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2015-02-09 'A Most Violent Year': Jessica Chastain on 'Amazing' Oscar Isaac
2015-01-28 A Most Violent Year: Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac Competed on Set
2015-01-24 'A Most Violent Year': Exclusive Interview With Jessica Chastain
2015-01-23 'A Most Violent Year': Featurette - A Shared Foundation
2015-01-23 'A Most Violent Year': Richard Roeper's Review
2015-01-21 Jessica Chastain on 'A Most Violent Year'
2015-01-21 'Ex Machina': Exclusive Interview With Alex Garland & Alicia Vikander
2015-01-20 Oscar Isaac Has a Crush on Jessica Lange
2015-01-12 'Ex Machina': Do We Feel Bad For Ava? Clip
2015-01-09 'A Most Violent Year' Has a Good Night
2015-01-07 Writer/Director J.C. Chandor on His Movie 'A Most Violent Year'
2015-01-06 'A Most Violent Year' Trailer
2015-01-03 'A Most Violent Year': Investigation Clip
2015-01-01 Oscar Isaac Steps Into Unknown for Drama 'A Most Violent Year'
2014-12-31 Oscar Isaac on the Hustle of Acting and 'Star Wars'
2014-12-31 A Most Violent Year
2014-12-30 'Ex Machina': Story Featurette, The
2014-12-20 'Ex Machina': The Turing Test Clip
2014-12-20 'A Most Violent Year': MovieBites
2014-12-20 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens': MovieBites
2014-12-09 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Has Landed
2014-11-28 Oscar Isaac Confirmed for 'X-Men'
2014-11-26 'A Most Violent Year': Respect Clip
2014-11-19 'A Most Violent Year' Trailer
2014-11-16 'Ex Machina' Trailer
2014-11-09 A Most Violent Year - Trailer No. 1
2014-11-08 'Doctor Strange' Casting Update
2014-10-19 'Star Wars: Episode 7': Fiery and Messy
2014-09-30 Will 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Have Chrome Troopers?
2014-09-30 'Episode 7' Star Wishes Lucas Hadn't Tweaked the Original Trilogy
2014-09-30 Hottest Movie Release Dates Right Now
2014-09-21 'Star Wars' Cast Get Wet for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-08-28 The Two Faces of January - Trailer No. 1
2014-06-27 'All Is Lost' Director J.C. Chandor On Redford's Oscar Snub: 'Everyone Was Frustrated'
2014-06-27 'The Two Faces of January': Colette on the Bus Clip
2014-05-20 'The Two Faces of January': Cast Interviews
2014-05-18 Kirsten Dunst, Oscar Isaac, Viggo Mortensen On The Red Carpet
2014-05-16 'The Two Faces of January': Shooting the Odyssey Featurette
2014-05-15 'Two Faces Of January' UK TV Spot Trailer
2014-05-14 'The Two Faces of January': UK Premiere Report
2014-05-14 'The Two Faces of January': Featurette
2014-05-13 'The Two Faces of January' Trailer
2014-05-11 The Two Faces of January Featurette
2014-05-06 'Star Wars Episode 7' Cast Confirmed
2014-04-30 'The Two Faces of January': The Parthenon Clip
2014-04-29 'Two Faces of January' Trailer
2014-03-18 'Two Faces of January' Movie Trailer
2014-03-04 'Inside Llewyn Davis': Llewyn, Jean and Troy Clip
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Exclusive LFF Gala Premiere
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis': Please Mr Kennedy Clip
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis': Clip - Jean and Llewyn in Cafe
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis': Featurette - T Bone and Oscar
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis': The Design Featurette
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Teaser Trailer
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Movie Trailer
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Trailer 2
2014-02-26 'Inside Llewyn Davis': Interview With the Cast
2014-02-26 Oscar Isaac: I Conquered My Fear of Cats
2014-01-26 Inside Llewyn Davis Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-23 Santa Barbara Film Fest: Scorsese And DiCaprio To Share Cinema Vanguard Award
2014-01-02 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Movie Review
2013-12-22 In Secret - Trailer No. 1
2013-12-19 Woody Allen To Get Special Golden Globe But Will He Show Up
2013-12-15 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Closes AFI Fest
2013-11-15 Carey Mulligan and Oscar Isaac Have Lots of Chemistry At Premiere
2013-10-19 Inside Llewyn Davis- Trailer No.2
2013-08-23 Inside Llewyen Davis- Trailer No.1
2013-07-09 Justin Timberlake on Inside Llewyn Davis
2013-07-03 The Nativity Story - Trailer #1
2012-12-16 The Nativity Story - Clip 01
2012-12-12 The Nativity Story - Clip 02
2012-12-12 The Nativity Story - Clip 03
2012-12-12 The Nativity Story - Clip 04
2012-12-12 The Nativity Story - Clip 06