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Rob James-Collier wearing pricey wig for return to Downton

June 13th, 2013 8:53pm EDT
Rob James-Collier
Downton Abbey star Rob James-Collier will be donning a $6,200 (£4,000) wig for the upcoming fourth season of the hit period drama after shaving his head for another job.

The 36-year-old actor reveals he had to lop off his long, dark locks for a very different role to portray a "crazy psychotic drug dealer", so he's having to rely on stylists' help to recreate his slicked-back look as gay under-butler Thomas Barrow on the British TV series.

He tells, "It's the king of wigs. It cost about £4,000. As wigs go, it's beautiful. And it means if I ever go bald, I can stick the wig on ...

Rob James-Collier: 'My Downton Abbey Character Should Be Dead'

January 17th, 2013 7:54pm EST
Rob James Collier
Downton Abbey star Rob James-Collier still can't believe his TV villain Thomas Barrow is still alive - because the scheming valet was supposed to be killed off at the end of season one.

The actor was thrilled to learn he'd won the role but his agent informed him he would not have it for long.

James-Collier recalls, "He said, 'Listen, you've got the part that everyone in town wants - he's a villain, he's a great role, the only bad thing is that he dies at the end of the first series.'"

Nevertheless, the character took off and producers decided to rethink Barrow's fate.

He tells Out m...

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