06-17 Kendall Jenner Ditches Underwear While Kylie Jenner Skips Bra For 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards
2014-06-17 Kourtney Kardashian Addresses Pregnancy For The First Time
2014-06-09 Jimmy Fallon Tells Kendall Jenner That He Has Trouble Reading Teleprompters
2014-06-07 Kendall Jenner Goes Topless For Interview Magazine
2014-06-05 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Serenaded By Andrea Bocelli At Their Wedding In Florence
2014-06-05 Kylie Jenner Models Black Bikini On Instagram
2014-06-03 Justin Bieber And Kylie Jenner Hang Out Again
2014-05-29 Kris and Bruce Jenner Have Separated
2014-05-28 Rob Kardashian Reaches Out to Scott Disick But Still No Apology for Kim