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2014-05-28 ShowBiz Minute for Kurt Russell, and Selena Gomez, Michael C. Hall
2014-01-21 Michael C. Hall Talks Dexter's Finale and Future
2013-10-09 Michael C. Hall on 'Dexter' and 'Kill Your Darlings'
2013-09-10 Kill Your Darlings - Trailer No.1
2013-09-05 'Dexter' Star Reveals Show's Top-Secret Tactics
2013-08-12 'Tan Mom' Patricia Krentcil Sent to Detox Facility
2013-06-17 Sundance Film Festival - "Kill Your Darlings"
2013-01-30 Michael C. Hall Chats About 'Dexter' and 'Kill Your Darlings' at Sundance!
2013-01-24 Michael C. Hall Dishes on 'Dexter' Finale
2012-12-01 Actor Michael C. Hall Talks "Dexter"
2012-09-27 Dexter's Newbie Yvonne Stahovski Dishes on Her Character
2012-09-27 Fashion Arrivals at the 64th Prime Time Emmy Awards
2012-09-24 Gamer Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-15 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-06-14 Celebrity Bytes: Michael C. Hall Holds Hands With Mystery Girl
2012-06-01 Kathy Bates Reveals Past Cancer Scare
2012-03-22 The Trouble With Bliss - Trailer No. 1
2012-02-24 Comic-Con 2010 TV Wrap-Up
2011-09-14 Dexter's Cast on Welcoming New People to the Show
2011-09-13 Dexter's Cast on a Ghostly Ending
2011-09-13 Dexter TV Series Cast Interview
2011-09-13 Julia Stiles & The Cast Of 'Dexter'
2011-02-01 SNTV - Julia Stiles: I have absolutely nothing to do with the split
2010-12-17 SNTV - Michael C. Hall And Jennifer Carpenter Filing For Divorce