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Celebrity Fashion Fails

4/18/2015 6:04pm EDT
Celebrity Fashion Fails: Perez Hilton's Leather Disaster & More
Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton looked like a hot mess at the opening night of "It Shoulda Been You" at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in New York City earlier this week.

The plastic-looking leather outfit paired with a shawl was just too much black and blech.

We're all for color blocking -- when it's done right. But actress Busy Philipps' potholder-like pockets are a bit much.

Musicians get away with a lot when it comes to fashion. But English singer Lily Allen's newly dyed pink, green and yellow hair is a bad combination.

Fashion Fails: Perez Hilton, Kate Mara, More

3/23/2014 5:03pm EDT
Perez Hilton
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails!

This week we have several repeat offenders on the list - we're beginning to think they do this on purpose. Not that we mind, because it offers so much entertainment. Here are this week's fails:

The Biggest Losers: Celebrities Who Have Lost Over 50 Pounds!

3/22/2014 8:00pm EDT
The Biggest Losers: Celebrities Who Have Lost Over 50 Pounds!
Singer Jordin Sparks made a drastic lifestyle change to drop more than 50 pounds over two and a half years. In 2011 she told People magazine what her "secret" was: "It was just a shift in my thinking. Instead of talking about being more active, I just got up and did it. There's no secret. Anybody can do it."

The former "American Idol" star told Life & Style magazine that the extra weight was like carrying a 5-year-old child.

"By March of last year [2012], I lost 50. And then I maintained it for the rest of the year. I was in the gym all day long. When I got up I would hike, then I would g...

Rumor Patrol: Pharrell William's Hat For Sale, Ariana Grande's Cocaine Problem, More

2/22/2014 4:03pm EST
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Pharrell's Hat For Sale: Remember that ridiculous hat Pharrell wore at the Grammys and a few press events? Well, word has it the musician is seeking to put the giant headpiece up for sale for charity. Would anyone actually want to own the headwear?

Verdict: True. Pharrell set up an eBay auction to sell the Vivienne Westwood Mountain hat he wore to the Grammys to benefit From One Hand to Another, a char...

Fashion Fails: Pixie Lott, Dita Von Teese, Perez Hilton, More

10/20/2013 12:03pm EDT
Pixie Lott
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails!

Let's start off with Pixie Lott, who wore this ugly burgundy onesie with leopard print cuffs. The leggings look too short as well.

Dita Von Teese wore this bejeweled and purple dress to an opening night gala. The syrupy color stands out even more thanks to her pale skin.

CCH Pounder shaved half her head, put on a gown, and then tossed on a t-shirt. It's like she wore the first three things she found on the rack at a thrift...

'America's Next Top Model' Recap: 'The Guy Who Gets to Kiss the Girl'

9/1/2013 9:56am EDT
America's Next Top Model
We charge into this episode of ‘America’s Next Top Model with passionate drama in the ANTM mansion. Jourdain is explaining how proud she is of winning a challenge because of her abusive past. Jourdain had an abusive past. Her ex-husband verbally abused her. She says that, “It kind of made my self-esteem not normal.” There’s some dramatic music. Then, the guys jump around, scream, and play foosball.

None of the models are allowed to talk to their family or loved ones. They complain about it. Alexandra explains that they only get 5-to-10 minutes each a day to call back home. I don’t talk to ...

Lady Gaga & Perez Hilton's Feud Heats Up As She Accuses Him Of Stalking Her

8/20/2013 12:15pm EDT
Perez Hilton & Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is accusing her former pal Perez Hilton of stalking her. The former BFFs are embroiled in a feud (for undisclosed reasons), and the pop star is accusing the celebrity blogger of attempting to rent an apartment close to hers in New York City.

On Sunday, a fan alerted Gaga that Hilton was spotted in her building. The singer told security and then tweeted: "Perez Hilton stay away from me (and) my family you are sick trying to rent an apartment in my building to stalk me. Leave me alone! I have confirmation from the building he was there."

She later added, "Do I need to be shot it i...

Lady Gaga Ignites Twitter Feud With Perez Hilton

8/18/2013 11:33am EDT
Lady Gaga
International pop star Lady Gaga has sparked a Twitter feud with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton over a malicious text message he allegedly sent her after she sustained a hip injury.

On Friday, the 27 year-old singer took to the social networking site to take aim at Perez, accusing him of mocking her when she hit a low point earlier this year. Gaga called off a string of tour dates after undergoing a hip operation and she was left needing to use a wheelchair for several weeks.

She tweeted, "Still have the text Perez sent me of me in a wheelchair w (with) the words KARMA written across + Ma...

Fashion Fails: Max Rogers Matches Sweatpants With Sport Jackets, Kristen Stewart's Granny Panties, More

7/21/2013 1:07pm EDT
Max Rogers
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails!

Max Rogers, here alongside the beautiful Kimberly Wyatt, is wearing the always popular pair of sweatpants with his double-breasted jacket. This is a strong choice for "Fashion Fail of the Year."

Kristen Stewart has some big granny panties on under her see-through pants, which have the effect of making her legs look much thicker than they really ar. The pattern on the see-through pants is pretty ghastly, as well.

C'mon, Jen...

Fashion Fails: Perez Hilton, Anna Sophia Robb, Alyson Hannigan, And More

5/18/2013 1:07pm EDT
Perez Hilton
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails!

Above we have Perez Hilton once again gracing us with his fashion failure, this time putting on his worst OshKosh B'Gosh look. The "classy" hat puts it over the top.

AnnaSophia Robb looks like she's wearing wrapping paper, and not in the sexy "it's your birthday, unwrap me" way. We'd be afraid of walking in this thing; it looks like it'd just rip in half.

Cat Deely's snake/gator dress has an odd assortment of colors and lo...

Fashion Fails: Gwyneth Paltrow, Ke$ha & More Are Out Of Touch, Out Of Mind

4/21/2013 1:07pm EDT
Gwyneth Paltrow
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails!

Gwyneth Paltrow was under fire last week for her out-of-touch cookbook, and we think she's still showing how out of touch she is with this squared-off shoulderpad and garish flower pattern ensemble.

We're all happy Perez Hilton is in shape now, but we're not exactly sure what's going on with this top, boots and shimmering, skintight pants? Sure. But what the heck is that other thing? A backwards dress? A cloak?

We're not s...

Blogger Perez Hilton Appeals To Amanda Bynes' Parents To Have Her Committed

4/18/2013 3:42pm EDT
Amanda Bynes
Many of us know and love Amanda Bynes. Her career as one of the starring actresses on All That bring back fond memories of my childhood - the "Amanda Please" skits in particular. She was even pretty good in She's The Man.

But ever since she fell off the radar in 2010, things haven't quite been the same. Bynes has began acting "erratically," posting videos like this online, as well as very publicly announcing her intention to sue anyone who attempts to slander her image.

"Erratic" is defined as "deviating from the usual or proper course in conduct or opinion," which is what appears to be g...

Amanda Bynes Cuts Ties With Parents, Calls Perez Hilton 'The Scum Of The Earth'

4/12/2013 8:50am EDT
Amanda Bynes
It seems like every day there's more developments in Amanda Bynes'  life - and not in a good way. The actress regularly posts new information about what's happening to her on Twitter, including the revelation that she's not speaking to her parents.

After going public about their concerns for their daughter, Bynes tweeted on Thursday: "I don't speak to my parents anymore, they don't talk to reporters on my behalf. Don't believe anything you read about me unless I tweet it. My friends don't speak on my behalf either. Please don't read anything about me needing help. That offends me."


Amanda Bynes Threatens To Sue Perez Hilton & Us Magazine

3/28/2013 5:01pm EDT
Amanda Bynes
Former Nickelodeon star (and current Twitter star) Amanda Bynes is angry at blogger Perez Hilton and Us Weekly magazine and has threatened to sue the two over the way she's being portrayed in the media.

The actress took to her Twitter page on Thursday, writing, "I'm suing @usweekly & @perezhilton for continuing to act like I'm doing something wrong by tweeting and walking to photoshoots. F--- you!!!!"

Amanda was spotted in New York City with a shirt over her head on Wednesday and was the subject of an article and a post on that questioned her sanity.


Rumor Patrol: Destiny's Child Reunion Cancelled, Perez Hilton A Father, More

3/3/2013 3:09pm EST
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Destiny Child's Reunion Cancelled: Looks like Beyonce's former girl group won't be cashing in on the buzz from her Super Bowl performance. Star magazine writes, "Kelly Rowland was crushed by the news and was seen sobbing outside of Gjelina restaurant in Venice on February 11 after dining with Beyonce."

Verdict: False. Don't take this as news that the reunion is happened - because it isn't. However, it ...

Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton Welcomes Baby Boy

2/28/2013 9:03am EST
Perez Hilton
Blogger Perez Hilton posted some exciting news on his website Wednesday - he's a new dad! The gay gossip columnist, real name Mario Lavandeira, Jr., posted a photo of himself cradling the unnamed infant in his arms.
Hilton, 34, wrote, "Dear Friends, I want you to hear this directly from me, right here. I am ready to announce that earlier this month I was blessed with the birth of my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby boy - with lots of hair on his tiny head! My family is overjoyed at this newest and most cherished addition."
He added, "Thank YOU for welcoming into...

Ellen DeGeneres & 'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy Make Out's Power 50 List

4/27/2012 10:07am EDT
Ellen DeGeneres
OUT just released the sixth annual Power 50, featuring prominent gay men and women representing all walks of life. From entertainers and politicians to activists and entrepreneurs, the Power 50 spotlights individuals who influence the way others live either through their public personas, politics, or wealth and affect cultural and social attitudes.

Apple CEO Tim Cook leads this year's list with daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, venture capitalist and entrepreneur Peter Thiel, "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, and TV host and political commentator Rachel Maddow rounding out the top five.

Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale & Other Stars Attend Perez Hilton's Mad Hatter Tea Party (Photos)

3/26/2012 10:00am EDT
Perez Hilton & Kim Kardashian
Perez Hilton celebrated his 34th birthday with a Mad Hatter tea party birthday celebration at Siren Studios in Hollywood, Calif., yesterday. A bunch of celebrities attended and opted to wear fancy headwear to the event.

The famous blogger wore an India-inspired costume complete with a turban and silver slippers. Kim Kardashian wore a black and white dress with a delicate matching hat.

Ashley Tisdale stayed true to her Disney roots by donning Minnie Mouse ears, a leather jacket, and cut-off shorts.

Former porn star Jenna Jameson wore a top hat, bodysuit and chunky boots.

Check out photo...

Snoop Dogg Hit With New Lawsuit

3/20/2012 6:20pm EDT
Snoop Dogg
Rapper Snoop Dogg has been hit with a new lawsuit after allegedly witnessing an altercation and failing to help the victim.

Female driver Kim McGee claims she backed out of her contract to shuttle Snoop to the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in 2010 after the hit-maker's tour manager Frank Palomino reportedly turned verbally abusive, and when she reneged on her promise, Palomino allegedly assaulted her at a party hosted by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

According to McGee, Palomino shook her and pulled out several locks of her hair before throwing her to the ground and holding...

Lady Gaga To Become Ordained Minister

12/12/2011 8:48am EST
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is set to become an ordained minister so she can perform a wedding ceremony for one of her closest friends.

The singer is preparing to officiate the nuptials for her New York City yoga teacher Tricia Donegan, following the legalization of gay unions in the state in June.

She tells Perez Hilton, "I'm actually getting ready now to be ordained to marry one of my best friends, Tricia, who is also my yoga instructor."

The pop star, an outspoken campaigner for marriage equality, is also considering overseeing gay weddings at her concerts once she becomes ordained.

She adds, "Tha...

'The Bad Girls Club 7' Reunion Tonight - Part 2 (Video)

11/14/2011 11:05am EST
The Bad Girls Club 7
Judi may have been the most picked on in The Bad Girls Club season 7, but she must be doing something right. She is one of the Bad Girls chosen for the upcoming third season of Oxygen's spin-off show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. In this reunion clip she defends herself as Shelly, Tasha and Priscilla attempt to bully her. Hmmm...any haters in the house? You decide!

"The Bad Girls Club" airs tonight at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

Perez Hilton Hosts 'The Bad Girls Club 7' Reunion Tonight (Video)

11/7/2011 4:21pm EST
The Bad Girls Club 7
Perez Hilton will once again host The Bad Girls Club reunion airing tonight on Oxygen. Will Nastasia and Shelly finish the battle they started on the last episode? Why exactly does Judi carry her purse everywhere and what's in there? Tune in to find out the answers to these questions and much more as Perez tells the cast of season 7 like it is, as always.

"The Bad Girls Club" airs tonight at 9pm ET/8pm Central on Oxygen.

Exclusive! DJ Pauly D Supports GLAAD

10/23/2011 11:00am EDT
DJ Pauly D
DJ Pauly D is backing another great cause. On October 20th, Pauly supported GLAAD's (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Spirit Day by wearing purple to take a stand against bullying. Not only did Pauly rock his purple Justin Bieber shirt the whole day, he also wore it while performing at Perez Hilton's "One Night In...New York City" CMJ Music Festival Party sponsored by companies like OpenSky, Music Choice’s SWRV TV, and the Brita FilterForGood Music Project with the night ultimately benefiting GLSEN (Gay & Lesbian Straight Eduction Network).

"So many young LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bise...
READ MORE Outs The Worst Dressed Gay Men

9/29/2011 11:00am EDT
Out Worst & Best Dressed
During Fashion Week, asked readers to rank its list of the 50 most notably dressed gay men as the "Best" or "Worst Dressed." From actors, designers, TV personalities, and athletes, nearly 3,000 people weighed in on whom they thought pulled it off, and who just needs to pull it off and try again.

In the race for "Worst Dressed" Boy George and Perez Hilton where neck-in-poorly-accessorized-neck for the top spot, with George edging it out by two votes at closing time.

Bruce Vilanch, our favorite Hollywood Square, proudly wore his t-shirt in the third place spot, and Antony Hegarty an...

Spotted: Chelsea Handler, Shia Labeouf, Kevin Bacon, Demi Lovato & More Party In LA

8/30/2011 7:30pm EDT
The stars hit the town this weekend and we’ve got all the details! [RIGHT] Shia Labeouf, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Chelsea Handler, Jesse Metcalfe and tons more all attended the (BELVEDERE)RED launch party Friday night held at The Box in Hollywood. Belvedere partnered up with product Red to help raise proceeds for the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Africa. The celebs looked good and had fun, all for a good cause!

Saturday night we spotted a bevy of celebrities at Perez Hilton’s infamous "One Night In Los Angeles" pre-VMA bash held at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. The ...

Starpulse Exclusive: Perez Hilton Says Bieber Will Never Release A 'Real' Rap Song

8/30/2011 12:30pm EDT
Justin Bieber
We hit the carpet at Perez’s pre-VMA bash on Saturday night to get the lowdown on this rapping phenomenon floating around with young Hollywood. Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber have all laid down some beats but Perez doesn’t think they can be taken seriously. We’re here to say, you’ve got it all wrong! Check out our exclusive interview below where Lil’ Twist, aka, Lil’ Wayne’s brother—whose signed to Young Money records, dishes on his new single with Bieber, JB’s freestyle abilities and much more!

Fantasy Factory's, Chanel Dudley, also tells us Justin laid down a track with one ...

Cameron Diaz And Alex Rodriguez Split?

6/2/2011 11:27am EDT
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz has parted ways with her baseball star boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, according to a report.

The Hollywood actress' on/off relationship with the sportsman has been highly publicized since they were first linked last year but Diaz didn't officially confirm the romance until last month, telling Britain's Elle magazine, "Yes, Alex is my boyfriend. It's not a secret any more."

However, the romance appears to have since come to an end, according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

A source tells the gossip guru's website, "They've broken up... (Cameron is) hurt and betr...

Blake Lively Threatens Legal Action Over Phony Nude Photos

6/1/2011 8:08am EDT
Blake Lively
Actress Blake Lively has threatened to take legal action after a set of fake nude snaps appeared on the internet.

The images, which show a blonde woman completely nude, surfaced on Tuesday and soon appeared on several websites, but the Gossip Girl star's representative is adamant the girl in the pictures is not Lively.

The actress' legal team has now threatened to take action against anyone posting the photographs, as they are "100 percent fake," with a rep telling Us Weekly, "The photos of Blake Lively which have just surfaced on various websites including Perez Hilton and Zap2it are 1...

Our Favorite Celebrity Feuds

5/31/2011 12:00pm EDT
Celebrity Feuds
Recently, it was reported that "The Situation" and Ronnie got into a major fist-fight while shooting the fourth season of the "Jersey Shore" in Italy. The two have long been frienemies and it looks like the tension between them finally reached a boiling point. The Sitch and Ronnie's feud is one of many celebrity feuds in Hollywood that have escalated. Here are some other celebrity conflicts and rivalries that have involved trash-talking, backstabbing, and at the same time, provided us with pure entertainment.

Rosie O'Donnell vs. Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been invol...

Ellen DeGeneres Tops Anderson Cooper On Out Magazine's Power 50 List

4/28/2011 10:30am EDT
Ellen DeGeneres
Comedienne and chat show host Ellen Degeneres, newsman Anderson Cooper and Walt Disney boss Rich Ross have been named among the 10 Most Influential Gays and Lesbians in America in a new magazine poll.

DeGeneres comes in second behind Apple boss Tim Cook on Out magazine's 2011 Power 50 List. Cooper is third and Ross is 10th.

Designers Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, film producer Scott Rudin, Glee creator Ryan Murphy, blogger Perez Hilton, music mogul David Geffen and actor Neil Patrick Harris make the top 20.

Jodie Foster, singer Adam Lambert, Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black and The Kids Ar...