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Corey Harrison Biography

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Birth Name: Corey Harrison

One of the channel's highest-rated shows during its run, "Pawn Stars" made stars out of Harrison and his offbeat family. Everyone referred to Harrison's cantankerous grandfather as the store's toughest negotiator. His father, Rick, balanced out The Old Man's gruffness with his likeable personality and ability to laugh at his own jokes. A fan favorite, Russell provided much of the show's comic relief as he was more inclined to buy items that entertained him, such as old video games, rather than things that made good business sense. As the youngest Harrison, Corey often disagreed with his father and grandfather over his judgment when purchasing expensive items like classic cars or planes, which usually needed major restoration. For instance, there was a particularly hilarious yet heated argument between father and son because Harrison bought a used hot air balloon for more than $35,000 without consulting with his father first. In 2011, Harrison made headlines after losing 115 pounds after undergoing Lap-Band surgery; prior to the surgery, he weighed 365 pounds. He was reportedly inspired to lose the weight after watching a television commercial that showed the dangerous side effects of a drug he was taking because of his weight.

By Candy Cuenco