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Ricky Gervais In Talks To Return As Golden Globes Host

11/16/2011 7:52pm EST
Ricky Gervais
British comedian Ricky Gervais is in final talks to return as the host of the Golden Globe Awards, despite upsetting many Hollywood heavyweights with his mean-spirited jokes at the ceremony earlier this year.

Officials at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who stage the annual ceremony, have voted for the outrageous funnyman to hit the stage again in January.

The news will be made official once all contracts are signed, according to Variety.

During his stint as host at the beginning of 2011, irreverent Gervais came under fire for going too far with jokes about Johnny Depp and Angel...

Fans Want Billy Crystal Or The Muppets To Host The Oscars

11/10/2011 10:02am EST
The Muppet Movie
Billy Crystal has emerged as the clear favorite to replace Eddie Murphy as Oscars host in a new online poll. asked film fans to vote for the star they'd like to see on the Academy Awards stage in February as soon as the news about Murphy quitting the show hit the headlines on Wednesday morning.

Website editor Harry Medved tells WENN, "We put the poll up at 12 noon and we had over a thousand people voting in less than three hours."

Crystal is the early favorite in the ongoing poll with 16 percent of the vote, while The Muppets are ranking second with 14 percent and Tom Hanks ...

A-List Stars Want Ricky Gervais To Do Third Season Of 'Extras'

11/7/2011 11:44pm EST
Ricky Gervais
Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon are itching for a role in Ricky Gervais' sitcom Extras - but he is adamant he has no plans for a third season of the show.

The Office creator attracted showbiz A-listers including Robert De Niro, David Bowie and Kate Winslet to parody themselves in the comedy about a struggling actor.

Gervais insists he has no desire to relaunch the show for a third season - but his co-star Ashley Jensen has revealed a host of Hollywood stars are waiting in the wings if he changes his mind.

Jensen tells U.K. TV show This Morning, "I would love to do it again, I really would. The...

Johnny Depp Mocks Ricky Gervais In Response To Golden Globes Jibes

10/29/2011 10:15am EDT
JohnnY Depp
Funnyman Ricky Gervais' mean-spirited Golden Globes jibes have come back to haunt him on his new British comedy show "Life's Too Short" - Johnny Depp has lashed out at him.

In the show, Depp agrees to a meeting with Gervais and his writing partner Stephen Merchant and immediately lets the Brit know he has still not forgiven for poking fun at his film "The Tourist" at the 2011 Golden Globes.

Flicking his cigarette ash into Gervais' glass of water, the movie star says, "I've just done another film that's gonna make loads of money, probably a lot more money than any film you've ever made."


Ricky Gervais 'Naive' About Using Offensive Word On Twitter

10/23/2011 12:30pm EDT
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais has admitted he was "naive" to use a derogatory word associated with Down Syndrome in his online blog after speaking to a mother of two disabled daughters.

"The Office" creator outraged campaigners earlier this week by posting the word "mong" on his Twitter page, but refused to apologize.

He branded his critics "humorless" and insisted he did not use the word as a way of describing those with Down Syndrome.

But after Nicola Clarke, a mother of two disabled daughters, broke down on BBC Radio 2 while discussing how her children were regularly called the name in public, Gervai...

Ricky Gervais Defends His 'Atheist Comedy' TV Show

7/22/2011 1:45pm EDT
Ricky Gervais
Funnyman Ricky Gervais has defended his upcoming TV show Afterlife, insisting he is not attempting to "undermine the moral fabric of America."

The Office creator revealed earlier this week he is working on a new comedy with writer Clyde Phillips, about an atheist who dies and goes to heaven.

However, he is furious it has already been labeled an "atheist comedy" and is urging fans not to judge the show until they've seen it.

In a post on his official blog, Gervais writes, "How is a show called Afterlife, about an atheist who dies and goes to heaven, an 'Atheist Comedy'? He goes to heaven...

Ricky Gervais Defends Dwarfism Sitcom

7/12/2011 8:26am EDT
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais has defended his new sitcom centered around Warwick Davis, insisting he doesn't rely on the dwarf actor's short stature for the show's jokes.

Gervais and his writing partner Stephen Merchant recruited the Harry Potter star, who was born with dwarfism, for upcoming TV comedy Life's Too Short, about a dwarf actor running a struggling showbiz agency.

However, The Office funnyman is adamant he doesn't poke fun at Davis' disability in the series.

He tells Britain's Absolute Radio Breakfast Show, "This is nothing to do with his height. We're not getting jokes out of him being ...

Ricky Gervais Gets 'Spinal Tap' Guitar For His 50th Birthday

6/29/2011 12:29pm EDT
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais received an extra-special gift to mark his 50th birthday - a guitar used in classic comedy This Is Spinal Tap.

The British funnyman is close pals with Christopher Guest, who played musician Nigel Tufnel in the 1984 mockumentary about a rock band, and they headed out for a meal to celebrate Gervais reaching the milestone on Saturday.

And when Guest and his wife Jamie Lee Curtis handed over a pile of gifts for The Office creator, he was stunned to unwrap a Fender guitar used by Guest in the spoof movie.

In a blog post detailing how he spent his big day, Gervais writes, "Wo...

'The Office' Recap: 'Search Committee'

5/21/2011 6:32pm EDT
Well, there you have it. The new boss on ‘The Office’ is…. Just kidding. No idea.

I didn’t expect we’d find out, and I guess I was right. Still, it can be a little maddening to have such a hyped finale with no payoff. Although, the guest stars sure were interesting.

After Dwight’s disastrous stint as acting manager, and Creed’s delusional antics, it’s clear to Jo a search committee must be formed to find the right boss. More on that in a minute.

But first, Creed. Oh man, does he live up to his title of Creepy Old Man. He has an imaginary valet, calls meetings to an empty room with ...

Ricky Gervais Offered Prince Harry Help With Speech

5/1/2011 1:44pm EDT
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais contacted Prince Harry ahead of Britain's royal wedding on Friday to offer his help writing gags for the young royal's best man speech.

Harry acted as chief groomsman as his brother Prince William married Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in a lavish ceremony in London on Friday.

The prince reportedly followed tradition by giving a speech at his brother's wedding reception, and Gervais has now revealed he sent Harry a text message offering his assistance.

In a post on his blog, Gervais writes, "I sent Prince Harry a text today offering to gag up his best man speech. (True.) H...

Ricky Gervais Won't Apologize For Tim Allen Joke

4/9/2011 9:00am EDT
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais accepts he may have upset Tim Allen at the Golden Globe Awards with a gag about the actor's standing in Hollywood.

The Brit came under fire for his mean-spirited humor at the prizegiving and received an onstage dressing down from Tom Hanks, who took the stage with Allen after Gervais had poked fun at the "Santa Clause" star.

Gervais maintains none of the celebrities he poked fun at took offense, but he admits he may have upset Allen.

He tells Rolling Stone, "The thing about that gag is, even though Tim Allen is one of the most successful comedic actors in the world, who wou...

The Office: Will Ray Romano, James Spader or Catherine Tate Replace Steve Carell?

4/6/2011 7:57am EDT
Ray Romano, James Spader  | Photo Credits: Jerod Harris/Getty Im
The list of potential replacements for The Office's Michael Scott just keeps growing.

Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate will guest-star in the season finale of the NBC sitcom as candidates for...

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Paul Reiser Comedy Replaces 'Perfect Couples'

3/28/2011 7:30pm EDT
Paul Reiser
Paul Reiser's NBC comedy project has finally found a home, and a date. His show will premiere April 14, displacing the network's 'Perfect Couples' to bubble show purgatory. With two episodes left to air, its odds for renewal are not good.

Reiser's show, cleverly titled 'The Paul Reiser Show,' will feature him as a guy named Paul Reiser, who lives with his wife and kids and hangs out with other dads. It's a single camera comedy, and the first major TV project for Reiser since 'Mad About You' ended in 1999.

The announcement comes on the heels of NBC's announcement last week that it renew...

Steve Carell's 'Office' Farewell Gets An Airdate

3/10/2011 1:00pm EST
Steve Carell, The Office | Photo Credits: Dean Hendler/NBC
NBC's Steve Carell exit from The Office promises to be a big one — that's what she said — and it now has an airdate.

The episode, which wrapped production last week, is expected to air on Thursday, April 28. That's the first night of May sweeps, when the networks load up on events and special episodes. And the departure of Carell certainly qualifies.

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Anne Hathaway: 'Oscars Will Be Respectful To Hollywood Stars'

2/25/2011 3:40pm EST
Anne Hathaway
Oscars co-host Anne Hathaway has no intention of upsetting her peers at the Academy Awards on Sunday, insisting the big show won't be a repeat of the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Comedian Ricky Gervais sparked controversy with his mean-spirited humor at the Globes, and reports suggest he has submitted gags for Hathaway and sidekick James Franco at the Oscars.

However, the actress has assured film fans and stars alike she won't be making anyone feel uncomfortable on Sunday night.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "If you're looking for someone to call people out, we're not your hosts. I t...

Ricky Gervais Wants Will Arnett On 'The Office'

2/11/2011 9:42am EST
Will Arnett  | Photo Credits: Steven A. Henry/
Is Will Arnett joining The Office?

He will if Ricky Gervais has his way. The creator and star of the original Office says he wants Arnett to join the U.S. cast.

"Had a little meeting with NBC about...

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Golden Globes Boss Denies Inviting Ricky Gervais Back In 2012

2/1/2011 9:30pm EST
Ricky Gervais
Golden Globes organizers have denied inviting Ricky Gervais back to host the 2012 ceremony after he caused controversy with his risque, mean-spirited humor at the event last month.

Philip Berk, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) which oversees the annual ceremony and telecast, disapproved of the Brit's barbed jibes, labeling Gervais' behavior "totally unacceptable", but the defiant star has refused to apologize for his jokes.

However, in an article written for Britain's Heat magazine this week, the comedian claims he's been asked to return to host the event fo...

Ricky Gervais Asked To Return To Host Third Golden Globes

2/1/2011 6:45am EST
Ricky Gervais
British funnyman Ricky Gervais has been asked to return as host of the Golden Globes next year, despite the furor surrounding his acerbic style at last month's prizegiving.

The comedic actor sparked outrage during his hosting duties at the glitzy awards show after aiming a number of barbed jibes at the star-studded audience. His performance was met with disapproval from several celebrities, as well as event organizers, who labeled the jokes "totally unacceptable".

Gervais refused to apologize for his words - and now the star has revealed chiefs have already asked him to front the ceremony...

'The Office' Recap: 'The Seminar'

1/29/2011 8:03am EST
In ‘The Seminar’ we are treated to glorious one-liners and even memorable soliloquies, as well as the much-hyped Ricky Gervais cameo and a hilarious, if not gratuitous, Kevin barfing scene.

Let’s start with the opening tag: Michael runs into David Brendt near the elevator. What the hell David Brent is doing in Scranton we don’t find out, but he’s clearly the same old guy, making politically incorrect impressions and all. I’m intrigued by his query of job openings. Obviously, this is a wink to Steve Carell’s departure, but could Gervais be more involved than we think? (Probably not, but...

Kim Cattrall Upset By Ricky Gervais 'Airbrushing' Joke

1/28/2011 11:21am EST
Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall has taken aim at Ricky Gervais for making a "cheap" joke about the Sex And The City cast at the recent Golden Globes, branding the gag upsetting and ageist.

The British funnyman caused controversy during his hosting duties at the awards show by poking fun at the star-studded audience in a number of barbed jibes. His performance provoked outrage from a number of celebrities, as well as event organizers, who labeled the jokes "totally unacceptable".

Gervais ridiculed the stars of Sex and the City 2 during the show by making fun of a publicity poster for the movie, telling the...

Ricky Gervais Refuses To Apologize For Golden Globe Jokes

1/21/2011 8:11am EST
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais is adamant he didn't do "anything wrong" during his stint as Golden Globes host and is refusing to apologize for his risque gags. The British comedian sparked outrage at the glitzy show last weekend with his jokes, which poked fun at the star-studded crowd.

Phillip Berk, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the group behind the awards, called Gervais' jibes "totally unacceptable," while the funnyman was forced to deny he was pulled offstage during the ceremony and chastised for his remarks.

He has now confronted the controversy in an interview with CN...

Jennifer Lopez Threatened Ricky Gervais With Bodily Harm At Golden Globes

1/18/2011 8:01pm EST
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez threatened Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais with physical violence if he poked fun at her as she took to the stage as a presenter at the ceremony on Sunday.

Gervais' Globes comedy left a lot to be desired by many critics and celebrities, who have taken aim at the Brit for his mean-spirited banter - Tom Hanks and Robert Downey Jr. actually targeted the funnyman from the stage at the event.

But Lopez was determined not to be embarrassed by Gervais as she took to the stage with co-presenter Alec Baldwin.

She explains, "We're about to walk out and Ricky shows up and I said, 'L...

Ricky Gervais Poses In Gold Underwear For Ellen DeGeneres (Photos)

1/18/2011 2:50pm EST
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais, host of the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, poses in nothing but a gold pair of undies given to him by fellow comedian and talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres posted the photos on Twitter with the caption "Please enjoy this photo of Ricky Gervais in my underwear."

Ricky Gervais Defends His Jokes And 'Enjoyed Globes More This Year'

1/18/2011 11:41am EST
Funnyman Ricky Gervais has dismissed accusations he offended Tim Allen and Tom Hanks with his risqué jokes at the Golden Globes on Sunday - he enjoyed a drink with the Hollywood actors after the ceremony.

The actor/comedian has come under fire for his humor at the event, with a number of stars, including Claire Danes, subsequently taking aim at him for making jokes at the expense of celebrity guests. Phillip Berk, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the group behind the Globes, called Gervais' jibes "totally unacceptable".

However, the Brit has defended his jokes,...

Ricky Gervais Doesn't Think He'll Be Hosting The Golden Globe Awards Again

1/18/2011 10:00am EST
Ricky Gervais
Funnyman Ricky Gervais doesn't expect to be invited back as the host of the Golden Globe Awards in 2012 after upsetting the organizers of Sunday's prizegiving with his risque humor.

The Brit has come under fire from critics for going too far with his humor at the event - with Tom Hanks and Robert Downey, Jr. both taking aim at Gervais for his "mean-spirited" comments at the expense of celebrity guests from the stage.

And now the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who also fired back at the host for comments he made about him during the ceremony, has spoken out about Ger...

Golden Globes: 'The Social Network Previals,' Gervais Sails

1/17/2011 3:17pm EST
The Social Network
‘The Social Network’ was the big winner at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, with four awards – Best Drama, Best Director (David Fincher), Best Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin) and Best Score. 'The King’s Speech' – which led in nominations with seven – came away with just one win, for Best Drama Actor (Colin Firth).

‘The Kids Are All Right’ re-emerged in the Oscar race with two wins (Best Comedy – and how could it NOT win that given the competition?) and Best Comedy Actress for Annette Bening (ditto). And ‘The Fighter’ takes the lead in the supporting races, with Christian Bale and Melissa Leo ...

Five Celebrity Couples We Loved At The 2011 Golden Globe Awards

1/17/2011 1:17pm EST
Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick
This year's Golden Globes might have been especially colorful to watch given all the break-ups and match-ups of 2010 (or the painful hosting of Ricky Gervais). However, there were still some couples that we loved watching in between awards, who give us hope that not all of Hollywood is headed to divorce court:

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick: Kyra, there as a nominee for The Closer, arrived with husband Kevin Bacon, beaming in a flowing orange Pucci gown. While Sedgwick didn't win in her category, camera shots revealed the pair cozy at their table enjoying the show.

Annette Bening & Warren Be...

Steve Carell Leaving 'The Office' Early

1/14/2011 4:32pm EST
Steve Carell
The Office star Steve Carell will hand in his notice a month ahead of schedule - the funnyman is leaving the hit show before the series finale.

The actor has played embarrassing boss Michael Scott on the comedy since 2005, in a role based on Ricky Gervais' original star turn in the British version of the show.

Carell confirmed last year he had no plans to return to the series after its current seventh season. And now, according to show runner Paul Lieberstein, Carell will make his exit a month earlier than expected, leaving before the season ends in May.

Lieberstein tells New York Ma...

Lea Michele Calls For Boycott Of Horse-Drawn Carriages In NYC

1/5/2011 10:45am EST
Lea Michele
"Glee" star Lea Michele is the latest star to rally against the use of horse-drawn carriages in New York, calling for fans to boycott the city's Central Park tradition.

The actress is fronting a new advertisement for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), highlighting the alleged neglect and harsh conditions in which the animals are kept.

In the commercial, Michele says, "Imagine for a moment that you're forced to do hard physical labor all day, seven days a week, whether it's sweltering hot or freezing cold outside. At the end of the day, instead of relaxing on an easy chair...

Leave Remakes Alone! Part 1: Across The Pond

1/3/2011 8:36pm EST
Star Trek
The remake. Shudder. Ick. Gross. Barf. There were something like 55 movie remakes in the works as of 2008, surely more now. Talk about hitting the bottom of the creative barrel. I mean, movie goers hate remakes *so* much they've stopped hating on sequels. And what's worse, most sequels stopped being bad.

As an aside, If you told someone ten years ago that Rocky VI would be one of the best in the series, they'd laugh all the way "Cop Land". Hit movies are now part of a vision for a continuing franchise, movies are made with a trilogy in mind and they're all pretty good. “Pirates Of the Cari...