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Jon Huertas Videos

Home > Actors > H > Huertas, Jon > Videos 'Castle': Castle Owes It All to Beckett
2015-05-12 'Castle': Esposito Never Believed Castle's Story
2015-04-21 'Castle': Ryan and Esposito Get Lucky
2015-03-31 'Castle': Beckett Recognizes the Victim
2015-03-31 'Castle': Is Castle a One Direction Fan?
2015-03-24 'Castle': A Suspect Gets the Drop on Ryan and Esposito
2015-03-17 'Castle': Castle Doesn't Need Ryan's Marriage Advice
2015-03-17 'Castle': Castle Meets the Best Case Ever
2015-02-24 'Castle': Castle Runs Around in a Space Suit
2015-02-24 'Castle': Castle Defeats 3XK
2015-02-17 'Castle': Castle Is Arrested for Murder
2015-02-10 'Castle': Tyson and Nieman Took Beckett
2015-02-10 'Castle': Ryan Made a Dating Profile for Javi
2015-02-03 'Castle': The Telenovela Mesmerizes Esposito
2015-01-21 'Castle': Castle Disarms a 110 Pound Woman
2015-01-21 'Castle': Everyone Is Getting Satisfied Today
2015-01-21 'Castle': Castle Is One Savvy P.I.
2015-01-13 'Castle': Javi and Lanie Break Up for Good
2014-12-09 'Castle': Lanie and Espo Get Fake Engaged
2014-12-09 'Castle': Ryan Saves Javi and Lanie's Awkward
2014-12-09 'Castle': It's Ryan Time
2014-12-02 'Castle': Everyone Welcomes Espo Back
2014-11-25 'Castle': Espo's Ready for More with Lanie
2014-11-25 'Castle': Javi Said Lanie's Name
2014-11-25 'Castle': Castle Takes a Bullet for Kate
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2013-06-21 The Objective - Trailer No. 1
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2012-05-22 Real-Life Veteran Jon Huertas Talks About Javi's PTSD
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2011-10-03 The Show Girl - Comic-Con 2010