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Nick Frost Biography

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Birth Name: Nick Frost
Born: 03/28/1972
Birth Place: Dagenham, England, GB

Born March 28, 1972, in Essex, England, Nick Frost was an aspiring comedian working as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant when he was introduced through a mutual friend to Simon Pegg, an up-and-coming comedian and actor. The two became fast friends before sharing an apartment, where Frost would go on to credit Pegg with exposing him to the films of Woody Allen and making him more cultured overall. It was during the time they lived together that Frost invented the character of Mike Watt, a "weapons expert" obsessed with the military, just to make Pegg laugh. Convinced that the character was worthy of a real show business outlet, Pegg persuaded Frost to act in his comedy series, "Spaced" (Channel 4, 1999-2001), in which he starred under young director Edgar Wright. Frost portrayed the character of Mike as a childhood friend of Pegg's main character, Tim.

Previously, Frost had only appeared in background roles and bit parts, in such British shows as the medical drama "Casualty" (BBC, 1986) and in a few episodes of Pegg's previous series, "Big Train" (BBC, 1998-2002), where he played a construction worker, often uncredited. After "Spaced," however, he found himself in high demand. In 2002, he co-hosted "Danger! 50,000 Volts and "Danger! Incoming Attack" (Britain's Channel 5) - spoofs on the outdoor survival show genre. He also popped up as a security man in an episode of "Black Books" (Channel 4, 2000-04). It was in "Shaun of the Dead" (2004) where Frost was first exposed to U.S. audiences - quite literally, considering his nude scene - as Ed, the bumbling best friend of Shaun (Pegg). The story followed Shaun's efforts to ward off a zombie attack and win back his ex-girlfriend, both at the same time. Directed by Wright, who worked with them on "Spaced," the film was a self-described "zom-rom-com," or zombie-romantic comedy. Released in the United States on the heels "Dawn of the Dead" - itself, a remake of the sequel to its inspiration, "Night of the Living Dead," (1968) - "Shaun" was a critical success and became a cult hit.

Frost next appeared in the flamboyant film, "Kinky Boots" (2005) and went on to star in various episodes of the sketch comedy show, "Man Stroke Woman," (BBC3, 2005-07) and appeared in small doses on the medical comedy series, "Green Wing" (Channel 4, 2004- ), as well as "Twisted Tales" (BBC, 2005) and "Look Around You" (BBC, 2002-05). He then played the starring role of Commander Henderson on the sci-fi sitcom, "Hyperdrive" (BBC, 2006- ). Frost worked again with Pegg and Wright for their follow-up project, "Hot Fuzz" (2007). Inspired by American action films of the 1990s by such directors as Michael Bay and Tony Scott, the film told the story of a super cop (Pegg) who is so good at his job, he makes the rest of the force look bad by comparison, so is demoted to a backwater division in quiet Gloucestershire. It is there that he reluctantly partners with a bumbling cop, Danny Butterman (Frost). When grisly murders start to happen in the quiet rural town, the two must work together. Like their previous efforts, "Hot Fuzz" effortlessly combined both real action and characters with brilliant comedy. The film fell just short of a spoof, making it another Wright-Pegg-Frost hit with audiences and critics alike on both sides of the Atlantic.

Frost also appeared onscreen with Pegg in Wright's fake trailer from "Grindhouse" (2007), Robert Rodriguez' and Quentin Tarantino's ode to 1970s exploitation movies. The trailer for their fictional movie, "Don't" was humorously made in the spirit of British coming attractions of decades ago, eschewing dialogue to avoid turning young Americans off to English accents. Frost appeared briefly in the fish-out-of-water teen-comedy "Wild Child" (2008), as well as another small turn in the quirky fantasy-romance "Penelope" (2008). He played a larger role in the quasi-historical music industry comedy "Pirate Radio" (2009), as a well-intentioned disc jockey on a floating radio station off the coast of England in the 1960s.

Alongside Pegg, Frost co-wrote and starred in "Paul" (2011), starring as a science-fiction fan who, while on a road trip with his best friend (Pegg), is shocked to find himself aiding and abetting an alien (voiced by Seth Rogan) on the run from a shadowy government agency. Busier than ever, the actor also picked up a supporting role as a well-connected pot dealer in "Attack the Block" (2011), a wry monster movie pastiche that quickly gained cult film status. Rounding out the year, Frost lent his voice to Steven Spielberg's animated action-adventure "The Adventures of Tintin" (2011) before being digitally shrunk down to play a dwarf in the violent fable "Snow White and the Huntsman" (2012). He could also be heard in the animated sequel "Ice Age: Continental Drift" (2012) as the voice of Flynn, a 4,000 pound elephant seal.