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Scientology bosses blast Paul Haggis over open letter to Leah Remini

August 1st, 2013 3:10am EDT
Paul Haggis
Church of Scientology officials have blasted former member Paul Haggis after his open letter to actress Leah Remini was published in The Hollywood Reporter.

The writer and director has become a vocal opponent of the church and its elders ever since he quit in 2009 after 35 years, and he wasted little time in attacking the organisation's alleged practice of shutting out non-Scientologists as part of a missive about Remini's recent departure from the faith.

Haggis offered his support to the actress, who he claims stood by him when he became an ex-Scientologist, despite church elders advisin...

Paul Haggis: 'I Was Ashamed To Be A Scientologist'

January 18th, 2013 10:07am EST
Paul Haggis
Oscar winner Paul Haggis quit the Church of Scientology after 34 years because he was ashamed of becoming part of an organization he now considers a cult.
The Crash writer/director has become the most famous and one of the most vocal former Scientologists, and on Thursday night he opened up about his time with the Church on news show Rock Center.
In his first TV interview about his former faith, he told newsman Harry Smith he walked away from Scientology because he was embarrassed by his links to the Church.
Haggis said, "I was ashamed of my own stupidity, of how I could have been so ...

Paul Haggis And Deborah Rennard File For Divorce

May 18th, 2012 11:45am EDT
Paul Haggis
Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis and actress Deborah Rennard are divorcing.

The Crash writer and the former Dallas star wed in 1997 but split in 2010.

The pair has now filed for divorce, but remain on amicable terms, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

The Canadian moviemaker bought a bachelor pad in the Big Apple after the couple separated, the publication reports.

Haggis and Rennard have no children together.

Brendan Fraser And Paul Haggis Awarded Damages Over 'Crash' Lawsuit

December 21st, 2011 8:46am EST
Moviemaker Bob Yari has been ordered to pay actor Brendan Fraser and director Paul Haggis $12 million in damages for improperly withholding profits from hit 2004 film Crash.

In 2007, Haggis launched legal action against the movie's producer Yari, claiming he had breached a profit sharing agreement made in 2002 and failed to give him the correct money he is owed.

Superior Court Judge Daniel J. Buckley ruled earlier this year that Yari had breached his contract by "diverting funds to third parties" from the profits of the $100 million -grossing movie.

And Yari has now been ordered to pay...

Paul Haggis Defends His Controversial Scientology Profile

February 24th, 2011 10:24am EST
Paul Haggis
British moviemaker Paul Haggis is refusing to back down after detailing his defection from the Church of Scientology in a hard-hitting New Yorker magazine article, insisting the piece was necessary.

Haggis' profile caused a storm of controversy when it was posted online last week - because it contained details of his 35 years with the celebrity church, which boasts Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its members. The writer/director, who dubbed the church "a cult" in the article, tells USA Today, "I had a lot of friends that I knew who were upset. It was hard. Because those are really good...

Paul Haggis Breaks His Silence About His Scientology Experience

February 8th, 2011 11:13am EST
Paul Haggis
Crash director and former Scientologist Paul Haggis has sparked outrage among the church's leaders after revealing the inner workings of the religion to a magazine.

The screenwriter was a member of the Church of Scientology, which counts actors John Travolta and Tom Cruise as followers, for more than 30 years before quitting over its support for Proposition 8, the bill which outlawed same-sex marriage. He has broken his silence about his time as a member to help The New Yorker journalist Lawrence Wright with a 25,000-word article about the secretive group's practices.

Haggis tells the p...

'The Next Three Days' Lives In The Gray

November 23rd, 2010 12:10am EST
The Next Three Days
While viewing Paul Haggis’ thriller “The Next Three Days,” an ancient expression comes to mind: love conquers all. In this film, an average man’s overwhelming love for his wife compels him to make a series of morally questionable choices. Ultimately these decisions will test his strength of will because they involve inhabiting in an ethically gray area most people never visit during their lifetime.

John (Russell Crowe) and Laura’s (Elizabeth Banks) picturesque life is thrown into chaos when Laura is arrested under suspicion of murder. With a wealth of serious evidence against her, L...

Review: 'Two Jews On Film' Aren't Thrilled With 'The Next Three Days' (Video)

November 15th, 2010 11:26am EST
Megan Fox
'The Next Three Days' is written and directed by Oscar winner Paul Haggis. Life seems perfect for John Brennan (Russel Crowe) and his wife, Lara (Elizabeth Banks) He's an English teacher at a local community college and they have one son (Ty Simpkins). Their perfect existence quickly changes when Lara gets arrested and charged with murdering her boss. Lara says she didn't do it and of course John believes her. Three years into her sentence, John is still struggling to prove his wife's innocence. With the rejection of their final appeal, Lara becomes suicidal and John decides there i...

Fall Movie Preview Part 3: November

September 8th, 2010 10:20am EDT
harry potter
November will unleash on moviegoers some of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. Sure to be the biggest opener of the month will be “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” which will ease fans into the end of the “Harry Potter” movie franchise. Director David Yates returns to helm the last two installments of the series which will be much appreciated by die-hard fans of the books and movies. Also exciting, and not surprising, is “Deathly Hallows” will be 3D which may result in the movie being just another flop in the 3D craze. Few movies have successfully employed the 3D t...

Sandra Bullock Is Sexy On The Cover Of The New EW

September 4th, 2010 4:00pm EDT
Sandra Bullock EW
Sandra Bullock wasn't buying the hype. Speaking to EW last fall, weeks before the opening of a little heart-warmer of a movie called The Blind Side, the actress - who had reemerged earlier that year from a two-year hiatus with her biggest hit ever, the romantic comedy The Proposal - predicted that her newly reinvigorated career would soon cool down again. She brushed off The Proposal's success as a cosmic fluke: "I don't pump my fist in the air. I don't want anything karmically crashing down on me." She dismissed the idea that she might score an Oscar nomination for The Blind Side: "The stu...

Don Cheadle Named Producer Of 'Crash' TV Series

January 29th, 2008 12:13pm EST
Don Cheadle
Hollywood actor Don Cheadle is to turn Oscar-winning movie Crash into a TV

series. The 2004 film picked up three Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay and now Cheadle, who starred in the original film, is hoping to replicate its success on the small screen.

Cheadle has been named as a producer, along with original writer and director Paul Haggis, on the series which will be split into 13 one-hour episodes for broadcast on Starz.

The original all-star cast included Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Ryan Phillippe, Brendan Fraser and Thandie ...

Reaction To The Oscar Nominations

January 23rd, 2008 9:17am EST
No Country for Old Men
And then there were five. Oscar morning has come and gone, featuring the usual mix of surprises, sure things and people getting up way too early. Here's a rundown of who's in, who's out, and what to expect come Oscar night.

Best Picture

"No Country for Old Men"

"There Will Be Blood"


"Michael Clayton"


Front-Runner: "No Country for Old Men"

Surprise: "Into The Wild" out, "Atonement" in.

Snub: "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"

This category came up pretty much according to plan. Every movie nominated had a very good shot at it with about...

Charlize Theron Credits Smoking For Her Success

January 14th, 2008 3:00pm EST
Charlize Theron
Actress Charlize Theron credits her smoking habit with her Hollywood success. The Monster star, 32, admits cigarettes are "filthy", but claims the unhealthy practice inadvertently landed her a role In The Valley Of Elah.

She explains, "I still smoke, occasionally. But it led to a role in my new film. I kept on running into writer and director Paul Haggis when we were at an awards event. He was there for his film Crash and I was there for North Country."

"We were the only two losers in an alley, smoking. He said, 'I'm going to write a film for you.' And he did."


Paul Haggis Adds To 'Crash' Legal Woes

December 4th, 2007 1:47pm EST
Crash director Paul Haggis is suing one of his co-producers on the Oscar-winning movie over $4.7 million in unpaid royalties. Haggis claims he is owed the millions in profits from the 2005 box office hit and has accused Bob Yari of breach of contract.

The filmmaker is disputing an agreement signed in 2002 regarding the distribution of royalties, which depended on the film's financial success.

Crash, which went on to win three Academy Awards, was originally made on a budget of just $6.5 million plus $1 million in

financing, but went on to gross over $100 million worldwide - more ...

Paul Haggis: 'I'll Never Sell My Lucky Chair'

October 2nd, 2007 10:06am EDT
Paul Haggis
Writer/director Paul Haggis has vowed never to sell an old chair he was once given after helping a friend pen a TV script - because he's convinced the piece of furniture is his good luck charm. Haggis's pal had to rush-write an episode of '70s/'80s show One Day At A Time and asked the future Oscar winner to lend a hand.

The Crash film maker's goodwill gesture not only netted him a free chair, but kick started his career as well. He says, "I was trying to break into writing and getting nowhere. I met a young writer who was working on a One Day At A Time script. He was worried because i...

Charlize Theron Stunned By Acting Soldiers

September 4th, 2007 4:32pm EDT
Charlize Theron
Oscar winner Charlize Theron was stunned by the real life soldiers who starred in her new movie, after doubting whether they would be good enough to be in the film.

Director Paul Haggis decided to recruit soldiers recently returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, for The Valley Of Elah, the real life story of the murder of a soldier.

Theron admits she had reservations they could match up to the talents of her and co-stars Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones - but was blown away by their talent.

She says, "Paul said, 'Trust me', and I did. They showed up and I was blown away. I ...

Charlize Theron Is Addicted To 'Deal Or No Deal'

August 31st, 2007 9:22am EDT
Charlize Theron
Filmmaker Paul Haggis has discovered Charlize Theron's secret addiction - game show "Deal Or No Deal." Haggis was amazed by how much time his fellow Oscar winner spent in her trailer playing a videogame version of the show on the set of their new movie In The Valley Of Elah.

He says, "I went to Charlize's trailer to talk to her about a scene, and I heard these really strange sounds inside. I heard (show presenter) Howie Mandel's voice. Inside the trailer, she was watching the videogame version of 'Deal Or No Deal.'

"(Charlize said, 'Shh... shh... shh. He's offering the guy $200,...

Judge Dismisses 'Crash' Lawsuit

December 28th, 2006 9:28am EST
Producer Bob Yari's lawsuit against the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences (AMPAS) and the Producers Guild Of America (PGA) to seek producing credit for Crash has been thrown out of a Los Angeles court.

Filmmaker Yari filed suit against AMPAS and PGA on March 1, claiming the organizations had unlawfully denied him a producer's credit on the Oscar-winning racial drama, thereby preventing him from receiving "the ultimate professional acclaim, and the accompanying creative and economic benefits, to which his labors entitle him".

Writer/director Paul Haggis and fellow produ...

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