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Lisa Rinna Can Still Drop Jaws At 51

4/1/2015 8:20am EDT
Lisa Rinna Might Be 51, But Her Beach Body Still Destroys Instag
Elle MacPherson isn't the only person who's 51 and rocking an extra-small bikini this week.Turns out "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna is doing the very same- and looking just as jaw-dropping!

On Tuesday, Rinna and her husband, actor Harry Hamlin soaked up a few rays on a beach in Belize. Rinna was rocking a little black bikini, a pair of sunglasses and a great big floppy hat.

And of course she had to post on Instagram about it.

Rinna posted the shot seen above, along with the caption, "Is it too much? Enough already? Aah f@#k it. I'm 51." She's definitely proud of o...

Weekend Beach Bodies: Gwen Stefani, Alessandra Ambrosio & More

7/16/2012 10:00am EDT
Gwen Stefani
Everyone enjoys a beach day in the summer, including celebrities. We spotted several stars soaking up the rays this past weekend, playing with their kids, taking a boat trip, and just strolling along the waves.

Gwen Stefani enjoyed a sunny Sunday with her son Zuma at Santa Monica beach. The No Doubt singer showed off her abs in a see-through white blouse over an animal print bikini. She wore a flowing white skirt, straw hat and pink sunglasses.

Her band's first album in 11 years, titled "Push & Shove," will be released in September. Their new single, "Settle Down," was released today.

Lisa Rinna Endorses New Depend Line Of Adult Diapers

4/13/2012 2:48pm EDT
Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna has signed on as the new spokesperson for adult diapers. The former Days Of Our Lives star is endorsing the new Silhouette for Women by Depend undergarments.

One might question why a somewhat young star like Lisa, 48, would sign on with a brand such as Depend, but she's got a great reason.

"I did it for Charity," she tells the Huffington Post's Rob Shuter. "They donated $225,000 to Dress for Success if I tried them on in the commercial. That's why I did it. Plus, I loved their campaign."

According to Depend's official site, the new Silhouette for Women offers the best incontin...

Lisa Rinna Shutting Down Clothing Store

12/27/2011 8:50am EST
Lisa Rinna
Actress Lisa Rinna is closing the Sherman Oaks, California clothing store that was burgled twice in as many weeks a year ago.

Closing notices appeared on the windows of Ventura Boulevard's Belle Gray in the run up to Christmas.

The closure news comes days after Rinna announced she would be returning to daytime soap Days of Our Lives in 2012. Rinna played Billie Reed for more than 150 episodes on the show before leaving in 2005.

The actress and her husband Harry Hamlin were famously promoting their new books and a reality show on a breakfast TV program in New York when they heard about ...

Celebrity Birthdays - October 30, 2011

10/30/2011 3:00am EDT
Ivanka Trump
Happy Birthday to:

Celebrity Apprentice star Ivanka Trump (1981)

Actor Tequan Richmond (1992)

The Saturdays singer Vanessa White (1989)

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale (1967)

Actor Kevin Pollak (1957)

TV star Harry Hamlin (1951)

Actor Henry Winkler (1945)

Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick (1939)

Legendary stage & screen star Ruth Gordon (1896)

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Rachel Uchitel Is An A-List Celeb Now?

10/25/2010 9:00pm EDT
Rachel UchitelRachel
Former Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel attended the 32nd Annual Carousel Of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills on Saturday night, but we can't figure out exactly why.

The $1,000 per-plate gala was attended by numerous A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, Jane Fonda, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Akon, Don Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Paris Hilton, Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin and Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez. But if we recall correctly, having sex with a professional golfer behind his wife's back does not an A-lister make.

The professional mistress wore a long silver beaded gow...

Lisa Rinna Shows Off Her New Lips

10/25/2010 12:00pm EDT
Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin took time out of their busy schedule to attend the 32nd annual Carousel of Hope Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday night. We think Lisa looks fantastic in a strapless red gown; and we can't help but notice how good her new 'plumped down' lips look.

The soap star recently went under the knife of a plastic surgeon to have her smile smoothed out in order to look more natural and less 'trout-pout.'

She told, "My lips started to define who I am. That bothered me. I took a big hit for being honest (about surgery). It gave everyone online per...

Harry Hamlin Once Ran An Illegal Brothel

10/14/2010 12:15am EDT
Harry Hamlin
Actor Harry Hamlin had to sign up for criminal rehabilitation before Canadian officials would let him cross the border to shoot a recent movie after they discovered he had once been arrested for running an illegal brothel.

The "Clash of the Titans" star had forgotten about the scandal, which took place when he was a student at the University of California in Berkeley 40 years ago - but it almost cost him a job.

Hamlin, who owns property in Canada, admits the incident inspired him to write his new autobiography, Full Frontal Nudity. His arrest mug shot graces the back cover.

He says, "I w...

Harry Hamlin & Lisa Rinna Were Both 'Casting Couch' Victims

10/13/2010 11:12pm EDT
Harry Hamlin
The original star of "Clash of the Titans" has confessed he was the target of an over-amorous casting director - and he's still reluctant to reveal all about the awkward encounter.

Actor Harry Hamlin and his wife Lisa Rinna were guests on Access Hollywood Live on Wednesday morning and when the former "Melrose Place" star attempted to dodge questions about her "casting couch quickie" - she turned the heat on her husband.

Stunned Hamlin was initially left speechless as the talk turned to him, but he revealed, "This was long before sexual harassment... Back in the 70s, there was a lot of cas...

Lisa Rinna: 'Burglaries Need To Stop'

10/12/2010 9:45am EDT
Lisa Rinna
TV star Lisa Rinna is desperate to find the thieves who broke into her California clothing store, insisting a "lot of work" must be done to prevent another burglary taking place.

The actress' Belle Gray store, which she runs with husband Harry Hamlin, has been targeted twice in as many weeks - burglars broke into the shop on October 5th and made off with $100,000 worth of clothing and accessories. And on Monday, purses and jewelry were stolen in another raid.

Rinna has handed over surveillance footage to the authorities and is desperate to catch the culprits - because she's determined n...

Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin's Store Broken Into Again

10/11/2010 9:25pm EDT
Lisa Rinna
TV couple Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna's Sherman Oaks, California clothing store has been burgled again - for the second time in a week.

The pair's Belle Gray store was hit by thieves early on Monday morning, while Rinna and Hamlin were taping interviews to promote their new reality TV show just three miles away.

Burglars who broke into the shop last week made off with $100,000-worth of clothing and accessories.

A surveillance tape of Monday's break-in has already been seized by cops investigating the robberies.

Website has obtained the footage, which shows an intruder pulling up...

Harry Hamlin Denies Robbery Was A Publicity Stunt

10/9/2010 2:00pm EDT
Harry Hamlin
Harry Hamlin has fired back at reports the break-in at the Los Angeles clothing store he owns with his wife Lisa Rinna was a publicity stunt for the couple's new reality show and books.

The TV stars were promoting their new show "Harry Loves Lisa" and their books on a New York breakfast show when they first received word their store Belle Gray had been burgled in the early hours of Monday.

Hamlin actually took the call from an assistant while he was on air on TV news show "Today," and revealed $100,000 of goods had been stolen.

The media was immediately cautious to report the tale becaus...

Alyssa Milano In Jeans & Leather Knee-High Boots - Hot Or Not?

4/1/2010 2:15pm EDT
Alyssa Milano
There's something about a girl in knee-high leather boots - particularly when that girl is Alyssa Milano. She showed up at the Los Angeles premiere of "Clash Of The Titans" yesterday in skin-tight jeans and a lace blue top that hinted at a little bit of skin. Show us more, Lys!

Alyssa returns to primetime in the new ABC comedy "Romantically Challenged," which premieres April 12. The series is about four friends who try to find love and happiness while navigating their way through today's tricky world of dating. She plays Rebecca Thomas, who in the pilot episode experiences her first one-...

Is CGI Technology Enough Of A Reason To Remake 'Clash Of The Titans'?

3/31/2010 9:08am EDT
Clash of the Titans
As audiences get set for the update of "Clash of the Titans," many hardcore fans of the classic fantasy film are letting loose with that familiar cry of heresy. Sure, digital effects can look more "real" than the rubber and clay monsters created by legendary stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen for the 1981 original, but better? "Better" is a subjective term.

Ask "Star Wars" geeks which Yoda they prefer. When Luke Skywalker landed on Dagobah in 1981's "The Empire Strikes Back," the Yoda he encountered was a foam and latex puppet, voiced and manipulated by Frank Oz. The "real" Jedi Master ...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 30

10/30/2009 3:00am EDT
Gavin Rossdale
Happy Birthday to:

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale (1967)

TV star Harry Hamlin (1951)

Actor Henry Winkler (1945)

Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick (1939)

Legendary stage & screen star Ruth Gordon (1896)

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The Dirty Dozen: Hottest Celebrity Wives!

6/17/2009 9:55am EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Being a celebrity is hot. Being the wife to a celebrity is hotter. Being a celebrity wife is even hotter. Here's the list of the hottest celebrity wives!

12) Adrianne Curry
Spouse: Christopher Knight
Hot for being beautiful while coming off as being able to beat the crap out of you if you do her a wrong.

- Click pic for next page -

More Adrianne Curry Pictures

11) Jennifer Lopez
Spouse: Marc Anthony
How can I put this delicately...she is hot because of her butt and because she probably works out hours each day so as to not allow her butt to take on a life of its own and ther...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 30

10/30/2008 3:00am EDT
Harry Hamlin
Happy Birthday to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale (1967), TV star Harry Hamlin (1951), the "Fonz" Henry Winkler (1945), Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick (1939), and legendary stage & screen star Ruth Gordon (1896).

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Writer's Opinion: Angelina Jolie Isn't That Hot

9/8/2008 12:24pm EDT
Angelina Jolie
I think Angelina Jolie was always thought of as pretty, a nice looking girl. She was a decent foil for Denzel Washington in The Bone Collector, people liked her alongside Winona Ryder in Girl, Interrupted, she got a little edgy with Gone in 60 Seconds. But when exactly did the world decide that Angelina Jolie is the end-all, be-all of hotness? Was there a vote that I missed? Is there an email I didn't get?

No, I know exactly what happened. Tomb Raider happened. The smash hit video game that introduced geeks worldwide to Lara Croft became the movie that turned Angelina Jolie from above...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 30

10/30/2007 3:00am EDT
Gavin Rossdale
Happy Birthday to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale (1967), Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona (1960), TV star Harry Hamlin (1951), the "Fonz" Henry Winkler (1945), Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick (1939), Broadway and silver screen star Ruth Gordon (1896), "Crime and Punishment" author Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821), and second President of the United States John Adams.

Lip Surgery Gone Too Far? Star Magazine Thinks Two Celebs Have Gone To Extremes

7/25/2007 10:44am EDT
Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna is not stranger to trout pout - in fact, some might even call her the poster girl for pillowy puckers! But the actress and mom of two, 44, who’s currently starring on Broadway in Chicago with hubby Harry Hamlin, looks like she’s gone too far this time around, according to Star magazine.

“She looks like a fish now- or like a duck,” says New York-based plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg, MD.. He thinks Rinna has just plumped up her pucker with the injectable filler Restylane. “Her lips look a little swollen, but swelling should only last about 24 to 48 hours.” Dr. Greenberg...

Star Magazine Lists The Best & Worst Celebrity Beach Bods

5/24/2007 9:44am EDT
Cameron Diaz
Just in time for summer, Star magazine reveals which celebs are beach-bod ready, and those who should opt to stay in winter hibernation mode. Best Beach Bods 2007 ... And the Best Women Bods Go to ...

Best Tattooed: Pink

Dainty bows tattooed under each butt cheek? Why not! When you look this good in a bikini from behind it’s a gift! Hard-bodied Pink shows off her super-toned physique on a beach outside Sydney

Best Booty-Shakin: Rihanna

This Barbados-born hip-hop princess grew up frolicking on the beach – and she still rules the sands! Rihanna, 19, is hot in a bedazzled ...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 30

10/30/2006 3:00am EST
Henry Winkler
Happy Birthday to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale (1967), Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona (1960), TV star Harry Hamlin (1951), the "Fonz" Henry Winkler (1945), Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick (1939), Broadway and silver screen star Ruth Gordon (1896), "Crime and Punishment" author Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821), and second President of the United States John Adams.

ABC Announces 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants

8/14/2006 1:25pm EDT
Mario Lopez
An American football superstar, a legendary TV talk show host, an award-winning country music singing star, an ultra-conservative TV political pundit, a movie star and a former beauty queen are among the performers who will compete this season on Dancing with the Stars, premiering Tuesday, September 12 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on ABC.

Hosted by Tom Bergeron and co-hosted by Samantha Harris, the new season brings an exciting lineup of even more celebrities than before. The 11 couples heading to the dance floor this season are:

TUCKER CARLSON - MSNBC news anchor -- and often controver...

Michael Bolton & Nicollette Sheridan Get Serious

1/18/2006 9:08am EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Michael Bolton has hinted he is set to marry Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan. When quizzed about engagement rumors, the former long-haired crooner said: "Look, if I did not feel this is the story, I would not have invested so much time and energy in it. Nicollette and I are very serious about each other."

The smitten pair, who recently reunited after dating 14 years ago, posed for photographs at the Golden Globes awards, before Bolton explained: "I'm very committed. It is a very special time in my life. I have a good feeling about the future."

The singer also admitte...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 30

10/30/2005 3:00am EST
Henry Winkler
Happy Birthday to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale (1967), Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona (1960), TV star Harry Hamlin (1951), the "Fonz" Henry Winkler (1945), Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick (1939), Broadway and silver screen star Ruth Gordon (1896), "Crime and Punishment" author Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821), and second President of the United States John Adams.

Veronica Mars: Special Guest Stars on Nov. 9 Episode

10/27/2005 9:30am EDT
Coming up on Veronica Mars:

"Rat Saw God" -- With Aaron Echolls (guest star Harry Hamlin) facing trial for Lilly's murder, the previously accused Abel Koontz appears to enlist Veronica's help in finding his missing daughter Amelia, leading to a confrontation with Kane Software's head of security. Meanwhile, Logan is arrested for the murder of biker Felix Tombs when a witness comes forward and meets with a surprise visitor while in jail. Later, Keith anxiously awaits the results of the race for Sheriff on election night.

Kevin Bray directed the episode from a script written by Joh...

Nicollette Sheridan Has Split With Nicklas Soderblom

10/27/2005 9:09am EDT
Nicollette and Nicklas
'Desperate Housewives' star Nicollette Sheridan has split from her fiancé Nicklas Soderblom.

The couple, who got engaged last winter, have ended their 18-month relationship - just days after Nicollette insisted their romance was still going strong.

The actress's publicist, Nicole Perna, told People magazine: "Nicollette Sheridan and Nicklas Soderblom have parted ways after a year and a half. They ask that you respect their privacy at this time."

Earlier this month, Nicollette, who plays Edie Britt in the hit show, scoffed at rumours claiming her relationship with actor Niklas...