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Celebrities That Turn 30 In 2014

1/3/2014 1:00pm EST
Scarlett Johansson
The last two days we've posted a list of celebrities that turn 40 and 50 in 2014. Today, we are giving you the list of celebrities that turn 30, even though 30 isn't that big a milestone - but we'll include the kiddies anyhow.

Lets turn the clock back 30 years ago to 1984 - Here are a few highlights form that year: Ronald Reagan was elected to his second term as President of the United States, the Space Shuttle Discovery had its first maiden voyage, the Aids Virus was identified, the first Apple Macintosh went on sale, CD players (now pretty much defunct) were introduced commercially, and ...

Short List Of Replacements For Charlie Hunnam In 'Fifty Shades' Includes Francois Arnaud And Jamie Dornan

10/17/2013 10:57pm EDT
Charlie Hunnam
With Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam out of Fifty Shades of Grey, numerous names have come up as possible replacements to play the dominant and sadistic Christian Grey.

Hunnam pulled out of the role just weeks before the planned start of filming, with reps for Universal Pictures releasing a statement that he quit because his "intense television schedule" conflicted with his preparations for the project.

Insiders have claimed that an unknown star would be cast into the role to avoid any fallout, but several other names have been tied to the part.

First up is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. John...

Garrett Hedlund Joins The Cast Of 'Unbroken'

9/19/2013 9:48am EDT
Garrett Hedlund
Garrett Hedlund is set to star in Angelina Jolie's forthcoming movie Unbroken.

The 29 year-old actor has been signed up for the WWII movie, and he has been cast as the leader of a prison camp.

The story follows the chronicle life of Louis Zamperini (Jack O'Connell), a former Olympian and bombardier who overcame great obstacles when his Air Force plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean and he was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese army.

The film is based on Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling 2010 biography of the same name, which documented Zamperini's life from high school track star to...

Garrett Hedlund Jammed With Terrence Howard During 'On The Road'

12/24/2012 10:34am EST
Garrett Hedlund
Actor Garrett Hedlund spent much of his downtime on the set of new movie On the Road jamming with his co-star Terrence Howard.

The Tron Legacy star worked with avid musician Howard in 2005's Four Brothers and they both appear in the upcoming adventure drama with Kristen Stewart - and Hedlund reveals whenever they had a free moment, they got together to play guitar.

He tells Interview magazine, "When Terrence and I worked together more than seven years ago, he showed me what was basically the first thing I ever learned on a guitar. It was a little Spanish number.

"But by the time we start...

Garrett Hedlund Was 'Too Busy' And Missed Out On Hunger Games Sequel Role

9/13/2012 5:16pm EDT
Garrett Hedlund
Actor Garrett Hedlund missed out on a role in The Hunger Games sequel because he was too busy to read the books.

The first novel in the popular trilogy by Suzanne Collins became a big screen hit earlier this year, and production recently began on the second film adaptation, Catching Fire.

Hedlund has now revealed he was offered the part of Finnick Odair in the sequel, but he was so caught up with filming new movie On The Road, he didn't have time to read the books.

He tells, "They did (approach me)... I was working on this film at that time. We shot the whole film in 23 days and ...

Kirsten Dunst & Garrett Hedlund Are A Couple

1/25/2012 1:00pm EST
Garrett Hedlund & Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst has gone public with her new romance by kissing Garrett Hedlund at a star-studded party at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

The actress made no secret of her relationship as she and her "On the Road" co-star arrived together at a dinner bash on Monday for her upcoming movie "The Bachelorette."

The couple kissed and hugged and also danced with fellow guests, including actors Will Ferrell, Justin Long and Rashida Jones.

A source tells, "Kirsten and Garrett have been spending time together since the holidays. They were friends on the set of On the Road, and now t...

Elle Fanning Wins Top Honor At 2011 Young Hollywood Awards

5/23/2011 11:00am EDT
Elle Fanning
Dakota Fanning's younger sister Elle stepped out of her sibling's shadow as she scooped the Actress of the Year prize at the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards.

The 13 year old accepted the prize for her role in Sofia Coppola's drama Somewhere at a star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday.

Garrett Hedlund picked up the Actor of the Year award for Tron: Legacy, while The Social Network star Armie Hammer and actress Isabel Lucas were named the Male and Female Stars of Tomorrow.

Hailee Steinfeld's debut in the Coen Brothers' 2010 western True Grit earned her the Breakthrough of the Year t...

Taylor Swift Dating Garrett Hedlund?

4/6/2011 11:34am EDT
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has been linked to another starry suitor after she was reportedly spotted having dinner with actor Garrett Hedlund.

The singer was seen dining with the Country Strong star at a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday, according to US Weekly.

A source tells the publication, "It was their first time going out. They've been emailing for a while, and she hinted they should get together. She has actually spent time getting to know Garrett,. He's cute - and he's into country music! (She) likes that he's a normal guy."

Swift lives in the area and Hedlund, 26, is in town to ...

New 'Tron: Legacy' Blu-ray Reviews/Interviews!

4/4/2011 12:00pm EDT
photo from Tron: Legacy
“I fight for the users!” – Bruce Boxleitner aka "Tron"

Any movie/video game fanatic who doesn't claim to love all things "Tron" is lying their cyber rear off. We at are fully secure within our "Tron" geek-dom and that’s why for the awesome DVD/Blu-ray release of both "Tron: Legacy" and "Tron: The Original Classic" on April 5, we’re giving the fans something special. We’re not only gonna review BOTH films on Special Edition Blu-ray (the format they were MEANT to be seen on!), but we’ve got THREE new exclusive one-on-one interviews with "Tron: Legacy" Director Joseph Kosins...

Leighton Meester & Minka Kelly Make A Hot Pair At 'The Roommate' Premiere

1/24/2011 8:26am EST
The Roommate premiere
Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly attended "The Roommate" Hollywood Premiere acting really chummy with one another. Leighton wore a long black dress that revealed a bit of her tummy, while Minka opted for a sheer, off-white frock.

In the film, an emotionally unstable college freshman (Meester) grows obsessed with her unsuspecting roommate. The movie is Danish director Christian E. Christiansen's English-language debut.

Country Strong co-stars Leighton and Garrett Hedlund have sparked rumors their on-screen romance is becoming reality after the pair was spotted getting close at a Golden Glo...

Leighton Meester Dating Garrett Hedlund?

1/17/2011 2:21pm EST
Leighton Meester
Country Strong co-stars Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund have sparked rumors their on-screen romance is becoming reality - after the pair was spotted getting close at a Golden Globes after-party.

Meester and Hedlund were "inseparable the entire night" at HBO network's event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, according to

A partygoer tells the website "She wraps her arm completely around his neck and pulls him for a quick peck on the lips," and when the pair called it a night, Hedlund was "massaging her shoulders" as they left the party together.

Meester split w...

Tim McGraw On Love And Fame In The World Of 'Country Strong'

1/5/2011 10:22am EST
Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw stars in a movie about a country superstar. He does not play the country superstar. He doesn’t even sing in the movie. Country Strong is about the fall and rise of Kelly Canter (Gwyneth Paltrow). McGraw plays her manager and husband James, who pushes her on a comeback tour before she even finishes rehab.

James may represent the dark side of the business, certainly when it comes to neglecting his wife’s health. In real life, McGraw is happy and friendly. He’s married to Faith Hill and starred in last year’s blockbuster film The Blind Side. McGraw shared his side of the country mu...

Hot Stars You May Have Missed Out On This Year

12/26/2010 9:00am EST
Alyson Michalka-JTM-051209.jpg
Let's face it, you can be everywhere all at once and see everything on TV or in the movies. We've compiled a short list of talented and beautiful stars you may have missed out on. Check out our list and let us know if you feel we've missed anyone.

Disney star Victoria Justice is only 17 but is absolutely beautiful and if beauty equates to talent look out.

If Aly Michalka hasn't caught your eye, you may need to have your head examined. She is also a former Disney Star and currently is in The CW's Hellcats.

Did you know that "Friday Night Lights" was still on TV? Zach Gilford does and...

Garrett Hedlund's Rep Slams 'Pot' Rumors

12/21/2010 8:24am EST
Garrett Hedlund
A representative for Garrett Hedlund has vehemently denied the Tron: Legacy star has been caught on camera puffing on a cannabis joint - insisting the actor "would never smoke pot in front of" photographers.

The 26 year old was pictured smoking a large, rolled up cigarette in a video back in August while he was filming new movie On The Road with Kristen Stewart in Montreal, Canada.

The footage shows Hedlund breathing in the smoke before passing the cigarette to an unidentified female, who also takes a puff, prompting rumors it contained more than just tobacco.

However, a spokesperson ...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Little Fockers,' 'True Grit,' & More

12/20/2010 10:11am EST
Hopefully you have finished most of your Christmas shopping by now, but if you still need to brave the crowds for a few last minute gifts, I wish you the best of luck. If you do not celebrate Christmas though, and you'll be looking for something to do on December 25th, fear not, because there are plenty of movies coming out this week for you to see.

In preparation for the sequel, last week I released a review of the original “Tron” film which you can find here if you haven't checked it out yet. I also had the chance to watch the new movie “Tron: Legacy” which is visually stimulating and ...

Kristin Cavallari Caught Our Attention At 'Country Strong' Premiere

12/19/2010 8:00am EST
Kristin Cavallari
We're not sure why Kristin Cavallari was at the "Country Strong" Los Angeles special screening earlier this week, but she looked pretty good, don't you think?

The former "Hills" star showed off just a little bit of cleavage in a brown strapless gown with a corset-like bodice and draped multicolored skirt.

The film centers on a fallen country star (Gwyneth Paltrow), who strives to resurrect her ailing career with a little help from her supportive husband (Tim McGraw), an ambitious young songwriter (Garrett Hedlund), and an emerging country artist (Leighton Meester) with a rapidly growing f...

Review: Kosinski Delivers Beautifully Rendered Upgrade In 'Tron: Legacy'

12/17/2010 3:06pm EST
Tron Legacy
Cult followers of the original “Tron” have been yearning for decades to see a follow-up, so that they could embark on another computerized adventure. The release of test footage at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con for a new movie, whet fans’ appetites, and since then, “Tron: Legacy,” has been one the most highly anticipated motion pictures of the last two years.

“Tron: Legacy” follows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who was the protagonist in the first “Tron” movie. As it explains through flashbacks and a computer rendered version of a young Jeff Bridge...

Garrett Hedlund Auditioned For 'Country Strong' In Karaoke Bar

12/16/2010 10:20pm EST
Garrett Hedlund
Garrett Hedlund auditioned for his role in new musical movie Country Strong by showing off his singing skills in a karaoke bar in front of the film's director.

The actor plays a country music performer alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in the film, and writer/director Shana Feste decided on an unusual method of testing out her leading man's vocal abilities.

Feste took Hedlund to the Brass Monkey bar in Los Angeles, where they had a few drinks before she encouraged him to take the stage.

She tells the Hollywood Reporter, "Garrett auditioned in a karaoke bar. It was not very conventional. But I ha...

Emma Stone Doesn't Want To Play The 'Pretty Girl'

12/16/2010 7:07pm EST
W Emma Stone
Not only is Emma Stone the cover subject of the latest issue of W Magazine, but the star of this summer's hit Easy A is also atop their short list of up-and-coming stars that are turnign heads in Hollywood and showing signs of being the next big household names.

But the January issue isn't just about Stone - she shares the cover with Country Strong star and fellow newbie Garrett Hedlund, who W hails as the next Brad Pitt.The issue covers seven of Tinseltown's hottest rising stars; and what's hot in movies, music and fashion.

After her breakout role in Superbad, Emma explains that she's ac...

Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Some Tantalizing Hip & Leg At 'Country Strong' Premiere

12/15/2010 7:00pm EST
Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow showed up to the "Country Strong" Los Angeles special screening yesterday wearing a long white dress with a strategically placed slit up the side of her body. Sexy, no?

In the film Paltrow plays a fallen country star who strives to resurrect her ailing career with a little help from her supportive husband (Tim McGraw), an ambitious young songwriter (Garrett Hedlund), and an emerging country artist (Leighton Meester) with a rapidly growing fan base.

Click for more great Gwyneth Paltrow pictures:

Review: 'Tron: Legacy' Game On!

12/15/2010 1:10pm EST
In the 28 years it took for “Tron: Legacy” to reach your local Theater or IMAX screen, Communism fell, Al Gore invented the Internet and discovered global warming, and the idea of a movie based around video games became less of a “WTF”. The original “Tron”, for me, was always elusive. Every now and then I'd catch a half hour here, twenty minutes there, always on late night TV, but never had I seen the entire film.

This did not stop me from engorging myself on the Sequel. This movie is the visuals, and they deliver. They deliver in so many ways it's impossible to describe. For all the award...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Tron: Legacy,' 'Yogi Bear,' & More

12/13/2010 9:29am EST
Tron Legacy
Last Thursday I saw “I Love You Philip Morris” starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. This film, which is written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and Jon Requa, the team behind “Bad Santa,” advertises itself as a funny movie; however it leans more dramatic than expected. Most of the hilarious lines are spoiled by the trailer, so when you get a chance to see the whole product, you’ll find yourself a bit let down.

Both Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor are incredibly convincing as a gay couple from the manner of their speaking down to the body language that they use. Their story is one that pull...

Olivia Wilde Was Skeptical About Skintight 'Tron' Suit

11/23/2010 8:21am EST
Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde talks about her "Tron Legacy" character Quorra's revealing skintight suit.

She explains, "I saw the boobs on the suit and I said, 'Oh, hell no. I'm doing kicks and backflips in this thing?' We modeled the character on Joan of Arc but with the hair of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs."

The Master Control Program is booted back up in the revamped "Tron" continuation that sees the return of original star Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the brilliant computer programmer whose disappearance leads his son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), to search for him in and out of the computer world.


Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Country Strong' Performance At The CMAs - Watch It!

11/11/2010 9:46am EST
Gwyneth Paltrow
At The CMAs, Gwyneth Paltrow hit the stage with Vince Gill to belt out the theme to her new movie "Country Strong," in which she plays country singer Tim McGraw's alcoholic wife. It marked the Oscar winner's first major live performance and earned her a standing ovation at the Bridgestone Arena. Check out the video of her performance below:

Country Strong is due out in theaters December 22 and also stars Leighton Meester and Garret Hedlund.

More CMA coverage:

- Country Music Awards Fashion - Who Was Hot & Who Was Not. Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, and more! ...

Fall Movie Preview Part 4: December

9/14/2010 12:29pm EDT
Natalie Portman The Black Swan
This December will provide moviegoers with a very eclectic and abundant selection of films to choose from. Regardless of your preferred genre or style of filmmaking, chances are there are at least a couple of movies you’ll be looking forward to.

The most-talked about and most highly anticipated release is unarguably “Black Swan” from director Darren Aronofsky. Speculation about the film’s plot as well as star Natalie Portman’s performance has been building for months. Aronofsky has described “Swan” as a sort of companion piece to his 2008 film “The Wrestler” in terms of the focus on the ph...

Check Out Gwyneth Paltrow Singing In 'Country Strong' (Video)

9/10/2010 12:30pm EDT
Gwyneth Paltrow sings
Gwyneth Paltrow goes country in her latest movie "Country Strong."

The musical drama is about a rising country-music songwriter (Garrett Hedlund) who sparks with a fallen star (Gwyneth Paltrow). Together, they mount his ascent and her comeback, which leads to romantic complications involving her husband/manager (McGraw) and a beauty queen-turned-singer (Leighton Meester).

The films expected release is June of 2011. Check out this first trailer of the film and let us know what you think?

Kirsten Dunst Joins Kristen Stewart In 'On The Road'

5/13/2010 8:34am EDT
Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst has signed up to join Kristen Stewart On The Road.

The Spider-Man star has joined the cast of director Walter Salles' adaptation of Jack Kerouac's novel. Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley will also star in the film.

Salles has also followed in Kerouac's footsteps for a documentary, In Search of On the Road, which is in production, according to Variety.

Click Here For More Kirsten Dunst Pictures

Kristen Stewart To Star In 'On The Road'

5/7/2010 8:34am EDT
Kristen Stewart
"Twilight" star Kristen Stewart has signed on to join Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund in a new movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac's iconic novel "On The Road."

She'll play Dean Moriarty's wife Marylou in the Walter Salles film.

The actress recently told Elle magazine how difficult it is to deal with fame, fans, and the paparazzi. She explained, "It's insane! Once somebody finds out, you have to get the hell out of wherever you are. People freak out. And the photographers, they're vicious. They're mean. They're like thugs. I don't event want to drive around by myself anymore. It's fucking...

Visual Effects of 'Tron Legacy' Is Hard Work

7/27/2009 1:00pm EDT
Jeff Bridges
The difference between technology from Tron to Tron Legacy is stick figures to fully populated cities. All that fancy stuff doesn't make it any easier to save the cyber world though. The young stars of Tron Legacy still had to wear complicated light suits that made basic scene work exhausting.

"Once in the Tron world we wear this very technical suit," said Garrett Hedlund. "That's fantastic and it looks amazing every time it's on screen, especially in 3-D, but for two months straight, all day, every day, and being in this you start to forget what it was like to film a film with just jean...