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1980s Heartthrobs Then & Now (Photos)

5/19/2015 2:27pm EDT
80s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?
Rob Lowe shot to fame in films such as "The Outsiders," "St. Elmo's Fire," "Youngblood" and "About Last Night." He was one of the infamous members of the "Brat Pack," which also included Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy.

In 1988, Lowe made headlines after a videotape surfaced showing him engaged in sexual activities with two women at an Atlanta hotel during the Democratic National Convention. One of those women turned out to be just 16. Lowe's reputation was ruined and after entering rehab for drug and sex addi...

Emma Watson Promises To Remain Scandal-Free

10/4/2011 11:40am EDT
Emma Watson
Actress Emma Watson has vowed not to go off the rails after witnessing how fame badly affected several former child stars.

The British beauty shot to stardom at the age of 11 after she was cast as Hermione Granger alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint in the Harry Potter franchise, and she's convinced critics have been waiting for a scandal in her personal life ever since.

Watson has managed to remain controversy-free for most of her career - and she's determined not to mimic other former child stars such as Drew Barrymore and Corey Haim by turning to alcohol and drugs.

She tell...

Corey Feldman Has A Really Bad Hair Day

3/16/2011 2:00pm EDT
Corey Feldman
We saw Corey Feldman with an unusual hairstyle outside the Music Box in West Hollywood yesterday.We're really not sure what he was thinking with that look!

The actor recently made headlines for lashing out at Oscar bosses, who left his late pal Corey Haim out of the "In Memoriam" tribute at the Academy Awards last month.

Felman recently starred in the direct-to-DVD feature "Lost Boys: The Thirst." Upcoming projects include "Operation Belvish Bash" about a rock and roll musician who travels to Afghanistan to win the hearts and minds of it's people and "Motel de Gracia" in which six people...

Corey Haim's Mom Pretends He's Still Alive

3/12/2011 1:30pm EST
Corey Haim
Corey Haim's mother is still struggling to come to terms with the actor's death and often pretends he is filming on location in a bid to combat the grief.

The former child star passed away on March 10th, 2010, from a combination of heart problems, pneumonia and blood flow issues. Judy Haim has been left devastated by the passing of her 38-year-old son, and admits she sometimes creates fantasies, tricking herself into thinking that he's still alive.

She tells Entertainment Tonight Canada, "It's harder for me because, as you know, I lived with Corey and we've spent so much time together, ...

Corey Feldman Upset Oscar Bosses Snubbed Corey Haim

3/1/2011 9:48am EST
Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman has lashed out at Oscars bosses for leaving his late pal Corey Haim out of the "In Memoriam" tribute at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

As Celine Dion sang Charlie Chaplin's "Smile," Feldman watched hoping to toast his "Lost Boys" co-star, who died last year - but Haim wasn't part of the segment.

Feldman tells, "Corey's films have earned the industry over a half a billion dollars and his work remains an inspiration to young artists worldwide.

"Corey dedicated his life to the film industry. The same industry that failed to dedicate even 30 seconds to his memory."

A st...

Corey Feldman Mad Corey Haim Wasn't Mentioned In SAG's 'In Memoriam' Tribute

2/1/2011 8:16am EST
Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman has taken aim at the Screen Actors Guild Awards organizers for omitting his late pal Corey Haim from their 2011 In Memoriam tribute during the telecast on Sunday night.

The "Lost Boys" star was stunned when his friend, who died last year, wasn't mentioned in the annual tribute to actors who had passed away in the previous 12 months.

And he can only imagine the organizers decided not to include him. He says, "We have become used to not being honored by our peers in the industry."

Feldman is now hoping his late pal isn't ignored when the Oscars air later this month.

He adds,...

2010 Year In Entertainment Review: March

1/1/2011 1:00pm EST
Lil Wayne
It was a shocking way to start the spring as March saw two of Hollywood's biggest star couples announce break-ups - Kate Winslet parted ways with her second husband Sam Mendes after seven years and Sandra Bullock's Oscar win was overshadowed after she found out partner Jesse James had cheated on her.

More scandals came as the month progressed, with fiery supermodel Naomi Campbell accused of attacking her driver by striking him on the head, and Michael Jackson's mum Katherine visited by welfare officials in Los Angeles over allegations one of her grandkids had purchased a stun gun.

Rapper ...

Notable 2010 Celebrity Deaths

12/31/2010 8:00am EST
2010 Celeb Deaths
Fortunately, 2010 wasn't a big one for celebrity deaths. In 2009, several notables died, including Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett.

May was a particularly bad month, in which stars such as Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper passed away.

Casey Johnson, Johnson & Johnson heiress and fiancee of reality star Tila Tequila, died January 4 from diabetic ketoacidosis.

"All My Children" patriarch James Mitchell died on January 22, weeks shy of his 90th birthday. The cause was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated by pneumonia.

"Poltergeist" star Zelda Rubenstein di...

Corey Feldman Dedicates New 'Lost Boys' Film To Corey Haim

7/28/2010 11:39am EDT
Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman is dedicating his new movie "Lost Boys: The Thirst" to Corey Haim, insisting his late pal "would love" the vampire horror.

The actor died in March after suffering heart problems and pneumonia, but his longtime friend Feldman insists his presence lives on in the upcoming third Lost Boys movie, spawned from the pair's original 1987 hit.

Feldman tells, "Corey Haim would love it, he was very excited about the fact we were making (another) one. He did some interviews and said that while he couldn't be part of it, he was looking forward to seeing how his character wo...

Corey Haim Died Of Natural Causes

5/4/2010 9:51pm EDT
Corey Haim
Actor Corey Haim died of natural causes, according to findings by Los Angeles Coroners officials.

Reports suggested "The Lost Boys" star died of a drug overdose in March, but a full toxicology investigation has ruled the narcotics in the star's system at the time of his death did not kill him.

Instead, a bad heart and pneumonia caused the tragedy, along with a blood flow issue.

Haim's longtime pal starpulse suggested natural causes when he spoke out about his friend's death a day after he was pronounced dead at a Burbank, California hospital.

Feldman insisted Haim may have suffered kidn...

Corey Feldman, Kristy Swanson, Others Remember Corey Haim At Farewll Dinner

4/10/2010 11:42am EDT
Corey Feldman
Child stars Corey Feldman and Todd Bridges and actress Kristy Swanson staged a farewell dinner to honor their late pal Corey Haim in Marina Del Rey, California, on Thursday night.

Feldman was forced to scrap plans for a formal memorial service because Haim's mother, Judy, was still too upset and too ill to attend such a big event, and so he arranged for the tragic actor's closest friends and his mom to meet up and toast the star's memory.

Swanson tells, "Had Corey wished to be anywhere, he would have loved to be with us last night, to be with all his old friends.

Guests also i...

Corey Haim Was A Walking Pharmacy

4/6/2010 9:08pm EDT
Corey Haim
Late actor Corey Haim obtained at least 553 pills of powerful prescription medications from seven different doctors in the last month of his life, according to California’s attorney general.

Jerry Brown has released details of an investigation into Haim's drug use, revealing the Lost Boys star visited physicians across the state in a desperate bid to obtain pills.

Calling Haim, "the poster child for the problem" of "doctor-shopping", Brown also told reporters the actor often used an alias.

Among the pills on Haim's drug list, obtained between February 2 and March 5, were Valium, Vicodin ...

Corey Haim's Death Verdict 'Deferred'

3/19/2010 10:04am EDT
Corey Haim
The cause of former child star Corey Haim's death is still unknown, with officials signing off the reason for the actor's passing as "deferred" on his death certificate.

"The Lost Boys" star passed away in Los Angeles last week, after collapsing at his mom Judy's house in the early hours of the morning. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. According to the actor's mother, her son died of pulmonary congestion - fluid on the lungs - and an enlarged heart.

However, California's Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. fueled speculation the conditions were dow...

Comparisons Between Brittany Murphy & Corey Haim Make Widower Furious

3/19/2010 8:25am EDT
Brittany Murphy & Simon Monjack
Brittany Murphy's widower Simon Monjack has slammed comparison's between his wife's death and the Corey Haim tragedy - insisting the only link between the pair was their acting careers.

The British producer admits he's "furious" about comparisons made between the "Clueless" star's death and Haim's suspected overdose last week.

Speaking exclusively to news show "Access Hollywood," Monjack says, "That's absurd... Corey was someone that had openly used drugs for many, many years and had a problem. Brittany was someone that had never used a drug in her life."

Asked if he ever saw Murphy take...

Attorney General Reveals Corey Haim Had Up To 20 Doctors

3/18/2010 8:21am EDT
Corey Haim
The California Attorney General has fueled speculation Corey Haim died of a drug overdose - after confirming the star's body "took some very damaging assaults" from multiple prescriptions by over a dozen doctors.

"The Lost Boys" star passed away in Los Angeles last week, he is believed to have collapsed at his mom Judy's house in the early hours of the morning and was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

California cops have discovered Haim, who had a long history of addiction, obtained an illegal order for painkiller OxyContin, written out on a fake prescript...

Corey Haim Planned TV Show To Document 'Drug Addiction'

3/17/2010 9:09am EDT
Corey Haim
Corey Haim filmed a reality TV show in the year before his tragic death, detailing his struggle with drug addiction and his plans to launch a music career.

"The Lost Boys" star passed away in Los Angeles last Wednesday. He was found unresponsive at his mother's house and later pronounced dead in the hospital after suffering a suspected overdose. Haim, 38, was open about his long battle with his addictions, but was believed to have sobered up over the last few years.

Now, TV producer Jim Katz has revealed he worked with the late star on a reality TV show a year ago called "Lost Boy Found...

Corey Feldman Pens Moving Open Letter To Corey Haim

3/16/2010 10:41pm EDT
Corey Feldman wrote an emotional message to his late pal and co-star Corey Haim on the day of his funeral, telling his tragic friend how his "heart is so broken" since his death last week.

The "Lost Boys" star was found unconscious at his mother's home in Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning and pronounced dead on arrival at St. Joseph's hospital in Burbank, California.

Family and close friends gathered to bid farewell to Haim at a private burial in his native Toronto, Canada on Tuesday, but his regular film collaborator Feldman decided to stay away from the memorial to ens...

Todd Bridges Tried To Help Corey Haim

3/16/2010 9:57am EDT
Todd Bridges
Former "Diff'Rent Strokes" star Todd Bridges reached out to Corey Haim last year in a bid to curb the late actor's alleged prescription drug habit.

"The Lost Boys" star, who had a long history of drug problems, died last Wednesday after suffering a suspected overdose. And Bridges, who has also battled addiction, admits he contacted his friend a year ago and warned him about the dangers of using medication.

He tells the Today show, "I had tried to get Corey to stop taking prescription drugs and take care of his life. I tried to get him to understand that there was a different way out. He...

Miley Cyrus Thinks The Media Is Mean & 'Love Makes The World Go Round'

3/16/2010 8:21am EDT
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus hopes the deaths of Brittany Murphy, Casey Johnson and Corey Haim will prompt the media to be nicer to Hollywood stars and socialites.

The pop star and actress has spoken out about the pressures of fame on young stars, and blames the tabloids for making their lives a misery.

She tells, "Maybe people would stop being so mean to people that (sic) are in this business... because, if something does happen, it's just another story to sell. People should learn to be respectful and realize that love makes the world go round. It's not your job to sell another stupid mag...

Corey Feldman Won't Attend Corey Haim's Funeral

3/15/2010 8:49pm EDT
Corey Feldman will not be among mourners attending the funeral of his best friend and movie co-star Corey Haim, who died of a suspected drug overdose in Los Angeles last week.

The "Lost Boys" star was found unconscious at his mother's home in Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning and was pronounced dead upon arrival at St. Joseph's hospital in Burbank, California.

Childhood pal Feldman has revealed he woke up to the sad news and spent the morning sobbing about the tragedy, but, despite his grief, the "Goonies" actor has announced he will stay away from the star's burial serv...

Toronto Officials Won't Pay For Corey Haim's Funeral

3/15/2010 7:00pm EDT
Corey Haim
City officials in Toronto, Canada have dismissed reports taxpayers will pick up the funeral costs for tragic actor Corey Haim, despite allegations from his grieving mother.

"The Lost Boys" star died of a suspected drug overdose in Los Angeles last week and his cancer-stricken mother, Judy Haim, has been struggling to gather enough cash to fly the actor's body to his native Canada.

Family members began selling Haim's possessions on internet auction site as a way for fans to donate to funeral costs and his mum was even offered a $20,000 check advance from executives at Startifact...

City Of Toronto To Pay For Corey Haim's Funeral

3/15/2010 8:48am EDT
Corey Haim
Funeral costs for Corey Haim will be paid for by the authorities in charge of his native Toronto, Canada, according to the late star's grieving mother.

The "Lost Boys" star died of a suspected drug overdose in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

His family members revealed they were struggling to gather enough money to fly his body home and began selling the late actor's possessions on internet auction site as a way for fans to donate to funeral costs.

Executives at Startifacts, the company helping to sell Haim's belongings online, subsequently offered to hand the actor's cancer-stricken ...

Corey Haim Involved In Prescription Drug Scam?

3/14/2010 8:00am EDT
California authorities are investigating tragic actor Corey Haim's alleged links to a prescription drug scam.

The state's Attorney General's office launched the investigation on Friday after finding an unauthorized prescription in Haim's name during a separate sting operation connected to a San Diego, California man.

According to reports, members of the drug ring operated by ordering official prescription drug stationery from authorized sources and then used stolen doctor identities to access illegal medication.

The pads were either sold to prescription drug users, or to people who would...

Family Asks Fans For Money For Corey Haim's Funeral

3/13/2010 9:03am EST
Corey Haim and mother
Corey Haim's family members have started an online fund so the dead star can have a proper funeral in his native Toronto, Canada.

The "Lost Boys" star, who died of a suspected drug overdose in Los Angeles on Wednesday, will be flown home and buried in Toronto next week - if his family can afford the costs of shipping and the funeral itself.

And they're asking fans to help.

In a post on Haim's website, a family representative writes, "Due to the unexpected expenses of transporting his body to Canada for final resting, a fund has been set up to help."

Details of where to send the cash or...

Nicole Eggert Wants To Track Down Corey Haim's Molester

3/12/2010 2:39pm EST
Nicole Eggert
Actor Corey Haim's ex-girlfriend Nicole Eggert has launched a one-woman crusade to track down the pervert who ruined the "Lost Boys" star's life by molesting him when he was a teenager.

The former "Baywatch" babe has revealed she was dating Haim around the time of the sex acts her late ex alluded to in interviews and during a heated discussion with pal Corey Feldman on an episode of their reality TV show "The Two Coreys."

Eggert insists she has no idea what was going on at the time, but now she's sickened by the thought of what was going on behind closed doors in the house where she use...

Reality Star Daisy De La Hoya Was Dating Corey Haim Before He Died

3/12/2010 8:40am EST
Daisy De La Hoya
Boxer Oscar De La Hoya's niece has confirmed reports she was dating actor Corey Haim at the time of his death on Wednesday.

Reality TV star Daisy De La Hoya, who fronts VH1 show Daisy of Love, has taken to to pour out her emotions about her lover's death.

Haim died from a suspected overdose at his mother's apartment in Los Angeles.

De La Hoya tweets, "I'm sooooooo devastated right now. This is the worst day ever I can't believe this."

A source close to the 28 year old reveals she and Haim had only just started dating and attended a Playboy Mansion party together with the act...

L.A. Coroner Reports Corey Haim Had Enlarged Heart

3/11/2010 10:01pm EST
Corey Haim
Actor Corey Haim had pulmonary congestion, according to initial findings by a Los Angeles coroner - but officials have not determined if the condition killed the former child star.

"The Lost Boys" star died from a suspected drug overdose in his mother's Los Angeles apartment on Wednesday.

His cause of death has not yet been determined but reports four medications, including painkiller Vicodin, prescribed to Haim were found in the property.

The website also alleges experts at the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office have informed Haim's mother Judy that the actor had pulmonary cong...

Corey Feldman Says Corey Haim Died 'Destitute'

3/11/2010 6:00pm EST
Corey Feldman
Former child star Corey Haim was "destitute" when he died, according to his close friend Corey Feldman. "The Lost Boys" star was discovered unresponsive at his mother's California home on Wednesday and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a hospital in Burbank.

Feldman, who starred in a string of movies with Haim, remained close to his pal up until his sudden death, and admits he was living in a budget apartment with his mother in his final days, because he was so "broke" he couldn't even afford a car.

Feldman tells Larry King, "Corey was living in the Oakwood Apartments with his mom, ve...

Corey Haim's Agent Has Doubts About Overdose Rumors

3/11/2010 11:49am EST
Corey Haim
Corey Haim's agent has cast doubt on reports the former child star died of an accidental overdose, insisting the actor was winning his battle with drugs. The 38-year-old "Lost Boys" star was pronounced dead at a Burbank, California hospital on Wednesday morning after his mother found the actor unresponsive at her home in Los Angeles.

However, Mark Heaslip, who spent the last year and a half working with Haim, isn't convinced by reports alleging drugs killed the star.

Heaslip tells, "I really don't think it was an overdose. He was doing really well. He did struggle with substa...

Corey Feldman: 'Hollywood Used And Abused Corey Haim'

3/11/2010 9:07am EST
Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman has blamed Hollywood for turning its back on his tragic best friend Corey Haim after he was no longer a cute child star. The 38-year-old "Lost Boys" actor was discovered unresponsive at his mom's California home on Wednesday and was pronounced dead upon arrival at St Joseph's hospital in Burbank.

Feldman was devastated by the tragic news - and while he's touched by the celebrity tributes that have come pouring in, he's upset none of the stars reached out to his pal during his times of need.

In an interview with Larry King, Feldman says, "Where were all these people the las...