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John Henson dies

February 15th, 2014 6:20pm EST
John Henson dies
John Henson has died.

The puppeteer - son of the Muppets creator Jim Henson, who had followed him into the family business - died suddenly yesterday from a heart attack aged 48.

A representative for The Jim Henson company made a statement today (15.02.14), saying: "It is with great sadness that we confirm that John Henson, son of Jim and Jane Henson and brother to Lisa, Cheryl, Brian and Heather, died at age 48 of a sudden massive heart attack on Friday, February 14, while at home with his daughter."

John is survived by his wife Gyongyi and their two daughters, Katrina,15, and Sydney, 10...

Lady Gaga shoots holiday special with The Muppets

October 15th, 2013 8:30pm EDT
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is reuniting with the stars of The Muppets to serve up a holiday treat for fans.

The Applause hitmaker recently filmed a secret Christmas TV special with Jim Henson's puppet characters in Los Angeles and the show is due to air in December (13) on U.S. network ABC, reports Eonline.com.

Gaga previously befriended Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and pals while shooting a cameo in 2011's The Muppets movie, but her appearance was cut from the final edit.

She also took Kermit the Frog as her date to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, while designers from Jim Henson's Creature Shop company ...

The Muppets Receive Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honor

March 21st, 2012 12:00pm EDT
The Muppets
The Muppets have been honored with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and several other characters from the hugely successful film and TV series were at the ceremony to mark the occasion, and the green frog puppet thanked fans for their support.

He said, "Hi everyone. Thank you for coming. I want to say on behalf of the Muppets that we are just really happy to be here on Hollywood Boulevard joining some of the greatest names in showbiz."

The mischievous puppets first appeared on TV in the 1950s, and last year's hit film The Muppets showed they are still a draw ...

Chuck Lorre To Be Inducted Into TV Hall Of Fame

November 30th, 2011 11:34am EST
Chuck Lorre
Two And A Half Men creator Chuck Lorre will bid farewell to a rocky 2011 when he is inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame next year.

Lorre was embroiled in a very public fall-out with his show's lead star Charlie Sheen, who was fired from the hit sitcom earlier this year.

The series made an impressive comeback with Ashton Kutcher in September, when its debut pulled in a record-breaking 28.7 million viewers.

Now it has been announced the writer, who also came up with hits The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly, will become an Academy of Television Arts & Sc...

'The Muppets' Returning To TV?

November 23rd, 2011 3:00pm EST
The Muppets
The Muppets are hitting the big screen for Thanksgiving, but they could also be headed back into televisions everywhere.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has ordered scripts for a series entitled The New Nabors. The show will follow a family that learns their new neighbors in Palm Springs are puppets.

Jim Henson Studios and Universal Television will work on the project. Executive producer of 30 Rock, John Riggi, will write the scripts. Jim Henson's daughter Lisa will produce alongside John Hoffman.

It appears NBC is on a nostalgia trip, as it has also announced plans to bring b...

Frank Oz And Others Get All Oscar The Grouch About 'The Muppets'

October 21st, 2011 12:30pm EDT
Seems all is not well in Muppet Town.

After Disney released some wonderfully hilarious trailers for their Thanksgiving release "The Muppets" that hewed close to the sweetly anarchic sensibilities of Jim Henson, some of his peeps from back in the day are less-than-pleased.

According to The Playlist, several Muppet veterans are coming across like Statler and Waldorf when it comes to the new movie written by and starring Muppet superfan Jason Segel, including Miss Piggy her/himself Frank Oz.

"I turned it down," says Oz of the first theatrical piece of Muppettainment in 12-years. "I wasn't ...

Watch The First Official Trailer For 'The Muppets,' Starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit The Frog & Miss Piggy!

June 20th, 2011 11:51pm EDT
The Muppets
It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to check out the first official trailer for The Muppets!

During the past few weeks, Disney's MuppetsStudio channel on YouTube has been releasing teaser trailers for this Thanksgiving's sure-to-be hit movie, starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the usual gang of Muppets.

The teasers began showing up in late may; the first appeared to be just a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy starring Segel and Adams before revealing that Kermit and Miss Piggy were co-stars.

The second was a take on The Hangov...

Paul Rudd Devastated After Missing Out On 'Muppets' Movie

December 7th, 2010 10:56am EST
Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd is bitterly disappointed after missing out on the chance to appear in his pal Jason Segel's upcoming Muppets movie, because he desperately wanted to join the star-studded cast.

Segel has recruited Jack Black, Amy Adams, Zach Galifianakis, Emily Blunt and Ricky Gervais to star in the upcoming project, based on the original Jim Henson tales involving beloved characters Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear.

Rudd was hoping to join his I Love You, Man co-star in the family-friendly film, but admits he hasn't landed a part.

He says, "I wish that I was (going to be in the f...

James Earl Jones Thought 'Sesame Street' Would Be A Flop

November 30th, 2010 10:11am EST
James Earl Jones
Hollywood actor James Earl Jones was convinced long running children's series Sesame Street would be a big flop - because he feared the colorful puppets would be "too scary for kids."

The Star Wars legend joined pal Burt Lancaster to film pilots for the show in 1969, teaching tots how to count and recite the alphabet, but he was sure the then-groundbreaking format would fail to entice young viewers to learn with Jim Henson's Muppets.

He tells the New York Post, "It was Burt Lancaster and I. He had the letters, and I had the numbers, or vice versa. I said to one of the producers, 'You kn...

30 Days Of Christmas: Week One

November 30th, 2009 1:55pm EST
Home Alone
One holiday. One month. One woman. Thirty individual movies. Readers, ready? Go!

Day One: Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2009 - Home Alone

When I was a kid, the magic of "Home Alone" was in what Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) was able to accomplish on his own. I was younger than his character when the film was first released, and watching him rig his house full of booby traps to catch the bad guys was almost inspirational. I found myself digging through my Playskool toy bins after returning home from the theater to see if I, too, could pull something like that off if situation cal...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Saw VI,' 'Vampire's Assistant' & More

October 19th, 2009 9:43am EDT
Cirque du Freak
Last Tuesday, I had a chance to see "Where the Wild Things Are." Visually the film is stunning; it integrates handheld camera shots in the appropriate moments to take viewers into the action. Jim Henson's Creature Shop makes the monsters of the movie look incredibly convincing, and the composite animation of their faces matches up well.

Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers do a fantastic job of stretching a 10 page children's book into a movie that doesn't distort the message of the book, but still gives audiences something fresh. One of the most fascinating aspects of the creatures the hero M...

A Look At 'Where the Wild Things Are'

April 10th, 2009 1:00pm EDT
Where The Wild Things Are
A beloved children's book from the 1960s is finally getting a release date for its feature-length film adaptation. "Where The Wild Things Are" is a simple story of a boy, Max, who acts up and is sent to bed with no supper and winds up entering the world of the Wild Things. The book's illustrations walk the line between cool and creepy, and the film's live-action mixed with puppetry promise to yield a visually stunning piece. But we'll have to wait until October 16, 2009, to find out.

Maurice Sendak wrote and illustrated the playful, innocent classic back in 1963. "Where The Wild Things...

25 Surprise Celebrity Deaths That Rocked Us All

April 7th, 2009 9:10am EDT
Natasha Richardson
Actress Natasha Richardson's unexpected death in a skiing accident late last month stunned and saddened the public. The usually overzealous media even seemed to tread lightly, gently reporting a story it never expected to tell. For a culture that values and admires celebrity, the death of vibrant public figures with potential yet to fulfill serves as a harsh reminder that despite glamour, talent and seemingly charmed lives, all of us are mortal. Whether on screens big or small, over the radio airwaves or in bright vivid color on canvas, the sudden passing of an entertainer can feel like the...

Jason Segel Is Trying To 'Bring Back The Muppets'

March 23rd, 2009 8:49am EDT
The Muppets
Funnyman Jason Segel is writing a new film starring Jim Henson's muppets - four years after the characters were last seen in theatres.

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star is a big fan of the bug-eyed puppets, and is convinced he can win over audiences after 2005 film The Muppets' Wizard of Oz flopped.

And he is hoping to revive the theatrical 1980s films starring Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear with a nostalgic movie tribute, after signing a deal with Disney.

Segel says, "I'm trying to bring back the muppets. I'm writing a new muppet movie so hopefully I can bring ...

Celebrate 'Fraggle Rock's' 25th Anniversary With Complete Series Collection

October 10th, 2008 7:00pm EDT
Fraggle Rock
From a fun-loving group of furry subterranean creatures came millions of fans, 100 original songs, 96 total episodes, four seasons… and one Fraggle Rock Complete Series Collection! Dance your cares away with the all-new, fully loaded collectible set of the entire award-winning series, including Season 4 available for the first-time ever on DVD! The Complete Series Collection is sure to be a fan favorite with over 47 hours of content on an impressive 20 discs, including over two hours of never-before-seen bonus features and an original Fraggle Rock illustration poster— all presented togeth...

Muppets Forever: The House That Henson Built

September 30th, 2008 11:46am EDT
Sesame Street
For nearly 40 years Jim Henson’s Muppets have captivated audiences young and old, whether down the block on Sesame Street, from backstage on their own syndicated variety show, or even on the big screen. They’ve earned fans in Kanye West, Feist, Weezer, and Jason Segel, who’s been commissioned to bring them back to the moviehouse. This is the story of Jim Henson and how he built his beloved empire from a discarded housecoat and a pair of ping-pong balls.

When I lived in L.A., one of my favorite pastimes was walking up La Brea Avenue toward Hollywood Boulevard. Amid the hip boutiques, ch...

Top 20 Kid Shows From The 80s & 90s

April 29th, 2008 11:35am EDT
Ren & Stimpy
Remember the innocence of childhood? The birthday parties. The water gun fights. The sleep overs. Oh, and the television shows! This is a countdown of the top 20 kids shows from the mid 80s and mid 90s. There are some exceptions, though, and they are as follows:

Though excellent shows, programs such as Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Sesame Street, and "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" are absent from this list. This isn’t just because they premiered decades ago but also because their target demographic was roughly children six and under, rather than kids aged seven to fifteen, which this coun...

Muppets Heading Back To The Big Screen

March 14th, 2008 8:19am EDT
The Muppets
The world's favorite puppets, The Muppets, are making a return to the big screen. The colorful characters, who were created by puppeteer Jim Henson's workshop, made their debut on Sesame Street in 1969.

They have starred in seven movies to date, the most recent being 1999's Muppets From Space.

Now actor/writer Jason Segal and director/writer Nick Stoller are penning a screenplay for a new film to be released by Disney.

Stoller is set to direct the currently-untitled project.

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)

Jim Henson Biopic In The Works

February 5th, 2008 3:40pm EST
Jim Henson
Muppet maker Jim Henson's life is to be turned into a new movie. The late puppeteer, filmmaker and entertainment mogul's story will be the basis of the biopic Henson.

Filmmaker Penny Marshall is a favorite to direct the story of the Sesame Street creator, which will shoot later this year with a $30 million budget.

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)

TV's Longest Running Shows Continue To Thrive

January 24th, 2008 10:16am EST
The Simpsons
With the writers' strike still in effect, TV viewers are in limbo. No one knows for sure which "bubble" shows will make it through another season. The fate of series such as "Moonlight," "Medium" and "Supernatural" is unknown. The pilot season, which usually gears up in January, is not gearing up.

While viewers wait to see when and if their favorite TV shows will return, we take a look at some of the small screen programs that have not only survived but thrived over the years. The writers' strike is just a blip on the radar for these heavy hitters.

This is a list based on fact...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 24

September 24th, 2007 3:00am EDT
Nia Vardalos
Happy Birthday to Olympic gymnasts Paul and Morgan Hamm (1982), WWE star Stephanie McMahon (1976), Slipknot percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan (1969), "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star Nia Vardalos (1962), "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo (1958), Morphine bassist Mark Sandman (1952; d. 1999), Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar (1951), "NewsRadio" star Phil Hartman (1948; d. 1998), "NYPD Blue" actor Gordon Clapp (1948), Gerry and the Pacemakers singer Gerry Marsden (1942), singer Linda McCartney (1941; d. 1998), "Muppets" creator Jim Henson (1936; d. 1990), and "The Great Gatsby" author F. Scott...

First Ever Major Retail CD Release Of 'The Dark Crystal' Original Soundtrack To Be Released July 17; Win It!

July 12th, 2007 8:00pm EDT
The Dark Crystal
(July 11, 2007- New York, NY) – La-La Land Records presents the release of the original soundtrack to the classic Jim Henson fantasy adventure film The Dark Crystal, commemorating the film's 25th Anniversary. The cult favorite features thrilling, wonderous music from composer Trevor Jones (The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Notting Hill).

It's hard to imagine that it's been 25 years since The Dark Crystal was released. In honor of its anniversary, Sony Home Entertainment will be releasing The Dark Crystal 25th Anniversary DVD. The film was the first co-directorial effort of Jim ...

Relive 90s Nostalgia With 'Dinosaurs' Seasons 3 & 4 On DVD May 1

April 12th, 2007 4:30pm EDT
Relive some 90's nostalgia with Dinosaurs, the wacky award winning family comedy from the mind of Jim Henson.

They're huge. They're pre-hysterical. The Sinclairs are back in their final two seasons of Earth-shaking fun as they face the challenges of everyday life in sixty million and three BC. Baby turns two – and into a total terror. Daddy Earl confronts his "diaperphobia." Charlene's theory that the world is round lands her in scholastic hot water. Robbie deals with overwhelming pubescent urges, and in the final controversial episode, the family's jumpin' Jurassic lifestyle gets the ...

Elvis Still Reigns as King in Most Popular Stamp Ranking

December 27th, 2006 10:43am EST
Elvis Presley
While the 1993 Elvis stamp continues to hold court as the most popular stamp of all time with more than 124 million collected, three sets of stamps issued during 2006 rank among the top 10, Postmaster General John E. Potter recently announced.

"Stamp collecting continues as one of the world's most popular educational hobbies that the entire family can enjoy," Potter said in announcing the 25 most popular stamps of all time. "Three stamp subjects issued this year were extremely popular: Wonders of America, Land of Superlatives, came in at number two for all time with more than 87 millio...

Ahmet Zappa To Make 'Fraggle Rock' Film

October 20th, 2006 9:35am EDT
Fraggle Rock
Cult children's TV show Fraggle Rock is coming to the big screen and is being developed by Ahmet Zappa, the son of rocker Frank Zappa. The hit 1980s muppet series, originally created by Jim Henson, will be made into a full-length live-action musical fantasy starring classic Fraggles characters Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red.

Lisa Henson, co-CEO of the Jim Henson Co., tells the Hollywood Reporter, "I had an intuition that Zappa might be a 'Fraggle Rock' fan. He jumped out of his seat when he heard our idea of making 'Fraggle Rock' into a feature-length movie. The Fraggles didn't really...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 24

September 24th, 2006 3:00am EDT
Nia Vardalos
Happy Birthday to Olympic gymnasts Paul and Morgan Hamm (1982), WWE star Stephanie McMahon (1976), Slipknot percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan (1969), "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star Nia Vardalos (1962), "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo (1958), Morphine bassist Mark Sandman (1952; d. 1999), Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar (1951), "NewsRadio" star Phil Hartman (1948; d. 1998), "NYPD Blue" actor Gordon Clapp (1948), Gerry and the Pacemakers singer Gerry Marsden (1942), singer Linda McCartney (1941; d. 1998), "Muppets" creator Jim Henson (1936; d. 1990), and "The Great Gatsby" author F. Scott...

A 'Dark Crystal' Sequel In The Works

February 2nd, 2006 11:35am EST
The Dark Crystal
Fantasy puppet film The Dark Crystal has been given the greenlight for a long-awaited sequel. Jim Henson's production company will once again create the puppets for the movie called "Power of the Dark Crystal." The sequel is set hundreds of years after the first picture, which hit cinemas in 1982, and follows the exploits of a mysterious girl, made of fire, in her bid to re-ignite the dying sun.

The film will be directed by Genndy Tartakovksy, who says, "The original Dark Crystal was the pinnacle of puppetry; they created characters that were as believable as the ones you see in anima...

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