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2014-07-21 The 'Uncharted' Movie Has a Shooting Date
2014-07-20 Identity Theft Is a HUGE Problem
2013-02-11 Richard Roeper Reviews "Identity Thief"
2013-02-10 Film Clip of Identity Thief
2013-02-07 "Identity Thief" Interview with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy
2013-02-06 "Identity Thief" Preview
2013-02-06 T.I. And Genesis Rodriguez Discuss Who's the Boss in "Identity Thief"
2013-01-30 Four Christmases Movie Review for Parents
2012-07-10 Seth Gordon on Horrible Bosses
2011-10-27 Watch This Instead: Horrible Bosses
2011-07-17 Horrible Bosses' Seth Gordon Only Imagined Jennifer Aniston For His Racy Role
2011-07-08 Seth Gordon On Directing Jennifer Aniston In Horrible Bosses

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