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Sarah Michelle Gellar May Be Playing An Iconic Character On 'Star Wars Rebels'

9/30/2015 5:29pm EDT
Sarah Michelle Gellar Hints That She'll Be Voicing Princess Leia
Earlier this year it was confirmed that actress Sarah Michelle Gellar would be joining the cast of Disney's animated series "Star Wars Rebels," and thanks to a post on Instagram fans are now speculating who she'll play.

The actress, whose husband Freddie Prinze Jr. voices one of the show's main characters, posted a photo of herself in a Princess Leia costume, leading fans to speculate whether or not that's the character she'll play.

"I'm super excited to announce that I will be on the #StarWarsRebels panel at #NYCC (New York Comic Con) on 10/8, 1:30pm, on the Empire Stage (of course). Hop...

Exclusive Clip Of USA's 'DIG'

3/26/2015 2:02pm EDT
Exclusive Clip From Tonight's Episode Of USA's 'DIG'
In tonight's episode of DIG, things continue to get thornier for Peter (Jason Isaacs), as he refuses to let go of Emma Wilson's murder. Of course he does, because this is Jason Isaacs and nobody puts him into a corner. Check out what's in store in "Prayer of David" with our exclusive preview clip!

Also in tonight's installment, there are consequences for Debbie (Lauren Ambrose) regarding what she tried to do before, and Avram (Guy Selnik) continues on to Croatia but might not get there if the assassin following him has anything to say about it. Make sure you're tuned in tonight to find out...

Find Out How USA's New Series 'Dig' Should Captivate

3/5/2015 12:08pm EST
Tim Kring And Alison Sudol Take Us Inside The Mystery Of 'DIG'
USA is getting into the adventure business with DIG, its new event series that takes viewers into Jerusalem and a sprawling murder-conspiracy. It's a totally different type of story for the network, and we connected recently with co-creator Tim Kring and star Alison Sudol to talk about building the mystery, working with lead Jason Isaacs (pictured above with Sudol), and whether DIG should be considered a limited or ongoing series.

"We first had this idea about a murder mystery set in the old city of Jerusalem that uncovers a deep conspiracy, that had to do with all kinds of biblical prophe...

12 Things We Learned From NBCUniversal's Cable TCA Press Tour

7/16/2014 9:39am EDT
12 Things We Learned From NBCUniversal's Cable TCA Press Tour
Summer is here, and that means it's also time for the Summer TCA Press Tour, when TV networks to show off their latest slew of shows to a crowd of film critics.

But the days are long and stuffed with television. Hours upon hours, days upon days. A lot of TV. So for convenience's sake, we've shortened things down to only the most important parts of each presentation- this time, from NBCUniversal, and all the many cable channels currently in their employ.

12. "Mr. Robot" is the Real Title of a Real Pilot on USA

USA was quick to announce two new pilots it had just ordered. One, "Complicatio...

Jason Isaacs To Portray Cult Leader In ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Remake

1/22/2014 6:44am EST
Jason Isaacs
British actor Jason Isaacs is returning to his villainous roots after landing the role of a Satanic cult leader in the TV remake of classic horror film Rosemary’s Baby.

Isaacs, who played menacing Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter wizard film franchise, will portray creepy Roman Castevet in the small screen adaptation of Roman Polanski's 1968 movie.

Zoe Saldana will play Rosemary Woodhouse, the part made famous by Mia Farrow. Castevet is Rosemary's eccentric neighbor who turns out to be hiding a dark secret. The role was originated by Sidney Blackmer.

The 2014 version will be filmed in...

Review: Potential Ridden Revenge Outing 'Sweetwater' Doesn't Quench Thirst

10/7/2013 10:15am EDT
The only thing more frustrating then a film without memorable moments is one that has them yet fails anyway.  There’s nothing sadder then seeing the potential of a skilled filmmaker at work and never really seeing the sum of all the parts.  The new western revenge tale titled "Sweetwater" is a classic example of the above – a film rich in great characters, skilled visuals and plenty of gunplay that goes nowhere.

Sarah and Miguel are a couple who have just bought new land and are trying to build a life together.  But with fanatical religious leader Prophet Josiah nearby things start to run ...

Jason Isaacs Takes The Web In New WIGS Series 'Kendra'

11/26/2012 6:09pm EST
Jason Isaacs
Jason Isaacs dominates the small screen. Whether it's playing a tough UK ambassador in The State Within, his mind-bending tenure on NBC's short-lived but awesomely ambitious Awake, or his turn as mobster Michael Caffee on Showtime's so good it deserved thousands of words series Brotherhood, he's given some of the best performances on television. Now Isaacs has set his sights on the Internet with the new WIGS series Kendra, and it'd be criminal to miss it.

In Kendra, which premieres today on the WIGS YouTube channel, Isaacs plays the part of a patient under the care of the titular nurse (Sa...

Q&A: Daniela Bobadilla On 'Awake,' Working With Charlie Sheen

3/8/2012 12:15pm EST
Daniela Bobadilla
She's got not one but two high-profile roles: tonight she makes her debut on NBC's Awake, and on June 28 she'll be seen as Charlie Sheen's daughter in FX's Anger Management. So how's actress Daniela Bobadilla handling that workload?

Just fine, actually, because she's not your typical 18-year-old.

With a warm personality and a refreshingly positive outlook, Daniela has herself much more together than most people her age. Here's what the articulate young actress had to say about her busy present and what she'd like to accomplish in what should be a bright future.

What led you to decide...

'Awake' Star Jason Isaacs: 'I Would Have Been Resentful If I Passed Up This Job'

3/1/2012 11:00am EST
Awake TV Series
NBC's much talked-about show Awake marks the TV return of the very talented Jason Isaacs (whom you should remember from his compelling turn as Providence mobster Michael Caffee on Showtime's best kept secret, Brotherhood). What drew Isaacs to the role of Detective Michael Britten, who finds himself in two separate realities at the same time? How does he tackle dual storylines within one show? He recently talked with me about that and more.

For more Awake, you can also read my recent interview with executive producers Kyle Killen and Howard Gordon, and tune in for my review of the ...

Star Says NBC's 'Awake' Is So Simple Even His Five-Year-Old Can Explain It

2/28/2012 4:33pm EST
Awake TV Series
NBC’s new drama Awake sounds a little bit complicated. Jason Isaacs plays a cop who’s suffered an accident where either his wife or son have died. However, he lives both lives. In one world his wife is alive, in another his son is. It seems one world is a dream but he can’t tell which.

As critics of the Television Critics Association asked Isaacs to clarify the plot, he showed them a video of his five-year-old daughter explaining the plot. Last year, when the working title was R.E.M., Isaacs filmed her describing the plot. He described his iPhone video so the press could hear it.

“She goe...

Exclusive: Wilmer Valderrama To Release Bilingual Music Project (Video)

2/28/2012 4:20pm EST
Wilmer Valderrama - 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arriva
Wilmer Valderrama is making his television comeback as detective Efrem Vega on NBC's Awake this Thursday, but the 32 year old actor revealed exclusively to us that you'll be seeing a different talent of his soon enough.

Valderrama is currently in the studio working on his first ever, bilingual music project. He says the project will feature "a little bit of everything," including some salsa and dance hits. Awake co-star, Jason Isaacs, says Wilmer is an extremely talented musician and is "very, very good" at what he does.

Check out our full interview below!

What do you guys th...

Backstage At The 2012 Independent Spirit Awards

2/27/2012 12:49pm EST
Beth Behrs
The Independent Spirit Awards is held every year the day before the Oscars on the beach front of Santa Monica. The relaxed and less glamorous event is a place where Hollywood's top talent can sit back, relax and celebrate their achievements in independent filmmaking.'s Vanessa Mujica was lucky enough to catch up with Beth Behrs, Jason Isaacs and Wilmer Valderrama backstage at the 2012 Spirit Awards. Check it out!

'Awake' Producers Hope Their Interesting New Drama On NBC Will Catch On

2/23/2012 3:00pm EST
Awake TV Series
NBC's new series Awake has a lot going for it: a bold concept from unique storyteller Kyle Killen and the expertise of Howard Gordon, who knows a lot about ambitious shows. Recently, the two talked with me about putting together the highly anticipated drama.

Awake centers around a detective (played by Brotherhood star Jason Isaacs) who, after being involved in a car accident with his wife and son, begins to experience two realities: one in which his wife survived the tragedy and one in which his son lived. As viewers wonder which is real, the main character simply tries to move on with h...

Blu-ray Review: 'Abduction'

1/16/2012 10:12am EST
Abduction photo
So can Taylor Lautner head out of "Twilight" land and helm an action outing sans Bella and Edward? We’re gonna find out with a look at the new to Blu-ray release "Abduction," which hits shelves Jan. 17 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Find out the truth below!

Title: "Abduction"

Grade: 1

Cast: Taylor Lautner, Maria Bello, Sigourney Weaver

Director: John Singleton

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 106 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate


The Flick: Positive first – the supporting cast of Abduction is pretty damn spectacular. Alfred Molina, Maria ...

'Harry Potter' Actor: Fans 'Reeked' Due To Poor Hygiene At Final Premiere

11/14/2011 8:50am EST
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter villain Jason Isaacs has opened up about the worst part of the film franchise's final world premiere in London, revealing the fans stank.

The British star, who played Lucius Malfoy in the Potter films, admits he'll never be able to forget the stench of devotees he greeted upon arriving at Trafalgar Square for the swansong event in July.

Many of the fans had been camped out for days and although Isaacs appreciated their dedication, he found their poor hygiene tough to stomach.

He tells WENN, "One of the things that doesn't come across on the screen is in Trafalgar Square lots...

TV on DVD: 'Case Histories' & 'Fortysomething'

11/10/2011 1:12pm EST
Case Histories
Here's the latest in TV on DVD: Acorn Media brings us the fantastic Case Histories, and revisits the Hugh Laurie comedy Fortysomething via Acorn TV.

I haven't read the Kate Atkinson novels that Case Histories is based on, but thanks to the series, now I'm going to. As recently seen on PBS' vaunted Masterpiece Mystery! series, this is a cracking six-episode set. That's largely because it stars the very talented Jason Isaacs (of Brotherhood and The State Within fame), who has never given a bad performance in my book. He has an intensity about him coupled with physical presence that just m...

Taylor Lautner's Behind-The-Scenes 'Abduction' Stunts (Video)

8/25/2011 1:30pm EDT
Taylor Lautner's Behind-The-Scenes 'Abduction' Stunts
Taylor Lautner portrays the leading man in John Singleton’s latest movie, ‘Abduction’ and courtesy of Lionsgate here is a special feature showing some behind-the-scenes action. The clip shows Harry Potter’s Lucius Malfoy, Jason Isaacs, discussing the ‘Twilight’ heartthrob’s slick martial-art abilities, Singleton and Lautner detail an on-the-fly stunt, which took place at PNC Park and producer, Lee Stollman (his surname suites the movie, don’t you think?) proudly admits Taylor is a “superstar.”

In ‘Abduction’ Nathan Price (Taylor) discovers that his real identity is severely contrasting th...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: "Things Have Changed 1:7-8"

4/23/2011 5:00pm EDT
The first season of Brotherhood had a finale that was pretty much perfect. The end of season two couldn't quite meet that high standard, but in a way, that belies the more tumultuous nature of the show's sophomore year.

When last we left Providence, things had gotten kind of ugly. They've only gotten worse since then. The one-time informant Marty Trio is no longer with us thanks to Colin, Freddie Cork is on the run, and everyone else is up in arms. Moe Riley (I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm amazed this guy has a pulse) meets with Michael, who wants to know where Fr...

Interview: Shawn Ryan Takes Us Inside 'The Chicago Code'

4/18/2011 5:11pm EDT
Shawn Ryan
To the television world, Shawn Ryan is A Name. He's the critically acclaimed genius who brought us The Shield, The Unit and Terriers, did a season on Lie To Me, and used to write for Angel. They don't make resumes much cooler than that.

To me, he's the guy that I want to hug and thank profusely for creating The Chicago Code, my favorite television series of the season, and potentially one of my most favorite in a long time. It's the show that got me excited about TV again. Oh, and he once also validated my entire career. Shawn is one of those people who's got an open invitation to dr...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: 'Only A Pawn...1:7-8'

4/16/2011 6:55pm EDT
The biggest episode of Brotherhood's second season is episode seven. It's election day, and when things don't go smoothly, Tommy is forced to take desperate measures to secure his position. On the other side of the equation, Michael shoots a hitman point-blank in the head. It's not a docile episode by any means.

While everyone's out trying to get Tommy reelected, Michael is asked by the Italian mobster Alphonse Nozzoli to escort an incoming hitman to and from his job. When Michael asks what the intended target did to deserve being murdered, he gets the vaguest of vague answers. Th...

VIDEO: Taylor Lautner Shows Off His Action Acting Muscles In 'Abduction'

4/14/2011 11:50am EDT
Abduction | Photo Credits: Lionsgate
Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner is making his solo starring debut in the action thriller Abduction.

In the recently released trailer, Lautner's character Nathan learns from a missing persons website that he was abducted as a child. After his parents are confronted, Nathan makes a harrowing escape from home only to be relentlessly pursued by a group of men who call him a "high-valued asset."

Check out more movie scoop

Read More >

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Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: "One Too Many Mornings 3:4-8"

4/9/2011 5:00pm EDT
Last month, we cracked season one of Brotherhood. Welcome to season two.

The near-perfect conclusion to season one is a tough act to follow. In fact, the entirety of season one is one of the best self-contained stories I've ever seen told on television; if the creative team had wanted to quit while they were ahead I would have understood. Thankfully, they didn't.

It's a few months after season one. Tommy (Jason Clarke) has a lot of anger to deal with over wife Eileen's (Annabeth Gish) infidelities, so he decides to take it out on a wall with a sledgehammer. Though he and Eileen tr...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: 'Matthew 22:10'

4/2/2011 4:53pm EDT
We've come to the end of season one of Brotherhood. This is the episode that's affectionately referred to as the show's "[Robert] Altman film." I call it a season finale that is not a season finale.

What do I mean by that? I've noticed a trend over the years, wherein season premieres and season finales are expected to be huge affairs. Things explode, mysteries are created, cliffhangers are written, et cetera. For some shows, that works. At other times, the need for a huge event comes dangerously close to eclipsing the actual point. Thankfully, Brotherhood's first-season finale is no...

Interview: Blake Masters Revisits 'Brotherhood'

4/2/2011 4:36pm EDT
I've been unable to stop raving about Brotherhood since I started watching the Showtime series earlier this month. And I'm not alone in thinking it an amazing piece of drama. To share my joy and further dissect three brilliant seasons, I went to the source: Blake Masters, the man who created the series and wrote half of it. Here's what Masters, who went on to help develop NBC's Law & Order: Los Angeles, had to say about his Peabody Award-winning first TV series.

Spoiler alert: This interview discusses all three seasons of Brotherhood. If you're planning on watching the show (which ...

Rewind Recaps – Brotherhood: “Vivekchaudamani: 51″

3/26/2011 5:00pm EDT
It's one thing to produce one great episode. It's entirely another to have a great arc of episodes. Brotherhood's ninth episode was near-perfect - and the tenth episode continues a sterling conclusion to the first season of the Showtime drama.

Firstly, the episode has another shocking opening. I somewhat choked on my soda when I was greeted with the image of an unfortunate soul who's been thrown to his death off the roof of a building. Pete doesn't like the guy very much. Not that it matters as he's now in a pool of his own blood on the sidewalk below.

Rose and her friend later stum...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: "Ecclesiastes 7:2"

3/19/2011 2:21pm EDT
Grief is one of the hardest things in human existence to deal with. It's also one of the most universal. Brotherhood's ninth episode tackles it head-on, weaving an emotionally moving story without shying away from the more suspect undertones that have always colored the series.

The episode starts with a horrific bang, when Freddie Cork's son Ricky jumps from an overpass, causing a vicious traffic accident that claims several lives, including those of Marty Trio's wife and Carl Hobbs, the mailman with whom Eileen had been cheating on Tommy. As far as huge accident scenes go, I don't...

Rewind Recaps - Brotherhood: 'Matthew 5:6'

3/12/2011 5:00pm EST
Before he was taking back a city on FOX's The Chicago Code, Jason Clarke was taking over a different one, starring as Rhode Island politician - and sibling to a gangster - Tommy Caffee in Showtime's Peabody Award-winning family drama Brotherhood (2006-2008).

And "Matthew 5:6," the series' fourth episode, was my lightbulb moment.

I'd watched the first three episodes with interest, seeing characters develop and plots emerge, but I wasn't entirely sold. That is, until the Secret Service executed a raid during the Caffee family's Sunday dinner. Then I couldn't stop watching.

You see, t...

'The Chicago Code' 1.02 'Hog Butcher' Review

2/15/2011 10:16am EST
The Chicago Code
When done right, episodes of police dramas about cop shooters or killers are, by their very nature, some of a series' best. I remember being rocked by Homicide: Life on the Street's "Fallen Heroes" two-parter in 1998, and by Cold Case's "Officer Down" just the other day. When I think of those shows, I'm going to think of those episodes. And so it is with "Hog Butcher," the second episode of the so far stellar Chicago Code.

The episode picks up from the pilot's most shocking twists: the death of Teresa's driver and bodyguard, Antonio, who laid down his life to protect hers. Within mi...

Tom Felton Dismisses Secret Love Child Rumors

11/27/2010 8:38am EST
Tom Felton
Harry Potter star Tom Felton has laughed off internet rumors he has fathered a secret love child.

The British actor found himself embroiled in the scandal when an anonymous postcard featuring a photo of Felton alongside Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and four of their Deathly Hallows: Part 1 co-stars was posted online on November 21st. The picture was accompanied by the caption: "One of these men is the father of the most amazing little girl in the world. He's never met her. He never will. He probably can't even remember my name."

Speculation as to who the baby's father could be was ri...

Movies To Watch In Early 2010

12/17/2009 10:00am EST
Shutter Island
2009 is starting to wrap up with a few big blockbusters left for the Christmas season, but now it is time to look forward into 2010 to see what's coming up. The early months of a year may usually be quiet for movie goers, but there are some great new films releasing in January, February, and March. Take a look at the films you'll be wanting to buy tickets for in early 2010!

January (in order of release date)

"Daybreakers," rated R, is being released January 8th and stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Sam Neill. This movie is taking advantage of the current vampire popularity, but thi...