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David Harewood devastated by Homeland exit

September 22nd, 2013 8:41pm EDT
David Harewood
Actor David Harewood was upset when he was written out of hit TV show Homeland just as he was beginning to enjoy his first taste of success.

The Brit played Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) boss David Estes in the show for two seasons before his character was dramatically killed off in the second series finale.

Harewood has now admitted he was distraught to have to leave the show when he was riding high on its popularity.

He tells Britain's Sunday Express, "Suddenly getting blown up in the middle of all that success was somewhat disappointing. I suppose having spent so long climbing the...

David Harewood Met With CIA Agent For 'Homeland' Research

September 9th, 2012 10:12am EDT
David Harewood
Homeland star David Harewood was left feeling "unnerved" after a lunch meeting with a real-life CIA agent turned into a fully-fledged interrogation.

The actor talked to a female secret agent to research his role as Central Intelligence Agency boss David Estes in the hit TV drama, but admits he failed to keep his cool and ended up telling her all his secrets.

He recalls, "It was supposed to be me pumping her for information. Instead, I suspect I told her far more about myself than I wanted to - or realized I was doing. If I'd been a terrorist, she would have had a confession out of me wi...

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