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Rita Wilson 'Won' Her Cancer Battle!

6/9/2015 12:16pm EDT
Rita Wilson
Rita Wilson hit the red carpet for Sunday night's Tony Awards, and at 58 she still looks pretty stunning. Especially considering that Sunday's red carpet walk was her first since undergoing surgery, following a breast cancer diagnosis in April.

But that's not stopping her! At New York City's Radio City Music Hall, Rita, who was starring in the Broadway show "Fish in the Dark" at the time of her diagnosis, looked especially elegant in a black Tom Ford gown with cutouts at the collarbones and a pair of black heels. She walked the red carpet in style with her stepson, Colin Hanks.

"I feel gr...

Star Wars Trivia - 20 Fun Star Wars Details You May Not Know. May The Facts Be With You!

5/17/2014 4:00pm EDT
Star Wars Trivia - 20 Fun Star Wars Details You May Not Know. Ma
Think you know everything there is to know about every "Star Wars" movie? Consider yourself a "Star Wars" aficionado? How could you not know at least some facts about one of the most important film franchises of all time? It's part of our culture, something most kids and adults watched and loved for at least some period of their lives. You may think you know everything about this rich universe, but there's always more to learn.

Have you heard it all? Maybe not! May the facts be with you!

1. Life's Tough When You're A Hutt

One of the most difficult scenes to shoot was the Jabba Palace...

The Morning Roundup: Colin Hanks & Tracy Morgan's New Babies, Lou Reed Loves 'Yeezus,' Silverstone Shares Breast Milk

7/3/2013 10:04am EDT
Colin Hanks and Samantha Bryant
Tom Hanks is a grandfather again. The actor's son, actor Colin Hanks, and his wife Samantha Bryant welcomed their second daughter, Charlotte. The couple also has a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. (story)

Avril Lavigne wanted to hold her wedding to Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger in southern France because she wanted her guests to have a vaction to remember. The couple wed on Monday, which was also Canada Day. (story)

Alicia Silverstone has started a new breast milk sharing service to help struggling moms via her online blog "The Kind Life." But it's not just for anyone -- you have to be ...

Colin Hanks Welcomes Baby Girl Charlotte Bryant

7/2/2013 2:31pm EDT
Colin Hanks
Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have become grandparents again.

Colin Hanks and his wife Samantha Bryant recently welcomed a baby girl named Charlotte, a sibling for their two-year-old daughter Olivia Jane.

The 34 year-old actor tells, "Ms. Charlotte Bryant Hanks has decided to join us. She's as happy and healthy as we are overjoyed and tired."

And the 35 year old jokes that his dad and stepmom are already looking forward to spending some quality time with the new addition, adding, "They cannot wait to just dote on this kid with every single fiber of their being. My wife...

Celebrity Birthdays - November 24, 2011

11/24/2011 3:00am EST
Katherine Heigl
Happy Birthday to:

"Grey's Anatomy" actress Katherine Heigl (1978)

Actress Sarah Hyland (1990)

Actor Colin Hanks (1977)

Stone Roses guitarist John Squire (1962)

Actress Denise Crosby (1957)

Blondie drummer Clem Burke (1955)

Piano man Scott Joplin (1868; d. 1917)

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Colin Hanks Asks Fans To Report His Twitter Impersonator

11/21/2011 8:24am EST
Colin Hanks
Tom Hanks' actor son Colin has urged his fans to nail a mystery blogger who is impersonating him on

The Orange County star is angry after a Twitter user set up a fake account in a bid to dupe fans into following the page.

Now, Hanks has called for his devotees to turn against the online impersonator by flooding the site's bosses with complaints about the user.

He writes, "Everyone should know that _ColinHanks_ is a fake account. He's using an old picture of mine.

"Let (sic) play a game shall we? Block, unfollow, and report _ColinHanks_ for being fake and lame. Most of y...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Nebraska' (6.08)

11/13/2011 9:55pm EST
After being visited by his dead brother last week, Dexter Morgan is a little messed up in this week's Dexter. Who could blame him? Plus, we take a step back to the fantastic fourth season...

If Brother Sam was the angel in Dexter's life, Brian (Christian Camargo) does a great job of being the devil on the other shoulder. "You don't turn the other cheek, you slice it," he reminds Dex, whose world is further rocked when Debra informs him that Arthur Mitchell's wife and daughter have been killed. She thinks it's the Trinity Killer striking again, but Dexter knows better. He suspects th...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Just Let Go' (6.06)

11/6/2011 10:00pm EST
This week's Dexter sees our hero make an important decision about his direction in life...while those around him continue to have no idea where they're headed.

Dex gets the news from Deb that Brother Sam has been shot, which forces him to abandon his stalking of Travis and makes him seriously angry. He quickly zeroes in on Leo Hernandez, a gang member who replaced the man Dex killed. He doesn't get a chance to exact justice, though, as Leo is shot and killed in a standoff with the cops.

All should be well, but Dexter finds himself not so convinced of Leo's guilt after all. The r...

'Dexter' Recap: 'A Horse of a Different Color' (6.04)

10/23/2011 9:08pm EDT
If last week's Dexter was more of a standalone episode, this week's throws us right back into the season-long arc, inducing squirms and gasps in equal measure.

Dexter's decided to go to the baptism Brother Sam invited him to after all, even though the idea of religious faith goes right over his head. It's too bad that they don't have time to have a discussion, because it might've come in handy when Dex is called out to deal with the "wicked rodeo" we saw at the end of last week's episode. New guy Mike (Billy Brown) quickly points out to the Metro team that it has something to do w...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Smokey and the Bandit' (6.03)

10/16/2011 10:00pm EDT
Last week's Dexter gave us a good idea where season six is headed. This week, we see a little more - just enough to get me concerned about that direction - but you'll have to wait for the real surprises.

Dexter's got a bad feeling when a murdered prostitute reminds him of the modus operandi of a serial killer he once tracked. He's convinced that the now-elderly Walter Kenney (Ronny Cox) hasn't come to Miami just to retire. Getting close to Kenney is not a good time for Dex, who has to suffer through the man's horrible golf game and near-constant complaining. It's funny if only for th...

'Dexter' Recap: 'Once Upon A Time' (6.02)

10/9/2011 10:00pm EDT
He might be a serial killer, but this week's Dexter left me wanting to hug Dexter Morgan - after all, he's just realized that he may be his son's worst enemy.

Harrison's getting older now, and Dexter is disturbed to find out that his son has picked up on some of his father's habits, making repeated references to "daddy's box" of blood slides. Having previously stated that he doesn't want to pass his Dark Passenger on to the tot, Dex makes a painful decision at episode's end: that he can no longer show his son his real nature, only the one that everyone else believes to be true.


Previewing 'Dexter' Season 6 With Jennifer Carpenter

10/2/2011 11:30am EDT
Dexter Morgan has sliced his way into a bloody niche on TV. As it begins its sixth season tonight, Showtime's Dexter can boast both critical acclaim and an audience that's enraptured by the life of Miami's most loved serial killer. Dexter's biggest supporter - and also the largest threat to his lethal secret - is his sister, homicide detective Debra Morgan.

The show might be called Dexter, but Deb has been my favorite character on the series. She might have a smart mouth, but beyond that, she has an earnestness to bust the bad guys that I find admirable. She also displays a remarka...

Alyssa Milano Welcomes Baby Boy

8/31/2011 3:45pm EDT
Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano has joined the Hollywood mom's club.

The actress gave birth to a son, called Milo, at a Los Angeles hospital on Wednesday morning.

It's the first child for Milano and her husband, David Bugliari.

The former Charmed star announced she was expecting a baby boy in March and the avid Los Angeles Dodgers fan celebrated her pregnancy with a baseball-themed baby shower at Dodgers Stadium on August 14th, when she was joined by friends and family, including actor Colin Hanks, actress Holly Robinson Peete and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

She and Hollywood agent Bugliari wed in ...

Dexter Gets His Wings (Photo)

8/12/2011 12:00pm EDT
Dexter | Photo Credits: Showtime
Producers promised Dexter would explore faith this season and in this first-look photo, it looks like he's earned his wings — in blood, at least.

Dexter Exclusive: In Season 6, Dexter finds... faith?

When "the avenging angel returns," Dexter (Michael C. Hall) will take on single parenting while hiding his secret hobby from his increasingly suspicious sister. The Showtime series will further the spirituality theme with the addition to the cast of Edward James Olmos as a renowned professor of religious history and Mos as an ex-con who found his mission in life by helping other cons. Colin H...

Colin Hanks Smashes Fundraising Goal For Tower Records Documentary

7/17/2011 6:15pm EDT
Colin Hanks
Tom Hanks' actor son Colin is celebrating after fans helped him to raise more than $90,000 to fund his documentary about the demise of retail giant Tower Records.

The star appealed to his followers last month for donations via to make All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records.

He started out with a goal of $50,000, but by the time the fundraising appeal came to an end on Friday, devotees had dug deep and pledged a total of $92,025.

Expressing his gratitude to fans on his Twitter blog, Hanks writes, "Wow! We did it! Thanks to everyone who became ...

Colin Hanks and Wife Welcome First Child

2/4/2011 8:58am EST
Samantha Bryant, Colin Hanks | Photo Credits: Bruce Gilkas/FilmM
Colin Hanks and wife Samantha Bryant welcomed a baby girl Tuesday, People reports.

Catch up on today's latest news

Olivia Jane Hanks was born on Feb. 1 in Los Angeles. This is the couple's first child and the first grandchild for...

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'The Good Guys' Really Cancelled This Time

1/7/2011 9:51am EST
The Good Guys
Bad news for fans (including myself) of FOX's The Good Guys: this time, it really is cancelled.

Though the show's been prematurely reported as cancelled numerous times, my information comes from a reputable source: RonReaco Lee, who played unlucky snitch Julius Grant for most of the show's run. I had a chance to chat with RonReaco on Thursday night while he walked the red carpet for his new BET series, Let's Stay Together, and when I asked about the fate of The Good Guys, he told me it's over.

"The people who liked it really liked it," he said. "But there weren't enough of you."

I wa...

'The Good Guys' 1.20 'Partners' Recap and Review

12/11/2010 5:40pm EST
The Good Guys
If this really does turn out to be the last episode of The Good Guys, the show went out with a bang.

Jack and Dan are having lunch at the cafe that apparently has the "best pancakes in Dallas." This puts them in prime position when a guy skips out on his check. Dan being Dan, he decides to go through the window rather than the door (breaking a $300 window to handle a $6.52 (plus tip) crime) in pursuit - a pursuit that's short-lived when a guy walks in front of Jack and collides with him, leaving him on the ground in pain. Unsurprisingly, Dan is unconcerned.

When they get back to t...

'The Good Guys' 1.19 'Cop Killer' Recap and Review

12/4/2010 1:04am EST
The Good Guys
No, The Good Guys has not been cancelled. Not as of November 30, anyway.

The bad news is it may very well be. We're down to the final two episodes of season one, and things aren't looking so hot. Many sites have given up on the show already and considered it as good as dead (which may be where some of that false cancellation buzz comes from). It's a shame, really, because this whole season has brought us an offbeat, funny way to spend our Friday evenings, shown us that Colin Hanks may be the best 'straight man' in TV comedy, and proven that Bradley Whitford has absolutely no shame....

Chris Klein Back To Work After Rehab

10/25/2010 5:18pm EDT
Chris Klein
Actor Chris Klein has returned to work following a two-month rehab stint stemming from an alcohol-related arrest in June - to film a cameo role on TV series The Good Guys.

The American Pie star was taken into custody and charged with two misdemeanors after failing a sobriety test when his car was pulled over by cops on a Los Angeles freeway. Klein, who spent four days behind bars, pleaded no contest to the DUI counts and was released on bail after agreeing to enroll in an alcohol education program.

He checked himself into Utah's Cirque Lodge rehab facility for two months of treatment in...

Review: 'Two Jews On Film' Agree On 'Barry Munday' (Video)

9/30/2010 9:59am EDT
Barry Munday
"Barry Munday" a quirky, very funny, and heartwarming film stars the wonderful Patrick Wilson, (playing against type), Judy Greer, Chloe Sevigny, Colin Hanks, Cybill Shepherd, Jean Smart, Emily Proctor, Missi Pyle and Malcolm McDowell. Barry Munday is a wanna be suburban Don Juan and your typical man-child. He gets viciously attacked in a movie theater one day and wakes up in a hospital bed. He quickly discovers that he's lost something very precious...his testicles. On top of that he finds out he's impregnated a woman (the marvelous Judy Greer) that he can't remember having sex with. S...

Bradley Whitford: Expect Lots Of Fun, Action & Moustache In FOX's 'The Good Guys'

5/18/2010 10:30am EDT
Bradley Whitford The Good Guys
Bradley Whitford is back on television like you’ve never seen him before. Sure, you’re probably used to seeing him as an articulate intellectual on Aaron Sorkin shows like The West Wing or Studio 60. If you’re a movie fan, maybe you like him as a generic villain. The Good Guys brings Whitford to the buddy cop drama as an alcoholic renegade paired up with a young, by the books hotshot.

Whitford rocks a ‘70s moustache since his character hasn’t really left behind the glory days of his early career. Even in person, he’s pulling it off. Perhaps it helps that he has an ironic sense of humor abo...

What To Watch: Summer 2010 TV

5/14/2010 10:44am EDT
Summer TV 2010
There used to be a time when summer television was all reruns and special events, like baseball games and the occasional Olympics. Then it became a reality television zone, giving life to such mind-numbingness as CBS’ Big Brother, a show about thirteen insipid individuals put in a house and made to play inane games and “back door” each other for a chance at a half a million dollars. More and more, though, networks are scheduling new shows for the summer block that are quirkier, non-formulaic, and even character driven. What was once a wasteland is fast becoming a haven for smaller, niche sh...

Colin Hanks Marries Publicist

5/10/2010 8:43am EDT
Colin Hanks
Tom Hanks has welcomed a new addition to his family - his actor son Colin has wed his publicist girlfriend in an elaborate ceremony in Los Angeles.

Colin Hanks exchanged vows with Samantha Bryant on Saturday afternoon in front of 300 guests on the rooftop of the London West Hollywood hotel. Attendees included his proud dad and his actress wife Rita Wilson, and director Steven Spielberg.

The couple became engaged last year after meeting through mutual friends.

The 32 year old, who has previously dated actresses Rachael Leigh Cook and Busy Phillips, is Tom Hanks' eldest child from his firs...

Tom Hanks' Son Colin Getting Married

5/9/2010 11:00am EDT
Tom Hanks is about to take on a new role - he will become a father-in-law when his son Colin walks down the aisle on Saturday, according to U.S. reports.

The Oscar-winning actor's son will reportedly marry his publicist girlfriend Samantha Bryant in a ceremony in California over the weekend.

The 32 year old became engaged to the Manhattan-based P.R. executive last June, reports E! Online.

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'American Idol' Recap: The Idols Improve With Lennon And McCartney

4/7/2010 9:42am EDT
The Idols Improve With Lennon and McCartney
There’s something I’ve noticed about this season of ‘American Idol’: A lot of cringes.

Those cringes come whenever we see who’s coming up next. Like in this scenario: Ryan says, “Up next it’s Casey James”. Instantly, there’s a shudder as we think of the boring mess he’s about to give us.

This feeling of unease goes pretty much down the line. Be it Tim, Katie, Aaron or Andrew, there are so many contestants whose impending performance is something you’d rather not see.

But tonight, many of those shudders were unfounded as a lot of the former bottom dwellers raised their game, turning in...

Celebrity Offspring That Have Become Successful

9/16/2009 10:05am EDT
Celebrity Offspring
Most of the time when privileged sons and daughters of celebrities chose to pursue a career in entertainment, we wince at the idea and criticize their lack of talent. However

, there are some cases where famous offspring are actually thrive in the family business and probably could have succeeded without their recognizable last name. Here are the most successful spawn in the gene pool of famous parents.

Colin Hanks - As the son and look-a-like younger version of dad Tom Hanks, Colin inherited his father's acting skills. He first came onto the scene appearing in Tom's film That Thing You...

Celebrity Birthdays, November 24

11/24/2008 3:00am EST
Katherine Heigl
Happy Birthday to actor Colin Hanks (1977), Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl (1978), actress Denise Crosby (1957), basketball legend Oscar Robertson (1938), and piano man Scott Joplin (1868; d. 1917).

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Celebrity Offspring: Five Worth Watching

9/30/2008 10:27am EDT
Will & Jaden Smith
Not all relatives should show up at the same office everyday, and not everyone wants to get into the family business. Yet when the perks include fame, big paychecks, and glamorous premieres, the choice seems a little easier to make.

And since nepotism in Hollywood is as classic a tale as Citizen Kane, it’s no surprise that lots of Tinseltown legacies are following in the footsteps of such other celebrity offspring as Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda, and Liza Minnelli.

Here are five we think are worth watching...


The son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Jaden, 1...

'Mad Men' Recap: Betty Confronts Don About His Affair

9/15/2008 9:27am EDT
Mad Men
"A Night to Remember," the eighth episode in the new season of Mad Men, aired last night on AMC. Last week's episode concluded with Jimmy Barrett revealing to Betty Draper that Don had been having an affair with Jimmy's wife Bobbie. Betty did not say anything to Don but instead bottled her feelings up inside. Her frustrations carried over into her preparation for a dinner party she was hosting, and she smashed a wobbly chair into the ground until it broke.

Back at the office, Don is working on a new ad campaign for Heineken that would target housewives like Betty. They decide to ...