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2015-01-21 Snog, Marry, Avoid: Celebrity Guys
2015-01-18 Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling to Star in Financial Drama 'The Big Short'
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2014-12-16 Channing Tatum Wants 'Ghostbusters' Spin-Off with Chris Pratt
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2014-12-12 Ellen DeGeneres Shares Fictional Photo Of Eva Mendes' Baby
2014-12-04 Eva Mendes: Novel Inspired Baby's Name
2014-11-28 Eva Mendes Is “Exhausted” After Giving Birth to Ryan Gosling’s Baby
2014-11-27 Eva Mendes' First Interview About Baby, Ryan & Privacy
2014-11-26 Ryan Gosling Gets Restraining Order Against His 'Twin'
2014-11-21 Ryan Gosling Files Restraining Order Against Over Zealous Fan
2014-11-21 Why Ryan Gosling Has Never Been Named 'Sexiest Man Alive'
2014-11-20 Ryan Gosling Turend Down 'Sexiest Man Alive' Because He's 'Too Artsy'
2014-11-20 Celebrity Lookalikes
2014-11-17 7 Best on-Screen Movie Couples
2014-11-16 On This Day: November 12
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2014-11-11 Jared Leto Up for for Suicide Squad's Joker
2014-11-09 The Hollywood Reporter's Day 4 Daily
2014-11-09 Celebrity Scoop News: Eva Mendes' Daughter and More
2014-10-23 Keanu Reeves on Those 'Doctor Strange' Rumors
2014-10-22 Ryan Gosling Bursts Onto Blockbuster Scene
2014-10-21 Ryan Gosling Eyeing 'Doctor Strange' & 'Suicide Squad'
2014-10-19 Will Smith & Tom Hardy Joining 'Suicide Squad'
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2014-09-17 Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling 'Welcome Daughter'
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2014-07-17 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Pregnancy Was Planned
2014-07-17 Celebrity-Inspired Plastic Surgery: Kim Kardashian, Ryan Gosling and More
2014-07-16 Ryan Gosling Cooks for 'Pregnant' Eva Mendes
2014-07-16 You Can Buy Ryan Gosling's Soul
2014-07-13 Eva Mendes Is Pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s Baby
2014-07-11 Has Ellen DeGeneres Confirmed That Eva Mendes Is Pregnant?
2014-07-11 Is This What Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes' Kid Will Look Like?! A Forensic Artist Makes Predictions
2014-07-11 Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling Expecting Baby
2014-07-10 Is Eva Mendes Pregnant with Ryan Gosling's Child?
2014-07-10 Ben Affleck Admits to Having a Man Crush on Justin Timberlake & More
2014-07-07 Rachel McAdams' Notebook Audition Tape Will Blow You Away
2014-06-29 14 Celebrities You Never Knew Were The Same Age
2014-06-26 JC Chasez Give Ryan Gosling Acting Advice In Vintage Mickey Mouse Club Video!
2014-06-05 8 Things You Didn't Know About Ryan Gosling
2014-06-01 Top 5 Best Movie Kisses Ever
2014-06-01 9 Facts That Will Change the Way You Look at Celebrities
2014-05-27 Everyone at Cannes Loves Ryan Gosling, But Not 'Lost River'
2014-05-22 Ryan Gosling's Directing Debut
2014-05-22 Ryan Gosling's Directorial Debut
2014-05-21 Eva Mendes Sells Funky Hollywood Starter Home For $10K Over Asking