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Now Playing: Corey Feldman On The Comeback Trail On This Day: March 10
2014-03-10 Corey Feldman: The 4 Movies I Was On Drugs For
2013-11-01 Corey Feldman On The Comeback Trail
2010-11-30 SNTV - Haim died of pneumonia
2010-05-06 Corey Haim Found Dead
2010-05-05 Corey Haim Passes Away
2010-05-05 Corey Feldman's Tribute Tat
2010-05-05 Lindsay Lohan Shakes It Up
2010-04-29 Corey Haim dies of overdose
2010-03-10 Lost Boys star Corey Haim dies aged 38
2010-03-10 How did the Crank directors get the script past the studios?
2009-04-19 Jason Statham Cranks it up again
2009-04-18 Corey Feldman Asks What's Going On?
2007-06-28 Corey Feldmans First Commercial

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