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Now Playing: 'Forever': Jo Freezes During a Standoff 'Forever': Jo Freezes During a Standoff
2015-08-12 'Forever': Henry and Abe's Story
2015-07-09 'Forever': Henry Tests Poison on Himself
2015-07-09 'Forever': Henry Sacrifices Himself to Stop the Killer
2015-07-09 'Forever': Henry Figures Out the Plan
2015-07-09 'Forever': Dr. Henry Morgan Meets Det. Jo Martinez
2015-07-09 'Forever': Henry's Mysterious Phone Call
2015-07-09 'Forever': Henry Morgan's Origin Story
2015-07-09 Forever Is Canceled and Ioan Gruffudd Is Upset
2015-05-08 'Forever': Henry's Disappearing Act
2015-05-06 'Forever': Abigail Learns Henry's Secret
2015-05-06 'Forever': Adam Is Frozen
2015-05-06 'Forever': Adam Shoots Henry
2015-05-06 'Forever': Lucas & Henry's Touching Moment
2015-05-06 'Forever': Henry Tells Jo His Secret
2015-05-06 Ioan Gruffudd Lifts the Lid on San Andreas and Alexandra Daddario
2015-04-26 'Forever': Henry Finds Abigail
2015-04-22 'Forever': How Did Abigail Die?
2015-04-22 'Forever': Abigail's Letter to Henry
2015-04-22 'Forever': Henry's English Rose
2015-04-22 'Forever': Did Adam Kill Abigail?
2015-04-22 'Forever': "I Found Mom"
2015-04-08 'Forever': Lost in Paris
2015-04-08 'Forever': Will Jo Reveal Her Feelings for Henry?
2015-04-08 'Forever': "I Lost Her Too Dad"
2015-04-01 'Forever': Best Night Ever
2015-04-01 'Forever': Two Doves
2015-04-01 'Forever': The Wisdom of Whitesnake
2015-04-01 'Forever': Adam Crashes the Party
2015-03-25 'Forever': Jo Saves Isaac's Life
2015-03-25 'Forever': Will Henry Test Adam's Theory?
2015-03-25 'Forever': "All Because Someone Dropped a Key"
2015-03-25 'Forever': "The Secret's Out"
2015-03-13 'Forever': Jo Knows Henry's Secret
2015-03-13 'Forever': Liz Changes Henry's Past
2015-03-13 'Forever': "Save Her and I Will Destroy You"
2015-03-13 'Forever': "The World Must Know This Miracle"
2015-03-13 'Forever': You're Still My Henry
2015-03-13 'Forever': Sneak Peek: Intimate Eyebrow
2015-03-13 'Forever': Sneak Peek: Dr. Morgan...Or Whoever You Are
2015-03-13 'Forever': "The Secret's Out"
2015-03-04 'Forever': Liz Changes Henry's Past
2015-03-04 'Forever': Jo Knows Henry's Secret
2015-03-04 'Forever': "The World Must Know This Miracle"
2015-03-04 'Forever': You're Still My Henry
2015-03-04 'Forever': "Save Her and I Will Destroy You"
2015-03-04 'Forever': A Pinch of Nostalgia
2015-02-25 'Forever': Henry Opens Up His Heart
2015-02-25 'Forever': A Ridiculous Love Story
2015-02-25 'Forever': "What Will People Think?"
2015-02-25 'Forever': Honey I'm Home
2015-02-25 'Forever': Sneak Peek: Who Wants to Be on Top?
2015-02-21 'Forever': The Orphan Is a Princess
2015-02-11 'Forever': Abe & Henry Are Related
2015-02-11 'Forever': 2 Partners and a Baby
2015-02-11 'Forever': All Children Are Royalty
2015-02-11 'Forever': "The Answer Is Yes"
2015-02-11 'Forever': Sneak Peek: A King Was Killed
2015-02-10 'Forever': Sneak Peek: He Was Having SEX Sex?
2015-02-10 'Forever': Adam Pays Abe a Visit--Alone
2015-02-04 'Forever': Abe Sees His Parents the First Time
2015-02-04 'Forever': Henry Contronts Adam About Abe
2015-02-04 'Forever': Adam Was a Victim, Too
2015-02-04 'Forever': Henry Hears the Truth from His Father
2015-02-04 'Forever': Henry's Father Gives Him His Watch
2015-02-04 'Forever': Flashback: A Priest Saves Henry
2015-01-14 'Forever': How Much It Hurts to Lose Someone
2015-01-14 'Forever': Jo Sees a Video of Her Late Husband
2015-01-14 'Forever': Henry Shares Wisdom on Death with Jo
2015-01-14 'Forever': Henry Schools Dr. Washington
2015-01-07 'Forever': Jo Calls Oliver Clausten a Total Ass
2015-01-07 'Forever': Jo Wants to Make It Easier for Henry
2015-01-07 'Forever': Henry Reveals His Secret to the Team
2014-12-10 'Forever': Henry Kills an Immortal to Save Abe
2014-12-10 'Forever': Henry Opens Up to a Therapist