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Forgotten Friday Flick – Do You Remember 'Wanted: Dead Or Alive' From 1987?

11/20/2015 12:15pm EST
Keeping the el lobo solo tough guy theme going it’s time yet again for another tale of a bitter man of action doing what he does best – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today’s selection is about a man who actually isn’t afraid to have friends…until they all end up face down. Nothing a good harmonica, cool motorcycle or catching a criminal for profit wouldn’t fix. Ahh, the trials and tribulations of a modern day bounty hunter when you’re…"Wanted: Dead Or Alive."

Nick Randall is a bounty hunter with a surprisingly good life. Having quit the CIA for the private sector, he now call...

Forgotten Friday Flick - 'The Hitcher' (1986)

10/30/2015 12:15pm EDT
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'The Hitcher' (1986)
With Halloween one day away fright fans, we're hitting you square in the kisser with a nostalgic 1986 cinematic nasty nugget guaranteed to get your blood pressure up – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! This week we’re checking out a chiller with an important lesson – no good deed goes unpunished! It’s about a kid who gives a stranded man a ride and spends the rest of the film paying for it. Nothing says creepy more than a man with mayhem in mind – watch out for…"The Hitcher!"

Jim Halsey is driving a car from Chicago to San Diego for someone and the road is long and lonely. So wh...

DVD Review: 'RPG - Real Playing Game'

2/3/2015 11:10am EST
DVD Review: 'RPG - Real Playing Game'
Ready to play a game with Rutger Hauer? Then follow us as we check out the new to DVD thriller "RPG – Real Playing Game" out Feb. 10 from Arc Entertainment. We review the game and its rules below.

Title: "RPG - Real Playing Game"

Grade: 3 1/2

Cast: Rutger Hauer, Cian Barry, Dafne Fernandez

Director: Tino Navarro and David Rebordao

Rating: R

Runtime: 102 minutes

Release Company: Arc Home Entertainment


The Flick: The DVD box here does a bit of a switcheroo on the unsuspecting Rutger Hauer fan boasting the actor as the lead and draw of this film. He i...

Imprisoned Kidnapper Wants Rutger Hauer Film Injunction

10/21/2011 9:15am EDT
Rutger Hauer
A jailed crime boss has launched legal action to block a new movie starring Rutger Hauer because he's furious at the onscreen portrayal of his character.

Willem Holleeder was part of a gang which kidnapped brewery boss Freddy Heineken in Amsterdam, Holland in 1983 for a $35 million ransom.

The notorious crime is the subject of upcoming movie The Heineken Kidnapping - but Holleeder wants it injuncted as he's unhappy with the way producers have represented him in the film.

A court in Amsterdam has heard Holleeder wants to block the release to "protect his reputation."

The movie is due ...

Hail The 'Hobo With A Shotgun' Midnight Show Oct. 14 in Pasadena, California!

10/11/2011 7:40pm EDT
Hobo w/Shotgun photo
All hail the Hobo for one night! For those who live in the greater Los Angeles area, there’s a real treat in store for you! The Regency Academy 6 in Pasadena, California is holding a special midnight screening of the classic Grindhouse throwback audience favorite "Hobo With A Shotgun" starring the iconic Rutger Hauer for one night only - Friday, Oct. 14 at 11:55pm.

Not only is the movie brought to you by the uber-knowledgeable cinema loving guys from...


BUT, there are some seriously cool extras that make the $8 cost well worth the ticket price!

The screenin...

Interview/Review: 'Hobo With A Shotgun' Helmer Jason Eisener talks Exploitation

5/20/2011 1:00pm EDT
Hobo w/Shotgun photo
All hail the Hobo! (And the Hauer!) With the recent arrival of "Grindhouse," Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s double-feature homage to the exploitation era, there has been renewed interest in flicks that feature old school over-the-top blood, guts and glory. The latest is the inspired Canadian import "Hobo with a Shotgun" (which opens in Los Angeles May 20 from the great Magnet Releasing) that features legendary character actor Rutger Hauer as an ass kicking man of the street who decides to keep the peace with a twelve gage and some attitude. The film began as a winning trailer, ...

Review: 'The Rite' 'Two Jews On Film' Aren't Feeling The Spirit (Video)

1/28/2011 9:32am EST
The Rite
'The Rite' is a supernatural thriller inspired by true events. The film follows seminary student Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue) who is sent to the Vatican to study exorcism. Michael is a man with many doubts...not only about demon possession but about his own calling. He challenges his superiors to look to psychiatry, rather than demons in treating the possessed.

When Michael arrives in Rome he is order to apprentice with the unorthodox Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) a legendary priest who has performed thousands of exorcisms. Michael is resistant, questioning Father Lucas at every ...

31 Days Of Horror Week 3: 'Rocky Horror,' 'Body Snatchers,' & More

10/23/2009 10:41am EDT
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
With the Halloween fast approaching, Starpulse contributing writer Kris King is watching a horror movie that has passed him by for every day in October. This week Kris does the time warp with "Rocky Horror," gets turned into a pod person

with "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," and gets generally freaked out by "The Vanishing."

October 15 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The culture behind "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" has always sort of lingered on the edge of my awareness. I knew it was there, I knew people liked it and I knew it involved dressing in drag and spanking each othe...

A Mismatched Pair Finds Love In All The Wrong Places In 'Moving McAllister,' Opening Sept. 14

9/11/2007 4:29pm EDT
Moving McAllister
Story centers on Rick Robinson (Ben Gourley), a lowly intern at a prestigious Miami law firm who dreams of becoming a partner one day. Eager to impress, he agrees to help the firm's top lawyer, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer), with a favor he really cannot afford.

Just five days before the bar exam, Rick finds himself in charge of moving McAllister's dearest possession across the country: his seductive, yet untouchable niece Michelle (Mila Kunis; That '70s Show, Family Guy). In a less than stellar moving van, the mismatched pair begins their cross-country journey.

Along the ...

Celebrity Birthdays, January 23

1/23/2007 3:00am EST
Mariska Hargitay
Happy Birthday to actress Tiffani Thiessen (1974), "Law & Order SVU" star Mariska Hargitay (1964), "Hot Properties" star Gail O'Grady (1963), E Street Band keyboard player Danny Federici (1950), MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson (1950), Pointer Sister Anita (1948), Dutch actor Rutger Hauer (1944), "Buck Rogers" star Gil Gerard (1943), Puerto Rican actress Chita Rivera (1933),

Celebrity Birthdays, January 23

1/23/2006 3:00am EST
Mariska Hargitay
Happy Birthday to actress Tiffani Thiessen (1974), "Law & Order SVU" star Mariska Hargitay (1964), "Hot Properties" star Gail O'Grady (1963), E Street Band keyboard player Danny Federici (1950), MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson (1950), Pointer Sister Anita (1948), Dutch actor Rutger Hauer (1944), "Buck Rogers" star Gil Gerard (1943), Puerto Rican actress Chita Rivera (1933),