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Now Playing: %22The Amazing Spider-Man%22 Cast Interview Comic-Con 2011 Why The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Is Important To Kids
2014-04-22 Emma Stone Rips Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Over Sexist Comment
2014-04-21 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Take Their Love On The Road
2014-04-20 Making The Music For Spidey
2014-04-19 Andrew Garfield SWEARS Spider-Man Is Jewish!!! But Is His Revelation Burning Comic Book Fans' Briskets?!
2014-04-17 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': IMAX Featurette
2014-04-17 Paul DeHaan and Director Marc Webb Talk About Amazing Spider-Man 2
2014-04-15 Watch Out Pharrell, Grumpy Cat Has Got Your Hat
2014-04-14 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': Exclusive World Premiere Report
2014-04-13 7 Things You Need to Know About 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
2014-04-13 Garfield Reveals Love for Spidey Suit
2014-04-11 Emma Stone Dazzles at the Spiderman 2 Premiere
2014-04-11 Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield's One Night Stand?!
2014-04-06 Superhero -- Not The Career Trajectory It Used To Be
2014-03-31 Andrew Garfield Planting Trees With Kids Will Make You Weak In The Knees
2014-03-28 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trio Interview Themselves
2014-03-27 Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
2014-03-21 Spider-Man Star Andrew Garfield Teaches Kids To Surf
2014-03-21 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Final Trailer
2014-03-20 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': Sniper Clip
2014-03-16 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': You're in Trouble Clip
2014-03-16 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': Skipping Rocks Clip
2014-03-16 The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Becoming Peter Parker Featurette
2014-03-12 What Happened To Batkid's Oscars Appearance?
2014-03-07 Why Did The Academy Snub Batkid's Superhero Segment from the Oscars?
2014-03-07 Did Andrew Garfield Seriously Snub Batkid at the Oscars?
2014-03-06 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Movie Trailer
2014-03-04 Spider-Man 2 Super Bowl Ad
2014-01-31 Emma Stone Failed To Pay Parking Ticket for Eight Years
2014-01-28 Sinister Six & Venom 'Spider-Man' Spinoff Details Revealed
2014-01-19 Emma Stone Goes Paddleboarding While Filming In Hawaii
2013-12-17 'Venom' and 'The Sinister Six' Movies Announced
2013-12-15 Star Wars Episode 7 Casting Update – Franchise Friday
2013-12-14 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Analysis
2013-12-08 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Reactions
2013-12-08 The Must List for December 5, 2013: 'The Sound of Music' Live
2013-12-08 Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Trailer
2013-12-07 "Spiderman 2" Full Trailer Reveals A World Without Mercy
2013-12-05 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Make a Red Carpet Appearance
2013-11-18 Amazing Spider Man 3 Sinister Six Details
2013-09-24 Andrew Garfield on Relating to His Role as Peter Parker
2013-09-09 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Stunt Coordinators Talk Sequel Action
2013-08-01 Why Andrew Garfield Says Emma Stone Is 'Infuriating'
2013-07-29 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Cast & Filmmakers Take Over 2013 Comic Con
2013-07-27 'The Amazing Spider-Man 4' to Feature Sinister Six?
2013-07-25 Hottest Celeb Comic Book Nerds
2013-07-22 Spder-Man Appears At Comic-Con to Debut Footage
2013-07-21 2013 Comic-Con: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Press Conference
2013-07-21 2013 Comic-Con: Marc Webb Talks 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
2013-07-20 2013 Comic-Con: Dane DeHaan Talks 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
2013-07-20 Comic Con 2013: 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Panel
2013-07-20 Marc Webb Talks Spiderman 2
2013-07-20 Jamie Foxx Gets Electro-Fied in 'Amazing Spider-Man' Comic-Con Clip
2013-07-19 Andrew Garfield Talks Gay Spider-Man
2013-07-12 Andrew Garfield Suggests Spider-Man Could Be Gay
2013-07-12 2013 Comic-Con Movie Panel Highlights: Thor and Spider-Man
2013-07-10 Andrew Garfield Pitches Male MJ for 'Spider-Man'
2013-07-10 The Future of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Franchise
2013-06-25 Emma Stone Glad Shailene Woodley Is Cut From 'Spider-Man' Sequel?
2013-06-20 Shailene Woodley May Not Return For 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3'
2013-06-20 Mary Jane Watson Booted from 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
2013-06-19 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Gets Two More Movies
2013-06-18 Miley Cyrus Wears Her Engagement Ring as She Heads to Studio
2013-06-05 Celebrity Hunks and Their Four-Legged Friends
2013-06-03 Spiderman Takes a Break from Filming to Play Ball
2013-05-23 Emma Stone Modifies the Upside Down 'Spider-Man' Kiss with Andrew Garfield
2013-05-22 Celebs Using Their Star Power For Good
2013-05-22 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Kiss for a Cure
2013-05-22 Crash the Set of The Amazing-Spider Man 2
2013-05-13 Spider-Man Steals $6,000 From Elderly Tour Guide
2013-04-29 Emma Stone Clings to Andrew Garfield as They Reunite
2013-04-17 BJ Novak Joins The Amazing Spider-Man 2
2013-03-28 Emma Stone Angry Over Andrew Garfield's On-Set Flirting?
2013-03-13 Emma Stone's Cryptic Tweet Raises Questions About Andrew Garfield
2013-03-04 Andrew Garfield Is Back in His Spider Suit and Details on the Future of Emma Stone's Character!
2013-02-27 Jennifer Garner Has Ben Affleck Shave His Beard in a Restaurant, Seth MacFarlane Say He Wouldn’t Host Again, and More!
2013-02-27 First Look of Andrew Garfield on Amazing Spiderman 2 Set
2013-02-26 Key Celebrity Lovebirds
2013-01-08 Best Movie Superheroes of 2012
2012-12-30 News: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Scenes Exposed
2012-12-25 Celebrities And Their Mega-Mansions
2012-12-19 Does Emma Stone Have a Sex Tape?
2012-11-21 Justin and Selena's Speed Date, Andrew and Emma's Landing, and More!
2012-11-20 Andrew Garfield Belly Dances, Hugh Jackman on Daniel's Bond, More Viral Hits
2012-11-17 Andrew Garfield and Celebs Raise Funds For Worldwide Orphan Foundation
2012-11-16 Andrew Garfield, Madonna, and More Go Gangnam Style!
2012-11-15 What Emma Stone Did at Her Publicist’s Wedding
2012-11-13 What Emma Stone Did at Her Publicist's Wedding
2012-11-13 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2011-08-15 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Use Paparazzi For A Good Cause
2012-09-17 British Actors Cast as American Superheroes
2012-09-06 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Still Going Strong After Spiderman
2012-08-28 British Invasion in American Cinema
2012-07-17 Andrew Garfield on Performing His Own Stunts
2012-07-15 Andrew Garfield on Spider-Man
2012-07-15 Robert Pattinson and Andrew Garfield Hate Each Other
2012-07-12 Style Coordination of World's Hottest Couples
2012-07-10 Andrew Garfield on Playing Spider-Man
2012-07-09 Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on Filming The Amazing Spider-Man
2012-07-09 Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on Becoming Superstars

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