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Now Playing: Jake Gyllenhaal Could Join Tilda Swinton for Monster Flick Jake Gyllenhaal Could Join Tilda Swinton for Monster Flick
2015-10-06 The Mystery of Jake Gyllenhaal's Height Has FINALLY Been Solved . . . Right?
2015-10-04 Hollywood's Smartest Celebs Including James Franco and Emma Watson
2015-09-25 Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Demolition' Hits Cinemas Next Year
2015-09-24 'Everest' Star Jason Clarke Admits Filming in Nepal Was a Real Challenge
2015-09-21 'Everest': Featurette - IMAX
2015-09-19 Movie Report: 'Everest'
2015-09-19 'Everest': Exclusive Interview with Cast & Crew
2015-09-16 'Demolition' Trailer
2015-09-15 'Everest': Featurette - Shooting In The Elements
2015-09-15 Everest Featurette About the Sherpas Who Made It Possible
2015-09-15 Cast and Director of ‘Everest' Share Their Camaraderie with TODAY
2015-09-15 Jake Gyllenhaal Joins HuffPost Live
2015-08-13 Movie Report: 'Southpaw'
2015-08-11 Victor Ortiz Calls Out Floyd Mayweather
2015-08-08 'Everest' IMAX Trailer
2015-08-07 Ethan Hawke and Ellen Page Heading to Toronto Film Fest
2015-08-06 'Everest': MovieBites
2015-08-01 Jake Gyllenhaal's Best Onscreen Performances
2015-08-01 Jake Gyllenhaal's Southpaw Kid Co-Star Goes Fangirl on Him
2015-07-31 Oona Laurence Crazy/Nervous Over Working With Jake Gyllenhaal
2015-07-31 Venice Film Festival Stars and Films Are Revealed
2015-07-30 Jake Gyllenhaal Continues His Dramatic Streak
2015-07-30 'Demolition' with Jake Gyllenhaal to Launch 40th Toronto Film Festival
2015-07-29 This Week's Box Office Countdown
2015-07-28 Jake Gyllenhaal: I Want Fighters to Watch It
2015-07-28 Box Office Report: July 24th - 26th
2015-07-27 Jake Gyllenhaal Cried at Having to Refuse Role
2015-07-27 Movie Premiere Southpaw: Interviews with the Lead Actors!
2015-07-27 How Jake Gyllenhaal Got In Tip-Top Shape For Southpaw
2015-07-27 Grandmaster Flash Loses His Car and More
2015-07-26 Jake Gyllenhaal Remembers Heath Ledger
2015-07-25 How Jake Gyllenhaal Transformed Into a Boxer Champ for SouthPaw
2015-07-25 Victor Ortiz 'Southpaw' Interview
2015-07-23 E! Looks Back at Jake Gyllenhaal in 2001!
2015-07-23 Jake Gyllenhaal Fields Questions About Taylor Swift
2015-07-23 Gyllenhaal: I Felt Like an Animal
2015-07-23 Southpaw's Jake Gyllenhaal Wanted the Boxing to Be Real
2015-07-23 Jake Gyllenhaal's Evolution of Hotness, From Bubble Boy to Jacked Boxer
2015-07-23 'Southpaw': Exclusive Interview With Jake Gyllenhaal
2015-07-22 WATCH: Jake Gyllenhaal Combs His Beard With a Fork
2015-07-22 Jake Gylllenhaal: 'We All Should Be Able to Empathize with Almost Anybody'
2015-07-22 Rachel McAdams: Southpaw Training Helped Me with True Detective Role
2015-07-21 Rachel McAdams And Jake Gyllenhaal Cosy Up At Southpaw Premiere
2015-07-21 Gyllenhaal and McAdams' Fighting Talk
2015-07-21 'Southpaw' Premiere: Gyllenhaal, McAdams Immerse Themselves in Boxing World
2015-07-21 Jake Gyllenhaal Reacts to 'GMA' Playing Taylor Swift During His Interview
2015-07-21 Does Jake Gyllenhaal Have 'Bad Blood' with GMA?
2015-07-21 Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Southpaw' Transformation
2015-07-20 We'll Fight For Jake Gyllenhaal as Our Man Crush Monday
2015-07-20 'Southpaw': Featurette - Jake Training
2015-07-17 Rachel McAdams Wouldn't Touch Jake Gyllenhaal's Yucky Abs
2015-07-17 Paul Walker's Brother Cody Joins Nicolas Cage Film
2015-07-16 Film Clip: 'Southpaw'
2015-07-16 50 Cent: 'If Eminem Did Southpaw It Would Have Been a Different Movie'
2015-07-15 Jake Gyllenhaal: Being a Father Is 'A Dream of Mine'
2015-07-14 Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Train for 'Southpaw'
2015-07-11 Eminem and Gwen Stefani Release New Song 'Kings Never Die' for Southpaw
2015-07-11 Rachel McAdams And Jake Gyllenhaal At Southpaw Premiere
2015-07-10 Jake Gyllenhaal at His 2015 September 'Details' Cover Shoot
2015-07-09 Red Carpet Watch: A-List Men in Tuxedos
2015-07-08 In the Style of: Jake Gyllenhaal
2015-07-08 Upcoming Release: 'Everest'
2015-07-03 Jake Gyllenhaal's Sexy Phone Voice Will Make You Giggle Like a Schoolgirl
2015-06-25 'Accidental Love' Film Review
2015-06-21 The Guardian Film Show: 'Mr Holmes,' 'Entourage,' 'Accidental Love'
2015-06-21 Southpaw Reviews Down Movie, but Jake Gyllenhaal's Abs Mean Oscar
2015-06-18 Dave Franco & 8 Stars Who Stole Our Hearts From Their Famous Older Siblings
2015-06-13 'Everest': Featurette - First Look
2015-06-11 Signs That Hollywood Doesn't Know How To Cast People Of Color
2015-06-06 'Everest' Trailer
2015-06-06 Ellie Goulding Takes Credit for MatchMaking Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris
2015-06-05 Jake Gyllenhaal Praises Rita Ora's Ccting
2015-06-02 The 22nd Annual AmfAR Gala
2015-05-26 Michelle Rodriguez, Jake Gyllenhaal & Sienna Miller Close Out Cannes Film Festival