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Is Justin Hartley Leaving 'The Young And The Restless'?

11/14/2015 2:02am EST
'Young and Restless' star Justin Hartley
Justin Hartley has become a core cast member on "The Young and the Restless," but rumors often swirl about him possibly leaving the show. His character was recently revealed to be Adam Newman, rather than Gabriel Bingham, and there's clearly plenty more ahead. However, some "Y&R" fans are worried he may be jumping ship.

When it was announced that a revival of the old show "MacGyver" was coming, many started buzzing about how Justin Hartley would be perfect for the lead role. However, it seems it is a different project that has actually scooped up Hartley's talents for primetime. Does this ...

Fans Are Buzzing That 'Young And Restless' Star Justin Hartley Would Be Perfect For 'MacGyver'

10/7/2015 3:27pm EDT
'Young and Restless' star Justin Hartley
CBS has just officially announced that they are developing a reboot of the old series "MacGyver" and there is already buzz swirling about who might step into the lead role. Could Justin Hartley, who currently plays Adam Newman on "The Young and the Restless" leave daytime again and head back to primetime?

TVLine shares that the new "MacGyver" is set to follow a "twentysomething Angus MacGyver as he gets recruited into the clandestine organization" from the original series. As many remember from the original show, the hook was that MacGyver could get himself out of any troublesome situatio...

'Revenge' Season 3: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

9/27/2013 5:30pm EDT
The season two finale of ABC's vengeance-based sudser "Revenge" worked double-time to note only break our hearts, but to turn over the earth that the convoluted, complicated Initiative arc had scorched.  Declan died after being trapped in a building Conrad rigged to explode, resulting in Jack to plot his murder.  Emily (Emily VanCamp) revealed her true identity to Jack.  Finally, everyone's favorite sidekick Nolan (Gabriel Mann) was arrested as a suspect in Padma's death.  The third season of "Revenge" premieres on Sept. 29 at 9/8c on ABC, so here are five spoilers you need to know...


Paley Center Unveils 'Television Out of the Box' Exhibit

4/25/2012 8:00am EDT
Attention TV geeks: the Paley Center for Media has something you're going to want to see.

Long known as a hub for all things small-screen related (dating back to when it used to be called the Museum of Television & Radio), the Beverly Hills museum recently opened "Television Out of the Box," an exhibit devoted to celebrating decades of Warner Bros. television programs.

That includes popular concluded series like ER, The West Wing, Friends, Cold Case, Smallville, Seinfeld, and Deadwood, as well as current series such as Pretty Little Liars and Southland.

On my recent visit, I was able t...

'Chuck' Recap: 'Chuck Versus The Bearded Bandit' (5.02)

11/5/2011 12:04am EDT
Season five of Chuck got off to a good start with last week's season premiere. It keeps rolling this week, with a second episode that starts to lay out where the final year is headed.

This week, we meet the competition: Verbanski Corp, led by Gertrude Verbanski (that's The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss, sounding like she's narrating a Cyberdyne advert). She used to work for the KGB, and Casey really doesn't like her, having had a nasty run-in (and subsequent fling) with her in 1995. Since then, she's put together a whole compound of minions, and is out to recruit a few more from Tea...

What to Watch: What's Airing, Re-Airing & Entertaining On TV This Week

9/15/2008 8:37am EDT
Monday, Sept 15

Gossip Girl (The CW, 8 p.m.) - When the lights go out, Chuck comes out to play.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox, 8 p.m.) - John makes a new friend at school, one of the female persuasion. Sure, John, that's going to stop your feelings of inappropriate robot love.

One Tree Hill (The CW, 9 p.m.) - Tree Hill continues to get more dark and depressing as the gang get ready to bury a friend.

Prison Break (Fox, 9 p.m.) - Stay away from the drugs, Sara!

The Closer (TNT, 9 p.m.) - Brenda and the team face a ticking bomb in tonight's midseason fin...

A Look At The Evolution Of The Web Series

9/10/2008 11:46am EDT
Chelsea Handler
It's pretty apparent that the emergence of original programming on the internet, debuting at only minute-and-a-half to three minute clips, was geared directly at the teenage set-- playing into the whole shortening attention span and need to get their entertainment from the same rectangular box that they get the research for their term papers and with which they network and communicate with friends. Web series, as they were deemed, didn't officially become an official part of new media until they began to gain widespread popularity with lonelygirl15, a video blog from a so-called teenage gir...

New Online Series To Star Rosario Dawson

8/12/2008 2:01pm EDT
Rosario Dawson
The NBC Universal Digital Studio today announced August 18 as the premiere date of its first original online series "Gemini Division," starring Rosario Dawson and Justin Hartley.

The first webisodes will premiere on and, with new webisodes rolling out weekly. Webisodes will also be available weekly on VOD via Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and DISH Network, in addition to EST (Electronic Sell-Through) via Amazon Unbox, Microsoft's Xbox LIVE and Zune, NBC Mobile and several online video portals.

Set in the not too distant future, "Gemini Division" foll...

Starpulse's 2008-09 TV Pilot Forecast

4/9/2008 2:00pm EDT
Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku
The time and financial constraints of the writers' strike are being felt this TV pilot season. The broadcast networks are developing half the number of pilots they usually do, ordering presentations in lieu of pilots for some and giving others the straight to series order.

Aside from NBC, which announced its schedule ahead of the pack last week, the networks have kept their plans for fall shrouded in mystery. We'll learn more during the networks' May upfronts. While we can't make any guarantees about which series will get the vote of confidence, here are some promising players to keep...

The Green Arrow Returns To 'Smallville' This Thursday

2/6/2008 8:00am EST
This week on "Smallville" the Green Arrow returns and encounters a new superhero, the Black Canary. The two don’t get off to a very nice start, and they get tangled in a terrific fight scene. Justin Hartley stars as the Green Arrow.

On the Feb. 7 episode (8 p.m. ET), Chloe intercepts one of Lex's project files while secretly working for Oliver (Hartley), but she is attacked by the Black Canary (guest star Alaina Huffman), a mystery woman with a subsonic cry.

Dinah Lance, Black Canary's alter ego, is a conservative talk show host who is working at the Daily Planet and clash...

What to Watch: What's Airing, Re-Airing & Entertaining On TV This Week

2/4/2008 8:49am EST
Monday, Feb. 4

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton (Sundance, 8 p.m.) - Can't wait for Project Runway to return? Check out this profile of designer Marc Jacobs and his ready-to-wear collections.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX, 9 p.m.) - A new episode is good news, but can we please shorten the title?

Tuesday, Feb. 5

American Idol (FOX, 8 p.m.) - Atlanta natives give it their best shot at auditions.

House (FOX, 9 p.m.) - Wilson is dating a female version of House. Freud would have a field day with that one.

Wednesday, Feb. 6

American Idol (FOX, 8 p.m....