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Merv Griffin's Has One Last Joke

January 10th, 2008 3:30pm EST
Merv Griffin
Late comedy legend Merv Griffin has cracked his last joke - a funny one-liner on his cemetery tombstone. The talk show host died last August at the age of 82 after a long battle with prostate cancer and was laid to rest at Los Angeles' Westwood Village Memorial Park, alongside Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Jack Lemmon.

And Griffin requested his gravestone include the quip, "I will not be right back after this message."

A spokesperson for his company says, "Merv would have wanted it exactly that way."

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Jerry Lewis' Rep Slams 'Entertainment Tonight'

August 24th, 2007 2:30pm EDT
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis' spokeswoman has hit out at bosses on "Entertainment Tonight," accusing of them of taking the comedian's comments about Merv Griffin out of context.

Speaking on the show, Lewis said TV star Griffin "deserved to die" from prostate cancer earlier this month because he had failed to seek treatment for the disease. But his representative Claudia Stabile Marghilano claims show bosses made Lewis "look like a schmuck."

She says, "All he meant was that Merv neglected his care of prostate cancer. Jerry loved Merv, he adored Merv. They make Jerry look like a schmuck. Give Jer...

Jerry Lewis: 'Merv Griffin Deserved To Die'

August 24th, 2007 1:34pm EDT
Jerry Lewis
Merv Griffin "deserved to die" because he avoided treating his prostate cancer, according to comedian Jerry Lewis. Griffin, the brains behind game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune, died earlier this month at the age of 82.

Lewis reveals he was furious when his late pal passed away - because he had the same disease, but was cured after seeing doctors.

Speaking on Entertainment Tonight, Lewis says, "I was very angry when I heard (Griffin) died. He didn't have to die. He knew he had prostate cancer, and he did nothing about it. He deserved to die.

"You can't have cancer ...

Merv Griffin Admitted To The Hospital

July 19th, 2007 11:45am EDT
American entertainer Merv Griffin has been admitted to hospital with prostate cancer. The 82-year-old former producer of game shows Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune is being treated at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles - where he was taken on Wednesday - for cancer discovered during a routine check-up earlier this month, according to his spokesperson.

His son says Merv is resting and "his sense of humor and optimistic outlook remain intact." He adds, "He's getting great care and his medical team want to monitor his progress in a controlled setting."

In a statement, Me...

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