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2014-04-03 The Making of Noah's Ark
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2014-04-01 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Noah'
2014-03-30 Russell Crowe Braces for Criticism
2014-03-27 Hollywood Blockbuster 'Noah' Faces Ban in Arab World
2014-03-11 The Rite Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Top 10 Career Defining Movies
2013-12-15 Thor The Dark World: Previsualization Effects Exclusive
2013-11-27 'Thor: The Dark World' Stays at No. 1 at the Box Office
2013-11-18 Emma Watson, Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins in "Noah" First Trailer
2013-11-16 Anthony Hopkins Shares His Favorite Comics
2013-11-14 Anthony Hopkins Tells Arsenio His Favorite Joke
2013-11-14 Anthony Hopkins Plays 'Preferably This or Preferably That?'
2013-11-14 Anthony Hopkins Explains His Fan Letter To Bryan Cranston
2013-11-14 IGN's Top 10 Anthony Hopkins Movies
2013-11-10 Fashion On Stars Of "Thor: The Dark World" Stun The Red Carpet
2013-11-07 Sir Anthony Hopkins At The Premiere of "Thor: The Dark World" in Los Angeles
2013-11-06 Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere
2013-11-05 Epic 'Noah' Trailer Leaks Online After Reports of Trouble
2013-10-23 Anthony Hopkins' Fan Letter To Bryan Cranston
2013-10-15 Anthony Hopkins Reveals Himself As Breaking Bad’s Biggest Fan
2013-10-15 'Thor: The Dark World' Reshoots for More Loki Scenes
2013-08-16 Natalie Portman Talks 'Thor 3'
2013-08-13 D23 Recap: Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman & More!
2013-08-13 Anthony Hopkins Is Taken Back by the Furor of the Nerds and the Experts
2013-08-12 Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins Debut 'Thor' Movie
2013-08-12 Chris Hemsworth In "Thor: The Dark World" First Trailer
2013-08-10 Bruce Willis Talks Royal Baby
2013-07-24 'RED 2' Review
2013-07-20 Red 2 (2013) Movie Review
2013-07-20 Film Clip: 'Red 2'
2013-07-18 Bruce Willis on Red 2
2013-07-17 Bruce Willis And Anthony Hopkins Talk About "Red 2"
2013-07-07 Anthony Hopkins And His Crazy Character In "Red 2"
2013-06-24 'Red 2' Preview
2013-06-12 'Red 2' Trailer
2013-05-05 Bruce Willis And Anthony Hopkins In The Latest Trailer Release Of "Red 2"
2013-05-01 Thor The Dark World Trailer Breakdown
2013-04-25 'Thor: The Dark World' Details Revealed
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2013-04-12 Roger Ebert's Best Movie Reviews
2013-04-05 Video@Home: The Return of the Double Feature
2013-04-01 Video@Home: Hitchcock's Legacy Lives on
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2012-12-23 Hairspray - BTS
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2012-12-13 Sexy & Shirtless Taye Diggs, How Stella Got Her Groove Back
2012-12-13 Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren Together on The Red Carpet
2012-12-11 All The Kings Men - Trailer #1
2012-12-11 Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren Premiere 'Hitchcock'
2012-12-10 Helen Mirren Talks About Working Opposite Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock
2012-12-10 The Human Stain Trailer
2012-12-03 Richard Roeper's Hitchcock Review
2012-12-03 Jessica Biel Interview on Hitchcock
2012-11-27 Hollywood Uncensored: Campaigning for Oscar
2012-11-27 Helen Mirren Explains What She Has in Common with Alma Reville
2012-11-25 Anthony Hopkins on Playing Alfred Hitchcock
2012-11-25 New at the Box Office: Life of Pi
2012-11-23 Hitchcock Movie Review
2012-11-22 'Hitchcock' Film Clip