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Armie Hammer Says Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio 'Wasn't That Weird'

5/25/2011 2:00pm EDT
Leonardo DiCaprio & Armie Hammer
Actor Armie Hammer has described his onscreen kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio, insisting the same-sex smooch "wasn't that weird."

DiCaprio plays the title role in Clint Eastwood's upcoming movie "J. Edgar" about controversial Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) boss John Edgar Hoover.

"The Social Network" star appears opposite DiCaprio as lawyer-turned-FBI agent Clyde Tolson, the man rumored to be Hoover's lover, and he has revealed the actors locked lips in a kissing scene.

He tells ET Canada, "It's the same kind of thing as if you walk onto a set and they hand you a machine gun and (say)...

Elle Fanning Wins Top Honor At 2011 Young Hollywood Awards

5/23/2011 11:00am EDT
Elle Fanning
Dakota Fanning's younger sister Elle stepped out of her sibling's shadow as she scooped the Actress of the Year prize at the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards.

The 13 year old accepted the prize for her role in Sofia Coppola's drama Somewhere at a star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday.

Garrett Hedlund picked up the Actor of the Year award for Tron: Legacy, while The Social Network star Armie Hammer and actress Isabel Lucas were named the Male and Female Stars of Tomorrow.

Hailee Steinfeld's debut in the Coen Brothers' 2010 western True Grit earned her the Breakthrough of the Year t...

Armie Hammer To Star As 'The Lone Ranger'

5/18/2011 8:42am EDT
Armie Hammer Jr.
The Social Network star Armie Hammer is to team up with Johnny Depp in the movie revamp of classic TV western series The Lone Ranger.

After weeks of speculation, the actor has been confirmed as director Gore Verbinski's pick to portray The Lone Ranger.

Back in 2008, George Clooney was reportedly set to star as The Lone Ranger, when a source told The Sun newspaper, "George is very eager - he's been trying to do a movie with Johnny for a long time. He thinks they'll make the perfect on-screen partnership."

Depp will play the cowboy's sidekick Tonto in the film.

Click Here For More Arm...

Winklevoss Twins To Compete In London Olympics

2/24/2011 11:12pm EST
Armie Hammer
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who were portrayed by Armie Hammer in The Social Network, are to compete in the Olympics in London next year.

The Winklevosses, who took founder Mark Zuckerberg to court after accusing him of stealing their idea for the social networking website, finished sixth in the coxless pairs rowing event at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and now they have their sights set on London.

The twins have started training with the U.S. Olympics team in San Diego, California.

The siblings insist their seven-year-old Facebook litigation is ongoing, and they will con...

'The Social Network' Triumphs At ACE Awards

2/20/2011 3:30pm EST
The Social Network
The Social Network has another honor to add to its growing list of accolades - it has taken the top prize at the American Cinema Editors (ACE) Awards.

The movie, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, is among the front-runners for this month's Oscars, and it was awarded the Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic) at the Los Angeles ceremony on Saturday.

Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy or Musical) went to Alice in Wonderland, while Toy Story 3 was named the Best Edited Animation Feature Film.

Other winners at the event include Temple Grandin (Best Edited Miniseries or Motion Picture ...

'The Social Network' Tops Golden Globes (Full List Of Winners)

1/16/2011 11:56pm EST
The Social Network
The Social Network has virtually locked in its Best Film Oscar after landing four big awards at the Golden Globes on Sunday night.

Just two days after picking up the main prize at the Critics Choice Awards, the film won top honors at the Globes, while there were also accolades for David Fincher (Best Director), Aaron Sorkin (Best Screenplay) and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Best Score).

The night's big loser was The King's Speech, which led all nominations with seven, but went home with only one - a Best Actor gong for Oscars favorite Colin Firth.

The ceremony's highlight came when Mic...

Taylor Swift Talks About The Guys & The Lies In The New People

10/21/2010 9:01pm EDT
Taylor Swift
As Taylor Swift releases another deeply personal album, the 20-year-old country star opens up in this week's issue of PEOPLE about life in the spotlight, dating drama, and using her songs to get the last word. All of Swift's albums have famously been autobiographical, and her latest, Speak Now, is filled with emotionally charged songs she wrote about the past two years of her life - a period that included failed relationships with Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner (and, apparently, some drama with John Mayer), a smattering of critical backlash after her Grammy wins and that infamous incident at...

Why Armie Hammer Should Be Zack Snyder’s 'Superman'

10/21/2010 4:30pm EDT
With all the excitement surrounding the potential announcement of Darren Aronofsky directing the next “Wolverine” movie, fanboys and bloggers have lost sight of the fact that Zack Snyder’s “Superman” reboot still doesn’t have an actor to step into the legendary blue tights. Snyder has already stated that he plans on focusing on the early years of Superman/Clark Kent and does not want to have any connection to the other “Superman” movies (sorry, Brandon Routh).

Snyder, being a very brave and risk-taking filmmaker, is likely to cast someone audiences would never expect, but the actor who wou...

Review: 'Two Jews On Film' Almost Agree On 'The Social Network' (Video)

10/1/2010 9:19am EDT
The Social Network
"The Social Network" the highly anticipated film about Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Face Book, delivers on every level. The film is directed by David Fincher, written by Aaron Sorkin and these guys nailed it. Jesse Eisenberg gives an Oscar worthy performance as Zuckerberg, bringing out his deep insecurities and antisocial behavior without making him pathetic. The rest of the cast which includes Justin Timberlake (in one of his best performances) Andrew Garfield, Rooney Mara and Armie Hammer are equally amazing. Greed, ego, money, fame, overnight success, friendship, betrayal and how one c...

'The Social Network' Lets You Decide For Yourself

10/1/2010 7:30am EDT
Social Network
Unreliable narrators in films are fascinating because they leave you wondering whether anything that you are seeing is real. The reason why audiences are captivated with yarns strung by characters like this, is that they allow the viewer to decide on his or her own where the truth exists in the story.

“The Social Network,” directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin, uses a similar device. Except instead of one untrustworthy character, we are subject to three unreliable perspectives. Each one has their own idea about how the social networking website Facebook was founded. Wh...

Justin Timberlake Puts Music On Hold To Seriously Pursue Film Career

9/30/2010 8:09pm EDT
Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake, 29, is placing his music career on hold and making four films in a row. After The Social Network, he's got next spring's comedy Bad Teacher (costarring his real life ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz; he's now dating Jessica Biel), Friends With Benefits with Mila Kunis (due July 2011), and a thriller from Gattaca director Andrew Niccol. We'll also hear him as Boo Boo in this December's animated Yogi Bear. Meanwhile, in the four years since his last CD was released, Timberlake has also emerged as a bona fide comedy star thanks to memorable appearances on Saturday Night Live (incl...

Q&A: Armie Hammer, Jesse Eisenberg, And Aaron Sorkin Talk 'Social Network'

9/30/2010 12:45pm EDT
Social Network
“The Social Network” is a gripping drama directed by David Fincher (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Fight Club”), which tells the events behind the creation and proliferation of the social networking website Facebook.

Taking an objective stance, it shares the accounts of three separate parties that can’t seem to agree on a single truth. There is Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facbeook, Eduardo Saverin, Zuckerberg’s best friend and co-founder of Facebook, and the Winkelvoss twins, who claim Zuckerberg stole their idea to create his website. Through this method of storytelling, ...