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Now Playing: 'Pawn Stars': Antique Cannon from "Magnum, P.I." 'Pawn Stars': Antique Cannon from "Magnum, P.I."
2015-08-11 'Pawn Stars': Incunable Book
2015-08-04 'Pawn Stars': Collection of Restored Indian Motorcycles
2015-07-28 'Pawn Stars': Albrecht Durer Print
2015-07-21 'Pawn Stars': Star Wars Signed Script
2015-06-08 'Pawn Stars': The Book of Mormon
2015-06-05 'Pawn Stars': Anthony Quinn Vellum Sculpture
2015-06-01 'Pawn Stars': Guitar Autographed by The Beatles
2015-05-29 'Pawn Stars': Mint Condition 1923 Babe Ruth Baseball Card
2015-05-29 'Pawn Stars': 1930s Gottlieb Grip Tester
2015-05-29 'Pawn Stars': Soviet Launch Keys
2015-05-29 'Pawn Stars:' Rick Harrison Loses $100K at Auction
2015-05-15 'Pawn Stars' Checks Out a Huge Mickey Mouse Collection
2015-05-15 'Pawn Stars': Original Star Wars Screen-Used Props
2015-05-14 'Pawn Stars': WWII AT-6 Texan Plane
2015-04-24 'Pawn Stars': 1966 Chevy II
2015-04-24 'Pawn Stars': Signed First Edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
2015-04-13 'Pawn Stars': He Man Action Figure
2015-04-10 'Pawn Stars': The Holy Grail of Hot Wheels
2015-04-06 'Pawn Stars:' See a Hot Wheels Car Worth More Than a Porsche
2015-04-03 'Pawn Stars': Edward Hopper Charcoal Study Piece
2015-03-30 'Pawn Stars:' An Edward Hopper Drawing Gets a Huge Price Tag
2015-03-27 'Pawn Stars': Wilkinson Turret Rifle
2015-03-23 'Pawn Stars': Hoover Dam Blueprints
2015-03-20 'Pawn Stars': Extremely Rare 1895 Morgan Dollar
2015-03-16 'Pawn Stars': Antique Tiffany and Co. Wall Clock
2015-03-13 'Pawn Stars:' See If Rick Can Get His Hands on a Rare Coin
2015-03-13 'Pawn Stars': Ziess Jewelry Loupes
2015-03-06 'Pawn Stars': 19th Century European Swords
2015-03-06 'Pawn Stars': King George III Signed Taxation Document
2015-02-27 'Pawn Stars': Norman Rockwell Lithographs
2015-02-27 'Pawn Stars': Underground Railroad Sketches
2015-02-20 'Pawn Stars': Signed Red Hot Chili Peppers Album
2015-02-20 'Pawn Stars': Baroque Diamond Cross
2015-02-20 'Pawn Stars': Analyzing a Halberd Spear
2015-02-13 'Pawn Stars': Signed Shepard Fairey Posters
2015-02-13 'Pawn Stars': Crown of Diamonds
2015-02-05 'Pawn Stars': Trade Stimulator
2015-02-05 'Pawn Stars': 1762 Grice Brown Bess Musket
2015-01-27 'Pawn Stars:' Book Owned by Thomas Jefferson Rakes in $50K
2015-01-26 'Pawn Stars': Duo of Dictaphones
2015-01-23 'Pawn Stars': 1932 Ford Roadster
2014-12-02 'Pawn Stars': Steve McQueen Movie Posters
2014-11-14 'Pawn Stars': Captain Cook Medallion
2014-11-14 'Pawn Stars': What's a Viking Doing in a Pawn Shop?
2014-11-13 Rick Harrison on What’s Fake to a Pawn Star
2014-11-13 Rick Harrison: Healthy, Happy & Pawning It Off
2014-11-13 Rick Harrison on How a 'Pawn' Star Gets Off
2014-11-13 'Pawn Stars': 1964 Amphicar 770
2014-11-07 'Pawn Stars': Olympic Games Ticket Stub
2014-10-10 'Pawn Stars': Mr. T Dolls
2014-10-03 'Pawn Stars': Rick's Beethoven Expert
2014-10-03 'Pawn Stars': Stretch Armstrong Toy
2014-09-19 'Pawn Stars': Carrier Pigeon Capsule
2014-09-19 Pawn Stars: Winning Isn't Everything
2014-09-03 Pawn Stars : Bull in a Pawn Shop
2014-09-03 Pawn Stars : Field Desk
2014-09-03 Pawn Stars : Moore Than Meets the Eye
2014-09-03 Pawn Stars : One Small Step For the Old Man
2014-09-03 Pawn Stars : Chum Goes Truckin'
2014-09-03 Pawn Stars : Fastest Pawn in the West
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': 80s Babies
2014-09-03 Pawn Stars : Olympic Pawn
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Reid Knuckle Duster
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Baseball Heaven
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Riviera Car for Sale
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Marlin Decorative Firearm
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Steven Tyler’s Pump Organ
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Gizmo and Gadgets
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': White Eagle Medallion
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': An Original Martiros
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Taxidermy Cobra for Sale
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': All I Want For Christmas Is Turbo Man
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': A Little Piece of Americana
2014-09-03 'Pawn Stars': Fey Pistol Range Game