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Now Playing: Lorraine Bracco Reveals Her Favorite James Gandolfini Memory Lorraine Bracco Reveals Her Favorite James Gandolfini Memory
2015-04-09 'The Drop': Interview With Noomi Rapace & Michael R. Roskam
2014-11-13 'The Drop': What Are You Going to Name Him? Clip
2014-10-30 'The Drop': I'm Not the Guy Clip
2014-10-30 'The Drop': Exclusive LFF Gala Premiere
2014-10-14 James Gandolfini's Final Role: Tributes at 'The Drop' Premiere
2014-10-12 'The Drop': Richard Roeper's Review
2014-09-14 Find Out Why Tom Hardy Will Never Do Another Romantic Comedy Ever Again
2014-09-13 Michael Gandolfini: I Haven't Finished Watching 'The Sopranos'
2014-09-10 Tom Hardy Thinks Rose Could Have Saved Jack in 'Titanic'
2014-09-08 James Gandolfini's Last Film Premieres at Toronto
2014-09-07 'The Drop' Film Clip
2014-08-30 Interview with ‘Sopranos’ Star Steve Schirripa
2014-07-08 'The Drop' Movie Trailer
2014-06-24 'The Drop' Trailer: James Gandolfini's Final Film Role Revealed
2014-04-02 Cory Monteith Left Out of Oscar Memoriam Tribute
2014-03-03 Enough Said - Interview with Director Nicole Holofcener
2014-02-07 Leonardo DiCaprio Laughs His Way To Best Actor In A Comedy At The 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards!
2014-01-17 Miley and More: Top Celebirty Moments from 2013
2013-12-14 James Gandolfini & Paul Walker Receive Posthumous SAG Nominations
2013-12-12 Julia Louis-Dreyfus on How 'Enough Said' Celebrates Gandolfini's Talent
2013-10-14 New Movies: Chris Hemsworth Takes the Wheel in 'Rush'
2013-09-27 Robert De Niro To Replace James Gandolfini In 'Criminal Justice'
2013-09-26 James Gandolfini 'Was a Teddy Bear': Toni Collette
2013-09-25 Julia-Louis Dreyfus Talks About New Film 'Enough Said'
2013-09-25 Steven Van Zandt Pays Tribute to His Mentor James Gandolfini
2013-09-24 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Enough Said'
2013-09-22 Cory Monteith & Other Fallen Stars Will Be Honored At This Year's Emmys
2013-09-22 Weekend Movie Preview - Prisoners, Enough Said, & The Wizard of Oz
2013-09-20 Enough Said Movie Review
2013-09-20 Emmys Predictions: Who Will Win, and What's the Surprising Controversy?
2013-09-20 'Sopranos' Cast at Premiere For Gandolfini's Last Film
2013-09-17 Cory Monteith Will Get Onstage Tribute at Emmys
2013-09-17 Gandolfini Was 'Sweet, Self-Effacing, A Bit Insecure' On 'Enough Said' Set
2013-09-17 Why Directing Television Shows Scared Nicole Holofcener
2013-09-17 James Gandolfini Remembered At 'Enough Said' Premiere
2013-09-17 Film Clip: 'Enough Said'
2013-09-13 Dreyfus' Gandolfini Film Tribute
2013-09-10 'Enough Said' Preview - The Container Store
2013-09-03 James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in "Enough Said" First Trailer
2013-08-08 Lady Gaga Starts Countdown for 'Applause' Release
2013-08-07 'Elysium' Is Imaginative but Falls Short
2013-08-07 Latest Jobs Trailer: Ashton Kutcher Dream Up the Mac in Steve Jobs' Garage
2013-08-07 James Gandolfini Robbed Post-Mortem
2013-08-07 James Gandolfini's Final Leading Role Shown in 'Enough Said' Trailer
2013-08-07 James Gandolfini's Personal Item Stolen From Hotel
2013-08-07 Enough Said - Trailer No.1
2013-08-07 Louis-Dreyfus on Gandolfini's Posthumous Role
2013-08-06 Emmys to Pay Tribute to Cory Monteith
2013-07-31 'Enough Said,' James Gandolfini's Last Leading Role, Gets Debut Poster
2013-07-26 James Gandolfini's HBO Role To Be Recast
2013-07-26 James Gandolfini's Surprising Romantic Comedy Gets Release Date
2013-07-26 Gandolfini TV Pilot Not Likely to Air, "Sharknado" Is Back
2013-07-26 Tortured Men, Terrific Television
2013-07-16 Leah Remini Makes Dramatic Exit From Church of Scientology
2013-07-12 Gandolfini's $70M Estate Divided Among Family, Friends
2013-07-03 Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter, Considers Quitting Acting
2013-07-03 Details Revealed Regarding James Gandolfini's $70 Million Fortune
2013-07-03 Alec Baldwin Apologizes For Homophobic Rant
2013-07-01 Honor and Farewell For Great Actor James Gandolfini
2013-06-30 Alec Baldwin Allegedly Calls Reporter 'Toxic Little Queen'
2013-06-28 Alec Baldwin Ignores Reporters After Epic Twitter Rant
2013-06-28 Alec Baldwin's Twitter Meltdown
2013-06-28 "Terminator" Will Be Back, Gallagher Plays Glastonbury
2013-06-28 Selena Gomez Strikes a Pose with Fans at a Private Event
2013-06-27 James Gandolfini's Funeral Set For Today
2013-06-27 Gandolfini Remembered at Funeral, Cameron Diaz Set For "Annie"
2013-06-27 James Gandolfini: 'An Honest, Kind and Loving Man'
2013-06-27 Hollywood Headlines: Sam Taylor-Johnson Will Direct 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
2013-06-26 Scarlett Johansson Stuns on the Cover of Vanity Fair France
2013-06-26 Jim Carrey Says He Regrets Making 'Kick-Ass 2'
2013-06-25 James Gandolfini's Body to Return to U.S.
2013-06-24 Demi Lovato's Dad Passes Away
2013-06-24 Funeral Plans Set for Actor James Gandolfini
2013-06-24 Gilles Marini Admires 'Brilliant' Gandolfini