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2015-08-21 Jim Carrey and Hugh Jackman Impersonate Each Other
2015-08-21 Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey Impersonate Each Other, and It's Hilarious!
2015-08-21 Hugh Jackman and Jim Carrey Impersonate Each Other
2015-08-21 Hugh Jackman & Jim Carrey In Friendly Social Media War
2015-08-21 Jackman Teases Sabertooth, Berserker Rage in Wolverine 3
2015-08-18 Jackman Teases Sabertooth, Berserker Rage in Wolverine 3
2015-08-18 Wolverine 3: Patrick Stewart Playing A ‘Very Different' Professor X
2015-08-15 A Special Peak of 'Pan'
2015-08-10 Marvel at Comic Con
2015-08-06 Hugh Jackman Photobombs TV Reporter
2015-08-06 Channing Tatum Is Still X-Men's Gambit After Contract Negotiating Gambit
2015-08-05 Will Smith in Talks to Replace Hugh Jackman in ‘Collateral Beauty'
2015-08-05 Ryan Reynolds Pitches Deadpool-Wolverine Movie
2015-07-31 Ellie Goulding Keeps Hinting at Spectre Theme
2015-07-31 Hugh Jackman Gives Fans One Last Time Assignment
2015-07-29 Angelina Jolie Makes a Film with Son and More
2015-07-29 Hugh Jackman Seeking Fan Input On Last Time As Wolverine
2015-07-28 'X-Men: Apocalypse': Bryan Singer Shares Photo of Patrick Stewart on Set
2015-07-25 'Pan' Trailer
2015-07-17 Johnny Depp in Talks to Replace Hugh Jackman
2015-07-16 7 Favorite Comic Con 2015 Highlights
2015-07-14 Ryan Reynolds Promises New 'Deadpool' Footage
2015-07-14 Stan Lee Executes Greatest Superhero Selfie Ever
2015-07-13 Hugh Jackman's Response to His Wife's 'No Angelina Jolie' Rule Is Hilarious
2015-07-12 X-Men Star Halle Berry Wants To Do A Storm Movie
2015-07-09 Guess Who Hugh Jackman Is Not Allowed to Work with?
2015-07-06 Hugh Jackman Isn't Allowed to Work With Angelina Jolie
2015-07-06 Amanda Seyfried on Reuniting with Hugh Jackman in 'Pan'
2015-07-05 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Hugh Jackman Wolverine
2015-06-24 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Hugh Jackman Dr. Oz
2015-06-24 Is Hugh Jackman Back for 'X-Men: Apocalypse'?
2015-06-22 The Top Five Sexiest Dads in Hollywood
2015-06-19 How The Celebrities Get In Shape For Summer
2015-06-18 Hugh Jackman Goes From Wolverine To Coffee Bean
2015-06-11 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Hugh Jackman Wolverine
2015-06-09 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Hugh Jackman Dr. Oz
2015-06-09 Jackie Chan to Star in 'The Foreigner'
2015-06-08 Tonys Preview: What Is Hugh Jackman's Advice for This Year's Hosts?
2015-06-06 Wolverine Takes His Coffee Black
2015-06-05 Steve Martin, Pusha T, Jackman: Showbiz Round Up
2015-06-05 Film Clip: 'Dukale's Dream'
2015-06-05 Wolverine to Appear in Deadpool Movie?
2015-05-27 Johnny Depp -- Aussies Aren't Messing Around in Dog Smuggling Case
2015-05-26 'Pan' Teaser Trailer 2
2015-05-20 Sneak Peek: New Pan Trailer Released
2015-05-19 Hugh Jackman's Amazing Deadlift Puts Him Into the 1,000 Pound Club:
2015-05-12 Hugh Jackman: Yes, 'Wolverine 3' Is My Last One
2015-05-10 Surprising Sackings Celebrities Suffered Before They Were Famous
2015-05-10 Five Actors Who Could Play Wolverine
2015-05-10 X-Men Original Cast: Where Are They Now?
2015-05-08 Is This How You'd Describe Hugh Jackman in Three Words?
2015-05-02 Wolverine Finale to Be Penned by Blade Runner Writer
2015-04-25 Who Said That: Chappie
2015-04-02 Hugh Jackman Takes on Biblical Role
2015-04-01 Hugh Jackman Quitting Wolverine
2015-03-31 Monday's Showbiz Headlines: Empire Awards Highlights and More
2015-03-30 Jackman Teases His Final Wolverine Appearance
2015-03-30 Chris Hemsworth and Jai Courtney Are Australia's Hottest Hunks
2015-03-27 Jennifer Lawrence to Leave 'X-Men' Franchise
2015-03-24 Red Carpet Premiere of 'Chappie'
2015-03-22 The 'Chappie' Premiere
2015-03-22 Are Hollywood's Action Stars Really Short?
2015-03-20 'Ex Machina' Seduces Viewers on Tinder
2015-03-20 Neill Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver on 'Alien' Remake Rumors
2015-03-13 "Chappie" Town Hall at SiriusXM for EW Radio
2015-03-13 From 'Skins' to 'Chappie,' Dev Patel Bares All
2015-03-09 'Chappie' Director Is Just A Nerd That Loves Robot
2015-03-09 Sharlto Copley Is a Gangster 'Chappie'
2015-03-09 Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman & 'SNL' Stars Play Musical Beers
2015-03-07 In Theaters This Weekend: Reviews of 'Chappie,' 'Unfinished Business'
2015-03-07 Elephants out of Circus, 'Chappie'Premieres
2015-03-06 Shania Twain Announces Last Tour, Vince Vaughn Cemented in Hollywood
2015-03-06 Come Inside the World of 'Chappie'
2015-03-06 Emma Watson to Star with Dan Stevens in ‘Beauty and the Beast' and More