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Now Playing: Venom - Trailer No. 1 'Nashville': Juliette & Avery Are Having a Baby
2015-03-31 'Nashville': "Borrow My Heart" Live Performance
2015-03-26 'Nashville': "How to Learn to Live Alone" Live Performance
2015-03-26 'Nashville': "Friend of Mine" Live Performance
2015-03-26 'Nashville': Journey of a Nashville Song
2015-03-26 'Nashville': Gunnar Sees Scarlett Kissing Dr. Rand
2015-03-13 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "If I'm Still Dreaming"
2015-03-13 'Nashville': Gunnar Sees Scarlett Kissing Dr. Rand
2015-03-05 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "If I'm Still Dreaming"
2015-03-05 'Nashville': Nashville Music: World On Time
2015-02-26 'Nashville': Juliette Poses for Vogue!
2015-02-26 'Nashville': Juliette Won't Let Avery Leave Her
2015-02-20 'Nashville': Juliette Struggles in the Recording Studio
2015-02-12 'Nashville': Nashville Music: Roots and Wings
2015-02-06 'Nashville': Avery Moves In with Juliette
2015-02-05 'Nashville': Nashville Music: If I Drink This Beer
2015-02-05 'Nashville': Avery and Juliette Get Married!
2014-12-11 'Nashville': Juliette and Avery Reconcile
2014-12-11 'Nashville': Avery and Juliette Get Cute
2014-12-04 'Nashville': Juliette "Stalks" Avery
2014-12-04 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "Borrow My Heart"
2014-12-04 'Nashville': Avery Helps Juliette Undress
2014-11-20 'Nashville': Boy or Girl for Avery & Juliette?
2014-11-20 'Nashville': Avery Feels the Baby Kick
2014-11-13 'Nashville': Avery Forgives Juliette!
2014-10-30 'Nashville': Sneak Peek: Avery Visits Juliette in the Hospital
2014-10-29 'Nashville': Avery Learns Juliette Is Pregnant!
2014-10-23 'Nashville': "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"
2014-10-22 'Nashville': Nashville Music: "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"
2014-10-22 'Nashville': Avery Wishes He Never Met Juliette
2014-10-16 Jonathan Jackson from 'Nashville' Talks About How His Character Has Changed
2014-06-29 The Men of 'Nashville' Read Tweets About Themselves
2014-05-14 The Reel Deal With Mr. Moviefone
2012-12-16 Venom - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-13 Riding the Bullet - Trailer