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Jesse James Says He 'Never Really Trusted' Sandra Bullock

5/5/2011 8:52am EDT
Jesse James
Jesse James "never really trusted" his ex-wife Sandra Bullock and refused to believe she truly loved him.

The couple wed in 2005 but its union was rocked last March when James' infidelity was exposed in a U.S. tabloid, just days after Bullock won an Oscar for her role in The Blind Side.

Their divorce was finalized months later and now the TV mechanic has confessed he was always insecure about the relationship.

In his upcoming autobiography, American Outlaw, James writes, "I never really trusted Sandy. But no matter how many times she told me, it just didn't take. I nodded when she sai...

Male Celebrities That Have Jumped The Shark

3/3/2011 1:00pm EST
Charlie Sheen Alec Baldiwn Tiger Woods Mel Gibson Jesse James
To "Jump the Shark" is to reach your peak before going immediately downhill. These are the male celebrities that have made devastating decisions and Jumped the Shark.

Charlie Sheen: Who knows what exactly happened to make Sheen snap? Perhaps he was simply bored with the monotony of making Two and a Half Men every year, despite the huge sums of money he was earning? Whatever the case, he has certainly changed things up. At least it was on his own terms!

Tiger Woods: Worst. Thanksgiving. Ever. Woods' life became tabloid fodder after his wife allegedly tried to brain him with a nine iron. ...

Jesse James Plans Tell-All Book

2/20/2011 4:57pm EST
Jesse James
Sandra Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James is planning a major tell-all.

The TV mechanic's memoir, "American Outlaw," has been picked up by publishers at Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

A publication date has not been set, but the book is expected to be released this year.

Since splitting from Bullock after she discovered he had been unfaithful, James has become engaged to celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D.

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Jesse James' Ex-Wife Gets Out Of Jail

1/31/2011 9:18am EST
Jesse James
Jesse James' ex-wife, adult film star Janine Lindemulder, has been released from jail in Austin, Texas, following her arrest for allegedly harassing the reality TV star.

The XXX star was arrested in Hays County on Saturday on three outstanding warrants for harassment after James turned over a series of threatening emails and voicemails she had allegedly left for him.

The 41 year old went before a judge on Sunday and was charged with three counts of misdemeanour harassment. reports she has since posted $6,000 bail and is due back in court on March 11.

The ex-couple, which split i...

Jesse James Is Engaged To His 'Best Friend' Kat Von D

1/20/2011 12:19pm EST
Kat Von D and Jesse James
Sandra Bullock's ex has proved he's moved on - Jesse James popped the question to "L.A. Ink" star Kat Von D.

He told People, "You know sometimes the public and press gets it wrong. This is one of those times. 2010 was actually the best year of my life because I fell in love with my best friend. An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs.

"I have never met anyone so kind and loving and committed to making the world a better place every day. My love for her is beyond description. So honored that she said 'yes.' Growing old with her is going to be a f----n' blast!...

Bombshell McGee Is All Turquoise & Tattoos At Golden Globes After Party

1/17/2011 5:00pm EST
Michelle Bombshell McGee
Michelle "Bombshell" McGee walked the red carpet at the Universal Studios Golden Globes party last night in a turquoise gown. Aren't her 15 minutes of fame over yet?

Jesse James' ex mistress is apparently still trying to get her foot in the Hollywood door.

Jesse, who cheated on his wife Sandra Bullock with Michelle, later hooked up with another tattooed gal - "L.A. Ink" reality TV star Kat Von D.

Sandra Bullock Clears Up Ryan Reynolds Dating Rumors

1/17/2011 12:43pm EST
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock has spoken out to clear up rumors she is dating newly-single Ryan Reynolds, insisting the actor has been an "amazing friend" to her over the last 10 years.

The Oscar-winner divorced her husband Jesse James last year after reports of his infidelity hit the headlines, while her The Proposal co-star Reynolds split from wife Scarlett Johansson last month.

The stars have been spotted spending time together as they both cope with their marriage breakdowns, prompting flurries of rumors suggesting they are more than just friends.

Bullock has now spoken out to silence the gossip...

No Strings Attached: Are They Really Just Friends?

1/11/2011 8:00pm EST
No Strings Attached
Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman star in the upcoming film, No Strings Attached, as Adam and Emma - a couple of lifelong friends who end up taking their friendship one step further one night. After sleeping together they agree that neither wants to deal with commitment - they just want to remain friends... and keep sleeping with each other.

Naturally things work well in the beginning, but once feelings and emotions get involved things get complicated, and whether they wanted it or not, they both come to the realization that they're in too deep. Will they commit to each other and take thi...

Are Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock Hollywood's Next Big Couple?

1/3/2011 9:33pm EST
The Proposal
Newly-single Ryan Reynolds joined his The Proposal co-star Sandra Bullock for New Year's at her restaurant in Texas.

The two pals, who both separated from their partners in 2010, were spotted together at Bess Bistro over the holiday weekend.

Insiders suggest the two old friends have been staging the New Year's party at the diner for years.

Bullock split from and divorced husband Jesse James in 2010, while Reynolds ended the year by announcing he and his wife Scarlett Johansson had split.

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2010 Year In Entertainment Review: April

1/1/2011 3:00pm EST
Bret Michaels
The eruption of a volcano in Iceland at the end of March meant the following month was dogged by stories of stranded stars as a giant ash cloud swept over northern Europe and closed airports across the continent.

California's Coachella festival was under threat as a number of acts canceled their slots when they were unable to fly out to the U.S.

Several movie premieres were also affected in the chaos - the "Iron Man 2" red carpet event in London was moved to Los Angeles when stars including Robert Downey, Jr. were unable to jet to Britain. Miley Cyrus also scrapped plans to unveil her fil...

2010 Year In Entertainment Review: March

1/1/2011 1:00pm EST
Lil Wayne
It was a shocking way to start the spring as March saw two of Hollywood's biggest star couples announce break-ups - Kate Winslet parted ways with her second husband Sam Mendes after seven years and Sandra Bullock's Oscar win was overshadowed after she found out partner Jesse James had cheated on her.

More scandals came as the month progressed, with fiery supermodel Naomi Campbell accused of attacking her driver by striking him on the head, and Michael Jackson's mum Katherine visited by welfare officials in Los Angeles over allegations one of her grandkids had purchased a stun gun.

Rapper ...

Santa's Naughty Celebrities Of 2010 List

12/14/2010 9:00am EST
Mel Gibson
Christmas is almost here and there are a lot of celebrities who will not be receiving any presents from Santa this year because of their bad behavior. From Dr. Laura Schlessinger's on-air N-word rant to Lindsay Lohan's violation probations and rehab stints, 2010 marked the year of unruly celebrity behavior and misconduct. Santa has made his list, checked it twice, and sent us a copy of naughty celebs who won't be getting any gifts this holiday season.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been a naughty, naughty girl this year. In 2010, a video was released of a then 16-year old Miley gi...

Sandra Bullock, Kate Middleton & Lady Gaga Named Top Personalities Of 2010

12/12/2010 5:00pm EST
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock, Kate Middleton and Lady Gaga have been named on Parade magazine's first annual Personalities of the Year list.

Bullock dominated headlines in early 2010 when she took home a Best Actress Academy Award for her role in "The Blind Side," while just days later it was revealed her husband Jesse James had cheated on her.

She bounced back from the scandal by revealing she had secretly become a mother to adopted baby Louis in January and Parade editors have applauded the star for her strength during the breakdown of her relationship.

Middleton, who became engaged to Prince Willia...

2010's Most Shocking Celebrity Break Ups

12/7/2010 1:00pm EST
Sandra Bullock Jesse James
Celebrity breakups are nothing new, but that doesn't mean that they can't shock us every now and then. 2010 has been a year of shocking break ups, to say the least. Here are the splits over the last year that had us picking our jaws up from the floor:

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Everything seemed to be going great with this couple, and Sandra Bullock was skyrocketing towards an Oscar win for her part in The Blind Side. Then a few tattooed models decided that Bullock's moment of glory should be augmented with scandal. No detail was spared from the magazines as more women came forward ...

Kat Von D's California Home Destroyed By Fire

11/22/2010 2:27pm EST
Kat Von D
Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D is mourning the death of her beloved cat and the loss of her life's possessions after her California home was destroyed by a fire on Sunday night.

The L.A. Ink star, who is dating Sandra Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James, logged on to her blog on Monday to share the devastating news.

Posting a photo of the feline, she wrote, "My house burned down last night with my cat inside... R.I.P Valentine, you will be missed."

As WENN went to press, Von D had not shed details on what caused the fire or if she had been home during the incident.


Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt's Divorce Was Staged

11/5/2010 12:00am EDT
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
Reality TV stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's divorce proceedings were planned - to get them a new TV show.

The couple staged the break-up after learning their current show, "The Hills," would not be picked up for another season, and Pratt admits the split was designed to create fresh interest in his wife for a potential British TV project.

He tells Life & Style magazine, "The divorce was real - just the idea behind it was different than most people's.

"Divorcing was the only way to keep Heidi's career going because everyone hated me so much. Look at Sandra Bullock - her divorce from...

Kat Von D Seen Sporting An Antique Diamond Ring

10/27/2010 8:20am EDT
Kat Von D
Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D has sparked speculation she and Jesse James are engaged after she was spotted wearing a huge antique ring on her wedding finger at a book signing on Tuesday.

After dismissing reports she has dumped reality TV star James, who is now divorced from ex-wife Sandra Bullock, and is now back with rocker Nikki Sixx, the tattooed star was happy to talk about the new jewelry item - but refused to confirm or deny engagement hints.

She told USA Today, "I don't know if I really feel comfortable talking about it."

However, she did reveal, "It's actually a ring from...

Kat Von D & Jesse James Are Still Together

10/25/2010 8:27am EDT
Kat Von D
Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D has dispelled rumors she has split from boyfriend Jesse James by enjoying a romantic lunch with Sandra Bullock's ex-husband on Saturday.

The couple, which began dating in August, was alleged to have ended its relationship earlier this month with Von D reportedly reuniting with her rocker ex Nikki Sixx.

But the reality TV pair put to rest claims of a break-up by cozying up together during a Mexican meal at West Hollywood restaurant El Compadre.

Sources tell the couple appeared to be in good spirits as they talked and kissed throughout their lun...

Jesse James And Kat Von D Already Splitting Up?

10/18/2010 12:35pm EDT
Kat Von D
Just a month after Kat Von D said that Jesse James could be "the one," there are reports that the couple have split. A source told People that Kat is angry that Jesse is in Texas and isn't enjoying their "weekend fly-back-and-forth relationship."

Kat Von D has been spotted with a few other male friends, including ex-boyfriend Nikki Sixx and Bam Margera. However a source says she and Bam are "not more than friends. At the Jackass 3D premiere, the L.A. Ink star was getting friendly with Sixx once more.

Back in September she said, "Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don't hang out with a...

Kat Von D Reunites With Nikki Sixx At 'Jackass 3D' Premiere

10/14/2010 11:39pm EDT
Kat Von D
Celebrity tattooist Kat Von D and rocker Nikki Sixx had Hollywood gossips buzzing at the premiere of "Jackass 3D" on Wednesday night when the former couple arrived together but refused to pose for photos.

Sources tell WENN Von D, who split from the Motley Crue bassist earlier this year and is now dating Sandra Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James, was visibly upset on the red carpet but refused to discuss her personal life with members of the media.

One photographer says, "They showed up together but posed separately. They wouldn't even agree to pose with (Jackass star) Steve-O. It was very o...

Janine Lindemulder Calls Sandra Bullock To Court In Latest Custody Fight

10/14/2010 3:32pm EDT
Janine Lindemulder
Jesse James' ex-wife is calling Sandra Bullock to court in her latest battle to win more visitation with her daughter Sunny. Porn star Janine Lindemulder's lawyer plans to call the Oscar winner as a witness to a hearing in the custody case on October 21st.

Richard Masson tells Life & Style magazine the hearing will address issues relating to the financial and physical care of Sunny, and his client feels sure that Bullock can help her win the latest round in her battle against James.

Lindermulder tells the publication, "People say, 'What does Sandra have to do with it?' She has a huge pa...

Rep Says Kat Von D 'Is Not Pregnant. That's Absolutely Absurd'

9/10/2010 8:10am EDT
Kat Von D
A representative for Kat Von D has shot down reports the celebrity tattoo artist is pregnant with new boyfriend Jesse James' baby.

The inked-up pair went public with their new romance last week, attending the opening of Von D's Wonderland gallery in Hollywood hand in hand and cooing about the union.

Von D, who split from rocker Nikki Sixx earlier this summer, confessed she was already "in love" with James after just weeks of dating.

Their red carpet appearance came under much scrutiny after Von D displayed a bulging stomach in her skin-tight dress - prompting speculation about a pregnanc...

Kat Von D Is In Love With Jesse James

9/3/2010 4:30pm EDT
Kat Von D
Tattoo artist-to-the-stars Kat Von D has fallen head over heels for TV mechanic Jesse James, confessing she's already "in love" with Sandra Bullock's cheating ex after just weeks of dating.

The inked-up couple was first romantically linked last month when revellers spotted the pair enjoying a night out in Las Vegas.

Von D confirmed the news of the romance in a post on her page, telling her followers, "Yes, Jesse and I are dating", before deleting the message soon afterwards.

And the reality TV stars have since gone public with their relationship, posing posed together for cam...

Kat Von D Nazi Photo Forged

8/22/2010 2:16pm EDT
Kat Von D
Tattoo artist-to-the-stars Kat Von D has spoken out to dismiss reports she is anti-Semitic, insisting she is a "proud Latina" who "embraces all of humanity."

An autographed photo of Von D with a doodle of a swastika and a burning Star of David surfaced on the internet on Friday, following reports linking her to Sandra Bullock's ex Jesse James.

James was shamed earlier this year by the release of controversial pictures showing him posing in military gear and appearing to give a Nazi salute.

But the "LA Ink" star has moved quickly to distance herself from the rumors, insisting she "celebra...

Kat Von D Says She's Jesse James' 'Type'

8/20/2010 8:19am EDT
Kat Von D
Tattoo artist Kat Von D continues to confirm she's dating Sandra Bullock's disgraced ex Jesse James on radio network KROQ.

She explained, "I think that I'm his type on a different level than people would assume."

The "LA Ink" star sparked an online gossip frenzy on Wednesday after confirming she was dating Jesse James on Twitter - before removing the post minutes later. The 28 year old told her followers "Yes, Jesse and I are dating."

She deleted the message soon afterwards but the post had already been retweeted by more than 100 people, and picked up by media outlets around the world.

Kat Von D Tweets That She's Dating Jesse James; Deletes Message Seconds Later

8/19/2010 8:15am EDT
Kat Von D
Tattoo artist-to-the-stars Kat Von D sparked an online gossip frenzy on Wednesday after confirming she was dating Sandra Bullock's bad boy ex Jesse James on Twitter - before removing the post minutes later.

The couple was recently spotted on a night out in Las Vegas, but Von D's representative dismissed reports of a romance, insisting the reality TV stars are "just friends."

However, Von D, who split from rocker Nikki Sixx earlier this summer, went public with the romance after taking to Twitter on Wednesday to announce the happy news.

The 28 year old told her followers "Yes, Jesse and I...

Sandra Bullock's Adoption Finalized

8/18/2010 1:00pm EDT
Sandra Bullock
Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has finalized the adoption of her baby son Louis.

The Blind Side star revealed in April that she and her then-husband Jesse James had secretly welcomed the tot into the family in January. She subsequently split from the TV mechanic in March when his infidelities were exposed in the press and their marriage was officially declared over in June.

The Oscar winner proceeded with the adoption process as a single parent, moving from California to set up home in Austin, Texas. And Friday 13th, a traditionally unlucky day, proved to be a joyous occasion for Bull...

Kat Von D's Rep: 'There Is No Romance There With Jesse James'

8/17/2010 8:39am EDT
Kat Von D
Nikki Sixx's ex-girlfriend Kat Von D has denied she is dating Sandra Bullock's disgraced ex-husband Jesse James - her representative insists the pair is "just friends".

The tattooist was rumored to have moved on from the Motley Crue musician with fellow reality TV star James after they were spotted dining together in Las Vegas last weekend.

However, Von D's rep insists there is no romance with James, who was famously dumped by his Oscar-winning wife after his cheating hit the headlines earlier this year.

The publicist tells, "They did have dinner, but they are just friends....

Kat Von D Dating Jesse James?

8/16/2010 8:52am EDT
Kat Von D
Nikki Sixx's ex-girlfriend Kat Von D has reportedly moved on from the pair's failed relationship - the TV tattoo artist has sparked rumors of a new romance with Sandra Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James after they were spotted on a night out in Las Vegas.

Von D and the Motley Crue musician ended their union for good last week, after an on-off love affair dating back to 2007. The colorful reality star celebrated her newly single status by heading to Sin City for the weekend - and on Saturday evening she was spotted dining with James, who split from Oscar-winner Bullock earlier this year.


Jesse James' & Mel Gibson's Mistresses - Together At Last

8/7/2010 7:49pm EDT
Michelle Bombshell
Hollywood homewrecker Michelle "Bombshell" McGee posed for photographs with porn producer Violet Kowal outside Katsuya in Hollywood on Thursday night.

Not familiar with Violet Kowal? She's the 26 year old porn model who recently alleged that she had been involved in an abusive, three-month affair with actor/director Mel Gibson last year. Just another one of his many recent troubles.

Bombshell (as you should already know) is the tattooed topless model who Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, bedded for 11 months while Bullock was away shooting "The Blind Side." Unfortunately nobody had S...