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Nurse Jackie Steps Up For ‘Batting Practice’ June 13 Recap

6/14/2011 11:59am EDT
Arjun Gupta as Sam and Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton in Nurse Jack
Jackie wakes up as Kevin is tiptoeing out of the room. He wanted to let her sleep, but he wants to get in some batting practice before the day starts. As she gets the kids ready for school, she watches Grace and Fiona take their vitamins, and her face, grim with craving, causes Grace to ask her mother if she wants a vitamin. “No thanks, sweetie. Those are for you.” says Jackie. But I think she’s thinking about Grace’s Xanax.

At the Batting Cage, Kevin is furiously swatting at the balls, with Eddie watching. Kevin tells Eddie that he can’t look at Jackie anymore. All of the unspoken things,...

Nurse Jackie' Says 'F**k The Lemurs' June 7

6/13/2011 12:13pm EDT
Nurse Jackie
After a week of cold turkey, out of meds, and with her pusher dead, Jackie’s beginning to see the very cold light of reality. As though jonesing for drugs wasn’t enough punishment, the world keeps spinning, and Jackie keeps trying to keep all the balls of her life in the air.

First up, Jackie and Kevin’s daughter, Grace, has asked her psychologist to put her on medication. Grace can’t get her thoughts to slow down, and her dream journal chronicles nightmares about animals and fire. She’s also afraid she’s going to start pulling her hair out again. The psychologist recommends a child sized ...

'Nurse Jackie' Recap 'Orchids And Salami' May 10

5/11/2011 11:16am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Jackie is woken from sleep by Grace, who feels like her heart is racing. Over a 2 a.m. cup of cocoa, Grace shows Jackie and Kevin her collection of cards depicting ‘gruesome saints’ deaths,’ which her parents suspect may be causing the sleeplessness. Sipping from her “World’s Greatest Mom” mug, Jackie is pleased when Kevin tells her she’s a good mom.

The next morning, she slips out to score drugs at the East Bay Diner. The nasty drug dealer, Bill, is still charging her $200. per daily dose of 5 pills, though he claims he gave her 6. Leaving, she bumps into Sam, who asks if she’s a friend o...

'Nurse Jackie' 'When The Saints Go' Recap May 2

5/3/2011 4:31pm EDT
Nurse Jackie
At the pub, Grace has been Google-ing various names for Satan. Oh, and Justin Bieber, which I believe, may be another of those names. Then Aunt Tunie explains to Fiona and Grace that, should they be arrested, they should use their one phone call to call her. A fight breaks out between two patrons, and Kevin brandishes a baseball bat to make them leave. Later that night, Jackie and Kevin gets amorous.

Next morning, Jackie is Google-ing various names for oxycontin. But when Kevin checks Jackie’s history, all he finds are searches for AA meetings and withdrawal symptoms. Later, Tunie tells J...

'Nurse Jackie' 'Rat Falls' Recap April 27, 2011

4/28/2011 10:37am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Is Zoey going a little loony? Jackie can’t understand why Zoey is getting so upset over some regular visitors to the ER, and then can’t understand why Eddie is texting Tunie. Hang on – maybe Jackie is the one getting a little loony! Jackie warns Eddie that Tunie was up half the night, hacking in to her ex-boyfriend, the pilot’s, email. But go for it, if that’s what you want. He offers her valium, to take the edge off. “There is no edge,” she says, then races off to where she’s hidden the last of her private stash, in a ceiling tile in an unused office.

The stash, the last of the pills she...

'Nurse Jackie' 'Mitten' April 18, 2011 Episode ReCap

4/19/2011 11:02am EDT
Nurse Jackie
Jackie’s elaborate hiding skills are shown as she transfers bags of pills to various stashes in the laundry room.

At lunch with Dr. O’Hara, Jackie intervenes when a belligerent customer berates a waitress, and forces him to apologize for his actions. O’Hara is amused, and says she has missed Jackie. Looks like they are back to being BFFs.

Zooey, working her first double shift, has attached a pedometer to her scrubs – every step counts! It’s morning, and she’s already up to 5000 steps. She’s speed-walking in place to up the mileage. Akalitus shows the staff a bus advertisement that Bellev...

'Nurse Jackie' Recap: Play Me On God's Piano

4/15/2011 10:53am EDT
Nurse Jackie
As "Optimistic Voices" from "The Wizard of Oz," plays, Jackie continues to try to win Kevin’s trust back by making pancakes, and preparing special sandwiches for his lunch. She also tells him that she’s put in a good word for Eddie at the hospital, and she thinks he has a shot at getting the job.

The lilting Munchkin voices should have alerted us that things are going to get weird. We’re definitely not in Kansas, my friends.

When she wakes Gracie and Fiona, she discovers Kevin’s sister, Tunie, has stayed the night. Apparently Tunie’s sugar daddy boyfriend broke up with her, via text messa...