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2015-04-01 Behind the Scenes on Justin Bieber's Roast
2015-04-01 Top 5 Moments from Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast
2015-04-01 Kevin Hart Named Comedy Genius
2015-04-01 The Best Moments from Justin Bieber's Roast
2015-03-31 Justin Bieber Gets Roasted and It's Hilarious!
2015-03-31 Bieber Skewered at Roast Featuring N-Word
2015-03-31 Justin Bieber Apologizes for Antics and Promises to Change
2015-03-31 ‘Home' Tops Box Office, ‘Get Hard' Arrives in Second
2015-03-30 We Dished With Celebs at the 'Get Hard' Premiere
2015-03-29 'Get Hard' Criticized for Making Light of Sex Abuse
2015-03-28 'Get Hard': Featurette - On Set With T.I.
2015-03-27 'Get Hard': What the Critics Are Saying
2015-03-27 Ferrell, Hart Defend 'Get Hard' After Criticism
2015-03-26 Alison Brie Is Just Living in Dan Harmon's Crazy 'Community' World
2015-03-26 Alison Brie Is Ready to Be an Action Star
2015-03-26 Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart on What Makes Them a Great Comedy Duo
2015-03-26 Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart End Up With a Flaccid Comedy in "Get Hard"
2015-03-26 Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell on Homophobic, Racist Claims: 'Funny Is Funny'
2015-03-25 'Get Hard': Rules Of The Yard Clip
2015-03-25 'Get Hard': Mad Dog Clip
2015-03-25 Will Ferrell Receives a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
2015-03-25 Ferrell, Hart Poke Fun at Racial Stereotypes in 'Get Hard'
2015-03-25 Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell Tease the Funniest Parts of 'Get Hard'
2015-03-24 Most Brutal Quotes from the Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-22 Kevin Hart Gives Ex-Wife Extravagant Birthday Gift
2015-03-21 Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife: I Made Peace With His Fiancee Even Before the Escalade
2015-03-20 Kevin Hart Tells His Most Embarrassing Story on 'Daily Show'
2015-03-19 Justin Bieber Referred to as 'The King Joffrey of Pop'
2015-03-18 Justin Bieber Mocked at Roast, Celebrates Birthday in Vegas
2015-03-18 First Clips from the Justin Bieber Roast
2015-03-18 ‘Get Hard' SXSW Premiere with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart
2015-03-18 Will Ferrell Talks ''Fifty Shades of Grey Diet,'' Picks Martha Stewart to Be His Prison Protector
2015-03-18 Kevin Hart on the Justin Bieber Roast: "It Went a Little Rough"
2015-03-18 Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell on New Movie 'Get Hard'
2015-03-17 Justin Bieber Looked Teary During Roast Jokes Hart
2015-03-17 Justin Bieber Apologises for Bad Behaviour
2015-03-16 Justin Bieber Puts On A Brave Face For His Comedy Central Roast
2015-03-16 Justin Bieber Promises “Moment of Change” Following Comedy Central Roast
2015-03-16 Even Justin Bieber Can't Stop Laughing at His Star-Studded Roast
2015-03-15 Kevin Hart's Ex, Torrei Hart Caught Twerking
2015-03-13 Justin Bieber – Love And Tennis?!
2015-03-13 Kevin Hart Takes On Justin Bieber In Charity Tennis Match
2015-03-11 Who's Roasting Justin Bieber?
2015-03-07 Amazing Footage of The World's Tallest, Fastest Giga Coaster
2015-03-05 'Get Hard' Red Band Trailer
2015-03-04 Kevin Hart & Ellen DeGeneres -- Oscars' Past Meets Its Future ... Possibly
2015-03-03 Justin Bieber Begs Seth Rogen to Roast Him
2015-03-03 Celebrate Justin Bieber's 21st Birthday
2015-03-01 Will Ferrell's Latest Film Will Be 'The House'
2015-02-26 Jeff Ross Dishes About the Justin Bieber Roast
2015-02-25 Kevin Hart Calls Out Justin Bieber at 2015 Oscars!
2015-02-23 Kevin Hart to Neil Patrick Harris: I'm Coming Back to Host the Oscars!
2015-02-23 Kevin Hart Hosting the 2016 Oscars?
2015-02-23 6 Best Presenter Moments 2015 Oscars - Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, John Tra
2015-02-23 Justin Bieber Better Buckle Up for Kevin Hart's Comedy Central Roasting
2015-02-23 Justin Bieber --I'm Gonna Get Hannibal Lectured At the Roast
2015-02-16 Which Celeb Wants to Dunk on Kevin Hart in the NBA All-Star Game?
2015-02-15 Kevin Hart and Josh Gad: We Are Both Bad Best Men
2015-02-15 'The Wedding Ringer': A Bit Strange Clip
2015-02-05 'The Wedding Ringer': Wedding Dance Clip
2015-02-05 Jimmy Fallon Staged a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" Spoof to Bring "The Tonight Show" Back to L.A.
2015-02-04 Is Felicity Jones Heading to a Galaxy Far, Far Away?
2015-02-04 Drake and Kevin Hart Instagram Battle
2015-02-03 'Celebrity Motor Homes': Kevin Hart Shows Off His Gargantuan On-Set Trailer
2015-02-02 Will Ferrell Lip Syncs 'Drunk in Love' on 'The Tonight Show'
2015-02-02 Celebs Get Snap Happy at the Super Bowl
2015-02-02 Celebrities Take on the NFL Super Bowl XLIX
2015-02-02 Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Lip Sync Battle to Beyoncé, Dirty Dancing and More
2015-02-02 Kevin Hart Mocks Kevin Frazier's Katy Perry Selfie at Madden Bowl
2015-01-31 Kevin Hart -- Gettin' His Swole On ... With UT Football Team
2015-01-29 'Get Hard' Trailer
2015-01-23 Box Office Top 3: 'American Sniper' Shatters Jan. Records
2015-01-19 Kevin Hart Tells Dish Nation About 'The Wedding Ringer' & More
2015-01-18 'The Wedding Ringer': Richard Roeper's Review