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2015-09-26 Angry Birds Comes with a Moral to Being Angry
2015-09-25 Josh Gad: My Daughter Will Give Me Frozen 2 'Tips'
2015-08-16 'Pixels' Movie Review for Parents
2015-08-09 Olaf Isn't Getting a Frozen Spin-Off Anytime Soon
2015-08-06 Who Said That: Pixels
2015-08-02 'Pixels' Stars Pick the One Thing They'd Revive from the 1980s
2015-07-30 Josh Gad Embraces Luke Evans After Wrapping Walt Disney's Live-Action Beauty and the Beast
2015-07-29 Take a Sneak Peek at Adam Sandler's New Movie 'Pixels'
2015-07-27 FX's 'The Comedians' Canceled After One Season
2015-07-24 Movie Premiere: Pixels
2015-07-24 Pixels: Adam Sandler, Josh Gad and Michelle Monaghan Hit the Red Carpet
2015-07-19 'Pixels': Featurette - Chris Columbus
2015-07-09 'Pixels': Demands Clip
2015-06-30 'Pixels': Featurette - The Fire Blaster
2015-06-30 'Pixels': Featurette - Lady Lisa
2015-06-30 'Harry Potter' Spin-Off Continues Its Cast Search
2015-06-26 'Pixels': Featurette - Arcade Characters
2015-06-18 Variety's Actors on Actors
2015-06-17 Emmy Supporting Actors: Jussie Smollett & Josh Gad Sing ‘Little Mermaid'
2015-06-04 'Pixels': Pac-Man 35Th Anniversary Clip
2015-05-22 'Pixels' Trailer 2
2015-05-22 'Frozen' Star Josh Gad to Play in Gilligan Island Reboot
2015-05-05 Chris Columbus Dishes on 'Pixels', 'Goonies', 'Gremlins' and 'Home Alone'
2015-04-26 J.K. Simmons Returns To The Small Screen
2015-04-23 The Struggle Is Real for Kevin Hart in Hilarious ‘The Wedding Ringer' Outtake
2015-04-18 Agent Meredith Wechter Exiting ICM
2015-04-18 First Photo Of The 'Beauty And The Beast' Cast
2015-04-15 Aliens Attack and Pixelate in PIXELS - Trailer Time
2015-03-23 Billy Crystal Finally Returns to Series Television After 30 Years
2015-03-23 'Pixels' Trailer
2015-03-19 'Frozen 2' Officially Announced
2015-03-18 Emma Thompson Joins 'Beauty and the Beast'
2015-03-17 Billy Crystal Talks About His Return to Television
2015-03-16 Josh Gad Joining Disney's Live Action 'Beauty and the Beast'
2015-03-14 Frozen 2 Officially Announced
2015-03-13 Josh Gad and Kristen Bell Rejoice Over ‘Frozen 2' News
2015-03-13 The Stars of 'Cinderella' Reveal What Their Magic Wish Would Be
2015-03-02 Billy Crystal Is Unrecognizable While Dressed in Drag for 'The Comedians'
2015-03-01 Kevin Hart and Josh Gad: We Are Both Bad Best Men
2015-02-15 'The Wedding Ringer': A Bit Strange Clip
2015-02-05 'The Wedding Ringer': Wedding Dance Clip
2015-02-05 'The Wedding Ringer': Richard Roeper's Review
2015-01-18 'Critics' Choice': Emily Blunt Wins Best Action Movie Actress
2015-01-16 Kevin Hart Gives Wedding Planning Tips for Men
2015-01-15 Roger Ebert Biopic Casting News, 'Alien' Concept Art Revealed and More
2015-01-14 Kevin Hart Brings the Funny on 'Wedding Ringer' Set
2015-01-13 Box Office Top 3: 'Taken 3' Takes the No. 1 Spot
2015-01-12 'The Wedding Ringer' Unscripted
2015-01-12 Kaley Cuoco Continues ‘Apology Tour' For Anti-Feminism Comments
2015-01-09 Kaley Cuoco Calls Kevin Heart a Robot
2015-01-09 Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: 'Big Bang Theory' Cast Didn't Know She Was in a Film
2015-01-07 Oprah Made Kevin Hart a Prisoner in His Own House
2015-01-07 Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting Pucker Up at 'The Wedding Ringer' Premiere
2015-01-07 'Whiplash' Whips Up Controversy
2015-01-07 Kevin Hart Has a Message for North Korea After Sony Hack
2015-01-06 Kevin Hart and Josh Gad Are Real Life Wedding Crashers
2014-12-24 The Wedding Ringer - Trailer No. 2
2014-11-08 The Wedding Ringer - Trailer No. 1
2014-11-08 Frozen - Trailer
2014-10-28 Kevin Hart & Josh Gad Compare Their Theatrical Talents
2014-09-30 Josh Gad Remembers Robin Williams: I Feel Like We Just Lost Our Life Coach
2014-08-14 Zach Braff on Why the Kickstarter Backlash Is Unfair
2014-07-17 'The Wedding Ringer' Trailer
2014-06-22 Josh Gad, Kate Hudson In "Wish I Was Here" New Trailer
2014-05-21 ‘Frozen’ Is Top Grossing Animated Film Ever
2014-04-01 'The Fantastic Four' Director Sets Record Straight About New Movie
2014-01-29 Guy Ritchie Eyes King Arthur and Elizabeth Banks to Helm Pitch Perfect 2
2014-01-29 Pink and Josh Gad Take EW Pop Culture Personality Test
2013-12-08 The Stars Attend LA Premiere of 'Frozen'
2013-11-20 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Thanks for Sharing'
2013-09-22 'Thanks For Sharing' Film Clip
2013-09-19 Ashton Kutcher and Friends Celebrate "Jobs" Premiere Despite Critics
2013-08-17 Ashton Kutcher at the New York Premiere of 'Jobs' Biopic
2013-08-16 Does 'Jobs' Star Ashton Kutcher Prefer Macs or PCs?