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The Best Dressed At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art's Costume Institute Gala

May 6th, 2014 12:00pm EDT
The Best Dressed At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art's Costume Ins
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala is one of the season's hottest events where celebrities parade around in fancy gowns and mingle with stars bigger than them.

During Monday night's event in New York City, British model Cara Delevingne, singer Rihanna, fashion designer Stella McCartney and actresses Kate Bosworth and Reese Witherspoon posed together on the red carpet in monochrome and pink ensembles.

They were just a handful of the the stars who strutted their stuff in front of a slew of photographers who snapped away from every angle.

Check out some of the be...

Vanessa Hudgens, Kylie & Kendall Jenner, Bella Thorne, Victoria Justice & More Hang Out At Coachella (See Pics!)

April 19th, 2014 6:00pm EDT
Vanessa Hudgens
Actress Vanessa Hudgens and her actor boyfriend Austin Butler attended day one of weekend two of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif., on Friday.

Hudgens walked around barefoot in a bra-like top and fringed black skirt with jewelry piled around her neck, wrists and ankle.

Reality stars Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner hung out with celebrity offspring Willow and Jaden Smith while Ellie Goulding played on the main stage.

Actress Diane Kruger and actor boyfriend Joshua Jackson were spotted carrying multiple bottles of water onto the polo field at the event.

Check out more photos f...

Eva Longoria's mother wasn't impressed by Dalai Lama

April 15th, 2014 10:20am EDT
Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria's mother was more excited about meeting Jim Carrey than the Dalai Lama.
The 39-year-old actress took her mother Ella with her to meet the head of the Buddhist faith, but when they got home, instead Ella gushed about meeting the 'Ace Ventura' star.
Speaking on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' yesterday (04.14.14), Eva said: "After the night, we were Skyping with my dad and I was like, 'Mom, mom come here, tell dad who you met today.' And she goes, 'Jim Carrey.' And I said, 'Mom, the Dalai Lama?' And she says, 'Yeah but Jim Carrey was there.'
Ella is a devout Catholic and when Eva trie...

Hollywood's Hottest Shirtless Men

March 15th, 2014 8:00pm EDT
Hollywood's Hottest Shirtless Men
Usually it's the women who are objectified in Hollywood, but the men are fair game too! These guys are hard working actors, singers, and athletes who either take time to work out for their six-pack abs or just let nature take its course.

Professional dancers Val and Maskim Chmerkovskiy (pictured above) make sure they're in good shape for "Dancing With The Stars." The two brothers, who were born in the Ukraine, obviously work hard for their physiques.

Some male stars spend a lot of time bulking up at the gym, while others are slim and trim. Check out our gallery of seriously shirtless cele...

Diane Kruger: 'First date with Joshua Jackson was terrible'

September 18th, 2013 8:41pm EDT
Diane Kruger
Former Dawson'S Creek star Joshua Jackson tricked his girlfriend-of-seven-years Diane Kruger into having dinner with him after persuading her to have a quick drink with him.

The actor tracked the German star to her hotel and asked her to join him at the bar, but she made it clear that it could only be a short meeting as she already had plans for the evening elsewhere.

She says, "He thinks he asked me out on a date, which is not true - because I would have not agreed to that. I agreed to have drinks with him... He was at the bar, so I went downstairs.

"I actually had plans with somebody e...

Joshua Jackson Headed Back To TV For New Series

August 27th, 2013 2:31pm EDT
Joshua Jackson
Actor Joshua Jackson is heading back to TV for a new show. The former Dawson's Creek star has been cast in upcoming series The Affair as Cole, a cowboy who manages a Long Island, New York ranch that has been in his family for generations, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show will centre around the wife of his character's infidelities with Noah, played by Dominic West.

Ruth Wilson will play Jackson's wife and Maura Tierney has been cast as West's other half.

Jackson's last TV show, Fringe, ended in January, after five seasons.

Joshua Jackson suffers mystery foot injury

August 20th, 2013 3:11am EDT
Joshua Jackson
Actor Joshua Jackson is hobbling around on crutches after suffering a mystery foot injury.

The former Dawson's Creek star was photographed with a surgical boot on his right foot as he made his way through a Los Angeles airport on Monday (19Aug13) with his longtime girlfriend Diane Kruger.

Jackson was also sporting a large bandage wrapped around his big toe, but it is not yet known how the Hollywood hunk hurt himself.

Joshua Jackson 'Jealous' Of Diane Kruger

August 4th, 2013 11:05am EDT
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson is jealous of Diane Kruger.

The 37-year-old actress recently took on the leading role of Detective Sonya Cross in new FX series 'The Bridge' and Joshua, 35, who shot to fame as Pacey Witter in 'Dawson's Creek' insists her hours on set are much shorter than the ones he put in on the teen drama.

Diane told Us Weekly: "He hates me because my experience has been like, I'm home for dinner every night, I don't have to work every day, FX wants me to think creatively. He's been on network television and it was very different.

"It's been super creative for me and he kinda hates me ...

Diane Kruger's mother quizzed Joshua Jackson over arrest on first meeting

July 10th, 2013 12:44pm EDT
Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger was left cringing with embarrassment during her boyfriend Joshua Jackson's first meeting with her parents as her mother interrogated him over his 2002 arrest.

The German actress' mother Maria-Theresa took the opportunity to quiz the former Dawson's Creek star about an incident at an ice hockey match in North Carolina in 2002, and even pulled out a folder of press clippings about his scuffle with a security guard.

Kruger tells talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel, "I thought we were doing so good (at his first meeting with my parents) and my mom says 'Ah, wait I have something for you.'...

'Mad Men' And 'Mildred Pierce' Lead 2011 Primetime Emmy Nominations (See List)

July 14th, 2011 10:19am EDT
Mad Men
Hit drama Mad Men looks set to dominate the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards after scoring 19 nominations, including Best Drama.

Mad Men star Jon Hamm will go up against the likes of Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire), Hugh Laurie (House) and Michael C. Hall (Dexter) for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, while his co-star Elisabeth Moss will battle for the lead actress prize against Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and Kathy Bates (Harry's Law).

The Outstanding Drama Series category will be a closely-fought affair - Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Friday Night Ligh...

Diane Kruger Wears The Thinnest, Most Form-Fitting Dress Ever (& Looks Stunning)

May 13th, 2011 12:00pm EDT
Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger looked stunning on the red carpet yesterday for the screening of "Sleeping Beauty" during the Cannes Film Festival.

What do you think of her metallic, form-fitting gown? She doesn't have an ounce of fat on her!

Diane stars in the upcoming "Special Forces" about a French journalist in Afghanistan who is kidnapped by the Taliban. She also plays Marie Antoinette in the film "Farewell, My Queen."

Click for more great Diane Kruger pictures:

'Fringe' Finale: Guess Who Never Existed?

May 7th, 2011 7:52am EDT
Joshua Jackson | Photo Credits: Liane Hentscher/FOX
[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Friday's Fringe finale. Read at your own risk.]

As if the Fringe universe wasn't confusing enough, the finale left us with an unexpected surprise: Peter...

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Fringe Exclusive: Producers Dissect Baby Bombshell

February 12th, 2011 11:00am EST
Anna Torv  | Photo Credits: Liane Hentscher/Fox
After much speculation, the truth was revealed in Friday night's episode of Fringe: The other Olivia (Anna Torv) is pregnant with Peter's baby.

As if the two universes couldn't be more complicated, the producers of the Fox series tell exclusively that there will be much larger things to come. Will Walternate (John Noble) use Bolivia's baby to lure Peter (Joshua Jackson) back to the alternate universe? The sinister answer may surprise you.

Fringe: Is Alt-Olivia pregnant? Why make Bolivia pregnant? Was this your way of humanizing the other universe?
J.H. Wyman: Yes...

Exclusive First Look Video: Fringe's 'Vicious, Vicious' Triangle Heats Up

February 9th, 2011 4:31pm EST
Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson | Photo Credits: Liane Hentscher/Fox
In a perfect world, it would be all about Peter and Olivia. But in Fringe's alternate universe, there's that damn Fauxlivia to worry about, too. And with young Mr. Bishop still harboring the warm-and-fuzzies for his Mata Hari from the other side, not to mention a pileup of major revelations that come out in this week's episode (Friday, 9/8c on Fox), things just can't be black or white... or in the show's multiverse color scheme, red or blue.

Who should our hero pick, Liv or the liar? In the exclusive video after the jump, the cast discusses TV's trickiest threesome, Peter's, um, bedroom ab...

Are Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger Secretly Married?

February 7th, 2011 11:00am EST
Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger
We spotted Diane Kruger wearing a simple gold band on her left ring finger as she dined out with long-term beau Joshua Jackson on Saturday. The couple, who have been together since 2006, were dining out at the trendy Katsuya sushi restaurant in West Hollywood.

Despite the gold on her ring finger, they're probably not married.

Kruger recently told Glamour magazine, "Without sounding pessimistic, I learned that I don't believe in marriage. I believe in commitment that you make in your heart. There's no paper that will make you stay."

Kruger wed French actor/director Guillaume Canet when...

Fletch finally gets a reboot

February 3rd, 2011 8:41am EST
Chevy Chase is Flecth and now Kevin Smith is bringing the charac
Fletch is Chevy Chase's favorite role. If you're of a certain generation, it's probably one of your favorite films. They've tried to reboot it a number of times to no avail...until now. The Fletch remake is officially back on!

You loved his monologues. Heck, you love everything about him. He's Chevy Chase and he's pretty impossible to replace. Can you see anyone else playing Fletch? Well, you're about to. Warner Bros. and a production company called Anonymous Content have acquired the rights to Gregory McDonald's novels. After years of false starts and rumors about the Kevin Smith version,...

Diane Kruger: 'I Don't Believe In Marriage'

February 2nd, 2011 3:28pm EST
Diane Kruger
German actress Diane Kruger has been put off the idea of marriage for good following her failed union to French actor/director Guillaume Canet, insisting relationships are based on commitment, not "paper".

The Inglourious Basterds star wed Canet when she was 25, but the couple split five years later and its divorce was finalized in 2006.

She moved on and began dating former Dawson's Creek star Joshua Jackson shortly afterwards, but she admits she doesn't see a wedding in their future - because she doesn't have faith in the exchanging of vows.

Kruger tells Glamour magazine, "Without sound...

Michelle Williams Open To A 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion

January 11th, 2011 1:51pm EST
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams would jump at the chance to star in a Dawson's Creek reunion special - because the show gave her such a good grounding in acting.

The actress was a teenager when she landed her breakthrough role in the drama, and headed to Wilmington, North Carolina with cast mates Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek to film the series.

They spent five years shooting six seasons of the show and it ended in 2003, when Williams was an adult. She has branded the time she spent filming the popular show "the best acting class" and admits she wouldn't hesitate to reprise her ...

Check Out 'Fringe: The Complete Second Season' Now On DVD

September 20th, 2010 7:00am EDT
"Fringe" returns for a second thrilling season and continues to explore the unexplained phenomena and terrifying occurrences linked throughout the world – known simply as "The Pattern“ – in pursuit of a larger, more shocking truth.

Set in Boston, the FBI's Fringe Division formed when Special Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) enlisted the help of institutionalized "fringe" scientist Walter Bishop (John Noble) and his son, Peter (Joshua Jackson), to save her partner and lover from a mind-bending death.

Through unconventional and unorthodox methods, the Fringe team imagines and tests t...

Diane Kruger Looks Like A Pot Holder

September 10th, 2010 3:30pm EDT
Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger attended the re-opening of the Chanel Soho Boutique in New York City on Thursday wearing an unusual black, blue and white ruffled dress. She paired it with boot-like high heels. The dress sort of reminds us of those pot holders we made as a kid.

Diane was recently named one of the world's most stylish stars by Vanity Fair Magazine. Other best dressed stars include Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Carey Mulligan and Carla Bruni.

The actress was also listed in People magazine's Most Beautiful list alongside stars such as Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston and Katy P...

Fashion Flop: Anna Torv At The Teen Choice Awards

August 10th, 2010 2:33pm EDT
Anna Torv
Why does a sexy woman like Anna Torv torture us with such a bland fashion choice? The "Fringe" actress opted for black shorts and a jungle print blouse at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. We think it's unflattering and unattractive. What do you think?

Anna recently separated from her husband, Former "Fringe" co-star Mark Valley, after just a year of marriage. The couple met while filming the first season of the hit J.J. Abrams show. The two played FBI partners who hid the affair they were having from their bosses at the FBI before Valley's character was killed off early in the series.

The ac...

Diane Kruger's Fetching Fedora & Sexy Legs - Hot Or Not?

May 20th, 2010 5:50pm EDT
Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger wore a magenta sweater, a cute green skirt and a fetching fedora at the FOX Network Upfront presentation in New York City this week. We love the outfit, and we love her legs! What do you think?

The "Inglourious Basterds" actress has several films in production, including "Mr. Nobody" in which a man close to death ponders the many lives he might have led. She plays the woman he loves but cannot marry.

She is also working on "Unknown White Male" about a man (Liam Neeson) who wakes up from a coma while on a business trip to Europe only to find that some other man has taken his ...

Joshua Jackson Contemplates Marriage To Diane Kruger

December 15th, 2009 8:00pm EST
Joshua Jackson Contemplates Marriage To Diane Kruger
Actor Joshua Jackson is ready to settle down with long-term girlfriend Diane Kruger and can see himself marrying the German beauty.

The former Dawson's Creek star, 31, has been dating the Inglourious Basterds actress since 2006 and has been jetting between Paris, France, where Kruger lives, and Vancouver, Canada, where he shoots his hit sci-fi show Fringe.

However, Jackson hints he's willing to give up his transatlantic lifestyle to build a future with Kruger - as soon as the former model hints she wants to walk down the aisle.

He says, "We shoot the show in Vancouver but my bet...

Weekly Fashion Wrap Up: Taylor Lautner, Kate Walsh & More!

November 13th, 2009 1:45pm EST
Fashion wrap up
Nothing too horrible this week, and for all of you Twilight fans out there- we did you a favor and kept K-Stew off of our list. You can thank us later. Here's our list for the week ending in Friday the 13th.


Kate Walsh

Our best dressed of the week, fabulous Kate!

- Click pic for next page -

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

Good looking couple of the week

- Click pic for next page -

Katharine McPhee

We still aren't sold on the blonde hair, but the dress is colorful and fun

- Click pic for next page -

Liya Kebede

Best everyday lo...

The Best And Worst Of James Marsden

November 9th, 2009 11:05am EST
James Marsden
There aren't that many former Versace models that can say their acting careers really managed to take off, but after fifteen years in the business James Marsden is finally starting to gain notice. With his movie star good looks and cheeky smile, it is only surprising it took so long! In 2000, Marsden first got blockbuster attention in "X-Men" as Cyclops, but he also found favor with audiences for his side roles in "The Notebook," "Hairspray," and "Enchanted." Last year he got a leading role in the hit romantic comedy "27 Dresses," and starting last week he stars in the dramatic thriller "Th...

Expect More Nina Sharp On 'Fringe' And Possible Romance With Agent Broyles

October 13th, 2009 11:16am EDT
Fox's sci-fi show Fringe is full of surprises. Leonard Nimoy is the mad scientist William Bell. Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) is traveling to an alternate dimension. Peter (Joshua Jackson) is really an imposter but he doesn't know it. Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) is an imposter and he DOES know it.

But the big shocker from this season's premier that nobody is talking about is the implied romance between FBI agent Broyles (Lance Reddick) and Massive Dynamic maven Nina Sharp (Blair Brown).

"The question for me is: is it completely in the past or is it something that's starting up again?" Reddick...

Cast & Crew Of 'Fringe' & 'Glee' To Twitter During Episodes

August 31st, 2009 12:25pm EDT
Fox will air encore presentations of Fringe and Glee this week accompanied by messages from cast and producers via twitter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Viewers will be able to to follow Twitter message online or on-air. The messages will reveal behind-the-scenes details and answer fan questions.

Fox will air last season's penultimate episode of "Fringe" on Thursday at 9 p.m. Producers and stars Joshua Jackson and John Noble will be twittering. On Friday at 9 p.m. Fox will reair the "Glee" pilot. Cast members Kevin McHale and Lea Michele, among others, will be twittering.


TV Reunions We'd Like To See

August 28th, 2009 10:02am EDT
Party Of Five
We all have our favorite shows, especially the ones we used to beg mom and dad to let us stay up and watch. Or the shows we watched with our friends every week and discussed the next day in school because it was the most exciting event in our lives. Most of these shows are played in syndication, but the true fans want to know what's going on with our favorite characters now.

Here are the top shows that we'd love to see do reunion specials:

It's been 20 years since "Saved by the Bell," TV's first live-action Saturday morning sitcom debuted. The show started as "Good Morning, Miss Blis...

Diane Kruger Engaged To Joshua Jackson?

August 14th, 2009 3:41pm EDT
Diane Kruger
Diane Kruger has sparked rumors she's set to walk down the aisle with boyfriend Joshua Jackson after she was spotted with a diamond band on her ring finger.

The German beauty has been dating Jackson since 2006, following her divorce from French actor/director Guillaume Canet.

Just two weeks ago she told reporters she never wanted to remarry, insisting, "I won't ever marry again. Does it matter if you sign a piece of paper? It doesn't make it last. I would get married to Josh at 60 if we were still together because then it really means something if you say it's for life."

But Kruger...

Slideshow: This Summer's Beautiful Blondes

August 6th, 2009 3:44pm EDT
Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz & Sienna Miller
Blond is beautiful, and these stars are definitely that. Whether they're platinum blond, dirty blond, or strawberry blond, they're all pretty hot. Which blond beauty do you like the best? Click through our slideshow, and let us know!

Anna Kournikova

In July Anna was photographed wearing a large diamond ring on her left finger. She hasn't confirmed that she's engaged to Enrique Iglesias.

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Image © PR Photos

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Ashley Olsen

Ashley recently said she's surprised she didn't have a public breakdown like Britney Sp...

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