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Lindsay Lohan's Father Gets Engaged To Jon Gosselin's Ex-Girlfriend

4/7/2010 8:27am EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's estranged father is to wed the former tabloid reporter who helped nurse him through a recent health scare.

Michael Lohan and girlfriend Kate Major announced their engagement on Tuesday after dating for less than six months.

Ironically, Major previously dated Lohan's friend, reality TV star Jon Gosselin.

The journalist quit her job at publication the Star after becoming smitten with the former Jon & Kate Plus Eight star.

Lohan tells that his new fiancee has been with him through lots of tough times.

He explains, "Kate has been by me through all the stuff wi...

Your 15 minutes Are Over! Go The #$%@ Away!

2/20/2010 9:00am EST
Your 15 minutes are over! Go the #$%@ Away!
Their fame should be over, finito, finished, kaput - but apparently these celebs didn't get the memo. Check out the stars that have hijacked the spotlight and won't let go, even if America begs them to disappear.

Anyone and Everyone Involved in the Jon and Kate Saga

That includes you, Hailey Glassman. Apparently desperate to stay in the public eye, Kate Gosselin still shows up on "The View" and somehow snags the cover of People mag with a story on her new hairdo. If the most interesting thing about someone is that they went to the hairdresser, then there's definitely a problem.

But m...

Celebrity New Year's Resolutions for 2010

12/31/2009 10:01am EST
Celebrity New Year
The year is coming to an end and many celebrities are relieved that 2009 is almost over. A lot of celebrities are looking forward to 2010 to repair their image, work on bad habits, and be just as successful as they were in 2009. A new year means new attitude. Here are some New Year's resolutions from our favorite celebrities for 2010:

(Note: These aren't real celebrity New Year's resolutions. They're mock celebrity New Year's resolutions.)

Chris Brown

1. Become a boxer in the Women's International Boxing Association since I like to throw jabs at women.

2. Buy my own albums and se...

Most Annoying Celebrites Of 2009

12/30/2009 10:01am EST
Most Annoying Celebrites of 2009
Ugh, we are so annoyed with all the celebs that made the Most Annoying Celebrites of 2009 list but we still have to write about it.

Ugh x 2!

There are very talented people who made the list but because they cannot step out of the spotlight they are labeled as annoying. There are also some of the least talented people in the world that made the list and because they are talentless and annoying, which is the ultimate combination, those people are probably going to be ranked near the top.

One might be your favorite actor or actress but we promise you do not like at least a few of the...

Most Overexposed Celebrities Of 2009

12/28/2009 9:13am EST
Kim Kardashian
2009 comes to a close with another crop of celebrities (and celebutards) that we saw entirely too much of. They invaded our televisions and our internet, they spread-eagled themselves all over our tabloids, and they fascinated and annoyed us at the same time. Here's a last look at them in '09, just in case you forgot:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Nothing is more annoying than picking up a tabloid and seeing plain faced people on the cover. The imagined romance between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was little more than bad fangirl fiction. It is difficult to understand t...

What Will Be Under This Celeb's Tree?

12/16/2009 10:36am EST
Adam Lambert
It's hard to give a gift to a celebrity who has it all, right? Although, there may be some presents that they may not know they need. Here's what we'd like put under the following celebrity's trees.

Lindsay Lohan - Just like they do on A&E's hit show Intervention, we'd love to give her an all expenses paid for ticket to rehab. Please say you'll go Lindsay!

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Perez Hilton - After his recent Twitter attack on Ashlee Simpson and her son Bronx Mowgli and the backlash he received from Jessica Simpson, we're sure h...

Dumbest Celebrity Cheaters Ever

12/9/2009 10:49am EST
dumbest celebrity cheaters
In honor of Tiger Woods' unprecedented fall from grace, here are the all time dumbest celebrity cheaters. The "smartest" leads it off, then going down right through the bottom of the barrel.

Hugh Grant

Somehow, Hugh Grant ends up as the smartest man on this list. Yes, he cheated on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute. Yes, he got arrested for cheating on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute. Yes, he decided the best time to cheat on Elizabeth Hurley with a prostitute was while he was touring to promote his upcoming film, Nine Months. So why is Hugh Grant the "smartest" man on this list? ...

'Mad Men,' 'Modern Family' Among Year's Best TV

12/7/2009 1:15pm EST
Modern Family
NEW YORK (AP) - The biggest shows of 2009 couldn't always be contained by the TV screen. There were breakout tabloid scandals with Jon and Kate Gosselin. A wannabe reality TV star crashed the White House. David Letterman's hanky-panky seized headlines. Oprah Winfrey grabbed the nation's attention as she began her long goodbye. This was TV run amok.

But in 2009 other shows proved outstanding on more manageable terms: as excellent TV shows. They include:

- "Breaking Bad" (FX). Here's the cruelest premise on series TV: a high-school teacher with terminal cancer gets into the crystal-meth...

Gobble Gobble: Celebrity Turkeys

11/26/2009 10:00am EST
Jon Gosselin
We've seen it all this year, and we've had enough of celebrity turkeys taking advantage of their publicity status by hamming it up for the cameras and every paparazzi click for more fame. Check out our list of offenders, and let us know who made your celebrity turkey list this year!

1. Jon Gosselin

Celebrity turkey Gosselin, once the image of a loving husband and dad on his reality cable show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," is anything but these days. Now we have the "newly single" Gosselin shooting breeze, having the time of his life clubbing and living the celeb high life while in the t...

Celebrities In Financial Trouble

10/15/2009 9:24am EDT
Celebs in financial trouble
They may be famous, but it doesn't mean they're rich. It also doesn't mean the taxman will let them slide. The economy certainly is hard for us regular folk these days, but it's also affecting Tinseltown's finest. Check out our slideshow of celebrities that are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other problems for failing to pay up.

Toni Braxton owes more than $12,500 on her mansion in Century City, California and officials at Bank of America are now looking to foreclose on the property.

Toni Braxton

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Image © Sony BMG

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Jon Gosselin Makes Milkshakes, Allegedly Takes $200,000 From Joint Bank Account

10/5/2009 11:08am EDT
Jon Gosselin Millions of Milkshakes
Jon Gosselin launched his shake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood on Saturday - "Jon's Crazy Eight Shake" with eight toppings, of course. The reality star later ate at the paparazzi magnet restaurant The Ivy. He seems to be having the time of his life after last week's drama. Read on...

TLC suspended filming of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" after Jon said the show was "detrimental" to his children. TLC said it was deeply disappointed at Jon's continued erratic behavior. In a statement to People, TLC said: "Despite Jon Gosselin's repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions, he re...

TLC Suspends 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Filming, Is 'Disappointed' With Jon

10/1/2009 12:31pm EDT
Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin has been trying to shut down production of "Kate Plus 8," formerly known as "Jon & Kate Plus 8," and TLC is firing back saying his legal move is purely in his own self-interest.

TLC said in a statement to People, "We are aware of Jon Gosselin's recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic.

"Despite Jon Gosselin's repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions...

Jon Gosselin Says 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' Is Detrimental To Kids, Wants Production Halted

10/1/2009 9:02am EDT
Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin wants TLC to "cease and desist" production of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and leave his property, according to The Insider.

Gosselin's attorney Mark Jay Heller told the entertainment show, "Jon realized his family was like a trainwreck, so he decided to put the brakes on the divorce and on the show...because if he didn't the family would be in a mortal accident...the victims of a trainwreck."

The attorney claims the Gosselin's agreement with the network may be "null and void" and not enforceable. He says TLC never secured special permits required by the Pennsylvania Child Labor ...