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Now Playing: Mirror, Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White Henry Cavill is 'Witty' as Napoleon Solo
2014-04-10 Homeless Woman Sues Halle Berry&Amanda Bynes To Get Their Attention
2014-03-24 The Lone Ranger's Mason Cook Tells You Why To Buy It
2013-12-12 Henry Cavill And Ex-girlfriend Gina Carano Reunite In Rome
2013-10-09 D23 2013 Star Wars, The Man from UNCLE with Henry Cavill&Armie Hammer - Beyond The Trailer
2013-09-02 Andrew Garfield brings up gay Spider-Man, Pee Wee Herman Movie in 2014? - Beyond The Trailer
2013-08-27 The Lone Ranger - Exclusive Interview With Armie Hammer
2013-08-09 The Lone Ranger - Exclusive Interview with Gore Verbinski, Jerry Bruckheimer, Harry Treadaway&...
2013-08-08 Michael Phelps -- 'everyone pees in the pool'
2013-08-07 The Lone Ranger
2013-08-07 'Lone Ranger' Stars Say Critics Bashed Movie Before They Saw It
2013-08-06 Michael Phelps: 'Everyone Pees in the Pool'
2013-08-07 Armie Hammer bloody and bruised in Men's Health
2013-08-06 Elton John Recovering From Appendix Removal Surgery
2013-08-06 Jay Z joins Beyonce on stage during final Brooklyn concert
2013-08-06 Johnny Depp&Armie Hammer blame Lone Ranger flop on mean film critics
2013-08-06 'The Lone Ranger' Team Blame Critics For Box Office Failure
2013-08-06 Armie Hammer Is Not Interested in Playing Batman
2013-08-03 The Lone Ranger - Press Conference
2013-08-02 Armie Hammer Bloody and Bruised in Men's Health
2013-07-31 The Lone Ranger 2013 Movie Review : Beyond The Trailer
2013-07-29 The Lone Ranger Tries Again Across The Pond
2013-07-23 Johnny Depp Plugging Away At Promoting "The Lone Ranger" AT UK Premiere
2013-07-23 The Lone Ranger - Premiere Report
2013-07-21 Johnny Depp: I trust my kids opinions more than critics
2013-07-19 Movies News Pop: New 'Last Vegas' Trailer: Douglas, Freeman and De Niro Party in Sin City (Video)
2013-07-19 The Lone Ranger - Clip - The Mask
2013-07-19 The Lone Ranger - Clip - Train Wreck
2013-07-19 Johnny Depp: I Trust My Kids Opinions More Than Critics
2013-07-19 The Lone Ranger Movie Review
2013-07-18 'Man of Steel' and 'The Heat' Lead Teen Choice Award Nominations
2013-07-16 Armie Hammer on Why He Wanted to Become an Actor
2013-07-15 The Next Generation of Hollywood Stars: Cut Scenes
2013-07-15 Exclusive Interview With Mirror Mirror Star Armie Hammer!
2013-07-15 Armie Hammer is Ant-Man in 2015, Gay Character in Independence Day 2 - Beyond The Trailer
2013-07-11 Who Takes the Blame For The Lone Ranger's Box Office Bomb
2013-07-11 Movies News Pop: 'Despicable' Minions Upset Depp's 'Lone Ranger' at Box Office
2013-07-07 Mason Cook Talks Johnny Depp and The Lone Ranger
2013-07-06 Johnny Depp News Pop: Johnny Depp&The Lone Ranger A Box Office Bust? Despicable Me 2 Would Say...
2013-07-05 Morgenstern: 'The Lone Ranger' Leaves It All to Depp
2013-07-05 Saddling Up to 'The Lone Ranger' Premiere
2013-07-05 'The Lone Ranger' Star on Working With Johnny Depp
2013-07-05 Critics Blast 'Lone Ranger' Ahead of Opening
2013-07-03 'The Lone Ranger' Review
2013-07-03 You Review: The Lone Ranger
2013-07-03 The Lone Ranger Movie Review
2013-07-03 The Lone Ranger - Armie Hammer
2013-07-02 Film Clip: 'The Lone Ranger'
2013-07-02 Fox Searchlight Picks Up 'Belle' for North America, U.K.
2013-07-02 'The Lone Ranger' Review Round-Up
2013-07-02 'The Lone Ranger' Cast Interviews: Armie Hammer and Ruth Wilson
2013-07-02 Entertainment News Pop: Farrah Abraham is Headed to Rehab
2013-07-01 Movies News Pop: Fox Searchlight Picks Up 'Belle' for North America, U.K.
2013-07-01 Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer on The Lone Ranger
2013-07-01 Entertainment News Pop: Jon Stewart Misses 'The Daily Show,' Says Directing Movie Is 'Exciting and I...
2013-06-28 Johnny Depp News Pop: Johnny Depp in Into The Woods:"A Dream Come True,"But He Worries A...
2013-06-28 Armie Hammer Goes Cowboy in 'The Lone Ranger'
2013-06-26 The Lone Ranger At Premiere
2013-06-26 Super Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Talks Up "The Lone Ranger"
2013-06-26 Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer Hit the Red Carpet
2013-06-24 The Lone Ranger World Premiere: Stars, Scenes and Highlights
2013-06-24 20 Questions With Johnny Depp
2013-06-24 Armie Hammer's Terrifying Bedroom Romp
2013-06-21 Selena Gomez Gives Money to a Homeless Man in L.A.
2013-06-20 Johnny Depp Nearly Died While Shooting The Lone Ranger
2013-06-18 The Lone Ranger - Docu-Pod No.1
2013-06-17 Will Superman and Batman Team Up Onscreen?
2013-06-12 The Lone Ranger Latest Trailer With Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer
2013-05-27 Meet The Breakout Movie Stars Of Summer 2013
2013-05-01 'The Lone Ranger' Trailer - Featuring Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer
2013-04-19 The Lone Ranger- Trailer No. 4
2013-04-19 'The Lone Ranger' Preview
2013-04-03 The Lone Ranger- Trailer No. 3
2013-02-05 Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter in Latest "The Lone Ranger" Trailer
2012-12-15 The Lone Ranger Movie Trailer
2012-12-13 The Lone Ranger - Trailer No. 2
2012-12-12 Armie Hammer on Acting in "Mirror Mirror"
2012-11-19 Julia Roberts on the Paparazzi
2012-11-19 Ben Affleck Reveals His Secret to Hollywood Success!
2012-10-30 News: JLA Movie's Batman Could Be Armie Hammer...Again
2012-10-22 The Lone Ranger Trailer Official (HD)
2012-10-12 Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer in "The Lone Ranger" Trailer HD
2012-10-06 The Lone Ranger - Trailer No. 1
2012-10-05 CelebrityBytes: Stars Behind Bars
2012-09-19 Mirror Mirror Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-16 J. Edgar Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-16 Mirror Mirror - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-06-25 The Hunger Games' Finnick - Who's Really Up For the Part?
2012-06-06 'Catching Fire' Casting Narrowed Down To Three Finnick Actors
2012-05-30 Jack White to Write and Perform the Score for 'The Lone Ranger'
2012-04-29 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-03-09 The Social Network Red Carpert Premiere
2012-04-04 Armie Hammer on His "Awkward Man-Child" Role in Mirror Mirror and Working With "Awesome Dude" Johnny Depp
2012-03-21 Giddy Up to Johnny Depp's 'Lone Ranger' Set
2012-03-09 Mirror Mirror Movie Preview
2012-03-08 Exclusive Video: Watch Lily Collins and Armie Hammer Fight It Out in Mirror Mirror
2012-03-08 J. Edgar - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-02-16 Armie Hammer on Playing a Nontraditional Prince Charming
2012-01-30 Zamm Awards Cam: J. Edgar
2011-12-04 Julia Roberts Takes a Look Into the 'Mirror'

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