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Kelly Osbourne, Mark McGrath & More Stars Join 'Sharknado 2'

2/13/2014 8:00pm EST
Kelly Osbourne, Mark McGrath & More Stars Join 'Sharknado 2'
Syfy has announced that Kelly Osbourne, Judd Hirsch, Andy Dick, Judah Friedlander, Vivica A. Fox and Mark McGrath are joining the cast of "Sharknado 2: The Second One."

Osbourne will play a flight attendant, Dick will be a New York City police officer, Friedlander will play a character named Brian, and Hirsch will be a cab driver.

Fox will play Skye, an old high school friend of Fin (Ian Ziering). Singer Mark McGrath will play Fin's brother-in-law.

The original made-for-television film became a viral hit in 2013. Thousands of fans (and critics) bombarded Twitter and social media after it...

Judah Friedlander Marks '30 Rock' Finale With Special Gifts

12/24/2012 3:31pm EST
Judah Friedlander
30 Rock star Judah Friedlander marked the end of the hit TV show by handing out personalized gifts to his castmates on the final day of filming.

The stars of the popular comedy shot their final scenes on Wednesday and Friedlander celebrated the occasion by handing out trucker hats like the ones his character Frank wore throughout the series.

Actress Katrina Bowden tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, "Everyone on the crew and everyone in the cast got a hat. Mine said 'Italian Senator' on it because there was a Halloween episode and I was wearing a bikini that said 'Italian Senator'...

Check Out 'Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas,' Now On Blu-ray & DVD!

12/11/2011 7:04am EST
Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas
If you or your kids are fans of the "Ice Age" films, we have a treat for you! In "Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas," America's favorite arctic herd is busy decorating for the holiday season. In his rush to help, Sid (John Leguizamo) destroys Manny's (Ray Romano) favorite decorations.

Manny is so upset he convinces Sid he is now on Santa's naughty list. Sid, Crash (Seann William Scott), Eddie (Josh Peck) and Peaches (Ciara Bravo) take off for the North Pole to plead their case to Santa (Billy Gardell). Meanwhile, Manny, Ellie (Queen Latifah) and Diego (Denis Leary), worry over Peaches' saf...

Judah Friedlander To Release Martial Arts Manual

9/11/2010 8:30am EDT
Judah Friedlander
30 Rock funnyman Judah Friedlander has been mastering martial arts in a bid to teach fans how to fight in a new literary satire, entitled How To Beat Up Anybody.

The actor/comedian has signed a deal with HarperCollins to release How to Beat Up Anybody: An Instructional and Inspirational Karate Book by the World Champion.

A passage from the book boasts: "Finally a Karate book that prepares you for real-life dangerous situations! This book includes chapters on how to beat up Bigfoot, how to beat up someone with one arm, how to beat up someone with three arms, and how to beat up someone on...

Check Out '30 Rock' Season 3 On DVD Sept. 22

9/20/2009 7:48am EDT
30 Rock
On the third season of "30 Rock," Liz Lemon tries to avoid jury duty by dressing as Princess Leia, Jenna stars in a biopic about Janis Joplin, and Steve Martin plays a fabulously wealthy agoraphobe. Liz increasingly yearns for a normal life while she navigates two doomed relationships, one with a little person, whom she initially mistakes for a child, and the other with a neighbor, who doesn't realize people have allowed him to skate through life because of his impossibly good looks.

"30 Rock" stars Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, show runner of the fictional variety series “TGS with Tracy Jordan...

'30 Rock' Finale Recap: 'Kidney Now'

5/15/2009 1:00am EDT
30 Rock
In the season finale of 30 Rock, we pick up last week's kidney cliffhanger with Jack feeling some sort of obligation to help the man he admits he does not even know for sure is his dad. He goes to Liz to ask her opinion, stating that the kind of hopes he's not even a match. Well, if anyone can fudge results of a compatability test, it should be Dr. Leo Spaceman, who mixed up the forms and documented that Jack would be giving his professor dad the kidney. Hell, he probably won't even need to fudge anything; I'm sure he makes lab mistakes all the time.

Thanks to the success of the Tim...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'Mama Mia'

5/7/2009 11:00pm EDT
30 Rock
30 Rock is a bit of a walking contradiction this week. Though Jack has decided he doesn't want to learn who his real father is because family, to him, includes "Easter egg hunts that turn into knife fights," so he has no desire to invite more of that into his life, the special guest star is Alan Alda, so one can only assume he will inevitable change his mind and find his dad in the lovable, lanky veteran (of comedic TV and fake war). Jack calls Steve Buschemi up to his office and gives him the new assignment of tracking down his pop after all, in what is perhaps the fastest 180 for a corpor...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'The Natural Order'

5/1/2009 10:06am EDT
30 Rock
In this week's episode of 30 Rock, "The Natural Order," Tracy is finally fed up with being treated like a child. His blow up happens at the TGS stage after Pete made up a fake call sheet and Kenneth changed all of his clocks to say PM when it was really still the AM. Tracy had no idea what time it really was (so realistically, they shouldn't be so made at him for sauntering in late all of the time), and he blames them for turning him into a stereotype, so he pulls a quite literal bright yellow Race Card out of his pocket. Liz foolishly accepts it and dooms her least for the next d...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'The One'

4/23/2009 11:02pm EDT
30 Rock
Jack hopes to win back his lady love, Elissa (Salma Hayek), weeks after she turned down his proposal and then disappeared (though he is quick to point out she didn't technically say no), on this week's episode of 30 Rock, aptly titled "The Ones." Jack claims to have coined the term "The One," as well, which leads Liz to believe he should really be a writer. He and Liz head to a fine jewelry store in Manhattan to look at rings, where she loses one down a vent, and the store clerk tells Jack he is lucky to have found someone so "spirited." Jack whips out a picture of the "real" bride, and the...

'30 Rock' Hits 50 In Latest Episode 'Cutbacks'

4/9/2009 10:05pm EDT
30 Rock
After three years on air, 30 Rock, and their show within-a-show-TGS, has only just now hit the fifty-episode mark, and Jack decides to celebrate by giving them all empty wine bottles in this week's episode, aptly titled "Cutbacks." Just another show to deal in the recent economic downturn, and even Jonathan was not safe (presumably because he has to go co-star in another season of Weeds, though, and once things pick back up for Sheinhardt, he and his BlueTooth will be back kissing Jack's feet in no time. Liz will have to deliver a presentation to justify her budget at the end of the week, b...

An Insider's Look At 'SNL' Behind The Scenes

4/1/2009 10:53am EDT
I am a Saturday Night Live junkie - so much so that at times I have trouble hiding how big of a fan when that little thing called professionalism may be at stake. It was so apparent in the interview I conducted with current featured player Bobby Moynihan - a self-described "SNL" nerd himself - that he casually mentioned the prospect of me attending a show.

Now I could tell Bobby was a really nice guy, but I thought he was just trying to be polite. I was pleasantly surprised (read: screamed like a 12 year old girl!) when a week later he followed up on that invitation and asked if I wan...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'Apollo Apollo'

3/27/2009 10:24am EDT
30 Rock
It's a trip down memory lane in 30 Rock's newest episode, "Apollo Apollo." First Dennis Duffy returns to "atone" to Liz for his past behavior, citing the fact that he has recently self-diagnosed as a sex addict and probably just didn't know what he was doing, and then Jack's mother sends him a box of his childhood memories-- including home movies!-- for his birthday. Well, not entirely for his birthday; she also just needed the space in the garage. Nonetheless, it sends both spiraling down the rabbithole that was their craptastic pasts in order to make way for what will hopefully be only fu...

'30 Rock' Recap: We All Live In Our Own World

3/20/2009 6:23am EDT
30 Rock
If you've been tuning into 30 Rock for the eye-candy, sadly last night was your last chance, as the inevitable demise of Liz and Dr. Drew (Jon Hamm) that we were all waiting for from the seemingly shocking start to their relationship finally (and funnily!) occurred. Liz begins to take note of-- and not be captivated by-- just how easily Dr. Drew skates by because he is good looking. Random women on the street come up to him and tell him he looks nice, meter maids rip up tickets right in front of him, he gets seated at Plunder even during the lunch rush, and Calvin Klein offers him a job as ...

'30 Rock' Recap: Check Out This Fun Cooker!

3/13/2009 8:15am EDT
30 Rock
Liz' new pal Kenneth catches her on the way into 30 Rock and offers to help carry her inordinate amount of bags from some sort of container store. As she babbles about the "round plastic thing" she got to hold her shoes "with a compartment to put a picture of what shoe goes in there" on it, she thinks she will finally become a well-adjusted, wonderful person. And then a guy flies off her bike and lands right on top of her. And suddenly she gets it: this is going to be the worst day ever-- but what is horrible for her usually ends up as great fun for us, so I say bring it on, "Funcooker!"


'30 Rock' Recap: 'Goodbye, My Friend'

3/6/2009 8:51am EST
30 Rock
Liz is back to talking about adoption in "Goodbye, My Friend," perhaps an ironic twist considering Jenna is back to fishing for compliments and/or just general attention.

When the "diaper chicken" sketch gets cut, Jenna fakes an injury to get people to fawn all over her, but with her birthday coming up in a few days, she shouldn't go to too bad of extremes, right? Aw, if you're nodding in agreement, then you obviously don't "go to there" often with 30 Rock!

Liz finds Jack skulking around the studio with a beer on a Friday night because although he has "art gallery openings or a g...

'30 Rock' Recap: Larry King

2/27/2009 9:03am EST
30 Rock
Yes, last night's 30 Rock was about love, with Elisa unwilling to "take the next step" (you know, sexually) with Jack until she knew where they stood and he admitted he loved her, but more importantly it was about Larry King!

The episode, after all, was aptly titled "Larry King" who had a cameo as himself when Tracy Jordan went on his show to promote something-or-other but ends up commenting on the Breaking! News! that the Asian markets are falling. His words of "stay calm and prepare your bodies for the Thunderdome because that is the law now" seem to have oxymoronic effects on...

30 Rock: 'Valentine's Day Love Massacre...'

2/13/2009 8:51am EST
30 Rock
Thursday night is one for the Dr. Drew's of the world, it seems; not only does Mr. Pinsky himself own VH1 with "Sober House" but now Jon Hamm's "30 Rock" character has been bumped up to recurring.

Picking up after last week's surprising turn of events, he and Liz are in the lobby of their building, trying to come up with a time that is good for the both of them to have their first date. His life is complicated-- with his medical practice and a sick mother-- and she has "a stupid show" to do on Friday, so she suggest Saturday night. It might be the logical thing for most singles, excep...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'The Generalissimo'

2/6/2009 9:54am EST
30 Rock
It's another one of those "Very Special Guest Star" episodes of 30 Rock that have become so abundant lately, with Jon Hamm beginning his arc as (an unlikely?) love interest for Liz in "Generalissimo."

But first Liz has interns! Four completely overdressed frat boys who were once investment bankers but have now been laid off due to the economic crash that Jack says "Nancy Pelosi caused" will be passing out her scripts, fetching her coffee, and high-fiving each other "bro style" around the TGS set. They are eager, even if they look like they sauntered out of Barney Stinson's office, so ...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'Retreat To Move Forward'

1/23/2009 10:00am EST
30 Rock
Jack pokes his head into Liz' office with nearly identical headshots (ala Ten Things I Hate About You), asking her which one she prefers. She picks the one where he's in a blue tie (typical liberal!) which he calls "wacky,"

Then she gets talked into going with him to a Six Signa corporate retreat at which he's giving the keynote speech because he's nervous since he hasn't seen any of those guys since his time in the Bush administration. Though he still won't quite say "what went on there," we are privy to a quick flashback of him about to kiss another man. Is this just a little tast...

'30 Rock' Recap: Who Knew Being Sick Could Be So Funny

1/16/2009 11:41am EST
30 Rock
So Liz strides onto the floor that houses 30 Rock, looking unsettling fashionable for her with a white purse, long black coat, and big movie star sunglasses, excited about some upcoming holiday week (WHAT? That BEST be just for Liz Lemon and not Tina Fey, as we just endured a very extensive break from the show, thank you very much!). Of course within seconds into the episode, she manages to put her foot in her mouth, asking crew guys their plans for the time off, only to learn they don't actually get the time off because they have to break down sets and build new ones-- something she should...

'30 Rock' Recap: The Most Schizophrenic Episode Ever…

1/9/2009 10:22am EST
30 Rock
Liz is still baby crazy as the seventh episode of 30 Rock's third season finally returns after an extended holiday hiatus, and suddenly there are babies everywhere- from the Rockefeller Plaza lobby to the sidewalk outside.

She taps the head of what she assumes to be a little boy, only to have Peter Dinklage turn around and hit on her because he likes "aggressive, slightly nerdy" women. Probably because she is afraid of seeming like… height-ist, just the way Wayne Brady thought she was racist when she wanted to break up with him in season one, she agrees to go for a drink with the rand...

'30 Rock' Recap: Merry Almost Christmas!…

12/12/2008 10:35am EST
30 Rock
... is how Tina Fey's Liz Lemon starts this sixth episode of 30 Rock's third season, aptly titled: "Christmas Special." She strides into the writers' room with the announcement that they all "get to" participate in a charity program called "Letters to Santa." Collective booing ensues.

Jenna is eager to help, but only because she's drunk on some cheap brandy she hopes is not simply seasonal, and Kenneth, of course, takes one, too, though even Toofer can't hold back his wondering of who could be more unfortunate than Kenneth? Jack, meanwhile, has slipped down to Florida to give hi...

'30 Rock' Recap: Liz Lemon - The O.G. Mean Girl

12/5/2008 10:39am EST
30 Rock
The return of 30 Rock after the Thanksgiving holiday brings not only the return of Don Geiss (Rip Torn), who magically awakens from his coma by the grace of "a beam of energy"-- or an alien-- he's not too sure-- only to decide to stay on as CEO of GE, but also the return of the show in its finest, with an engaging story at the center that just happens to be told by some famous men and women. Tracy is upset that Kenneth got a bigger laugh than him with an elevator crowd; and Liz decides to head to back to her high school reunion... where she learns before Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, Li...

'30 Rock' Recap: "Gavin Volure"

11/21/2008 10:07am EST
30 Rock
On this week's 30 Rock Liz met the man of her dreams, only to learn that he is actually an entirely different kind of crazy than he let on.

Tracy was convinced his two sons were going to "Menendez" him; Kenneth let Jack invest his hard-earned savings; and Jenna was nowhere to be seen. "Gavin Volure" is perhaps the first episode of this third season (though numerically it is already the fourth) where the famous guest star played perfectly into the kooky story instead of the story taking a backseat to the kooky guest star.

The episode opens with Jack taking Liz to some big, fanc...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'The One With The Cast Of Night Court'

11/14/2008 10:02am EST
30 Rock
Stealing a plot that must feel awfully familiar to guest star Jennifer Aniston, 30 Rock takes a turn for the dangerously psychotic (instead of the usual simple, funny psychotic antics of Tracy and Jenna) in its third episode for the season of the same number with a stalker storyline.

Aniston plays Claire, Liz' ex-roommate from Chicago who is just a little bit crazy but pretty enough that not many seem to notice. Recently How I Met Your Mother took a stab (no pun intended) at this phenomenon with Barney Stinson's Mendoza Diagonal analogy, but it was perhaps first introduced to mainstre...

'30 Rock' Recap: 'Believe in the Stars; Even If It's Not The Star You Thought'

11/7/2008 9:39am EST
30 Rock
Liz has to go to Chicago for jury duty in the second episode of this season's 30 Rock because she wanted to vote in a swing state (and stay on the mailing list for some pizza place), so she never switched her residency. Jack allows it, even going to far as to upgrade her ticket and give her a bottle of pills to help her sleep on the plane. Once he says the side effects include "coma" and "sexual nightmares," it's pretty clear where this is going to go. He reminds her to get her staff in order before dismissing her. Naturally this sets up the next scene perfectly, as, if you remember from la...

Prepare For Blast-Off! 'Meet Dave' Lands On DVD & Blu-ray Nov. 25

11/4/2008 6:30pm EST
Meet Dave
Experience what it's like to be human all over again as the out-of-this-world comedy Meet Dave debuts on DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BD) November 25 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Academy Award-nominee Eddie Murphy (Beverly Hills Cop, Dr. Dolittle) stars in this hysterical sci-fi adventure as an one-inch alien captain in command of a massive six-foot spaceship . . . a spaceship that is an exact replica of Dave. On a mission to search for an orb that went off course in Manhattan, Dave and his miniature crew must make the ship look and act like Earthlings.

As Dave and his fello...

No Costume Necessary: Stars With Freaky Everyday Looks

10/29/2008 10:05am EDT
Jocelyn Wildenstein
Marilyn Manson: Powdery white skin. Jet-black hair. No smile on his crimson lips or in his smoky, contact-lensed eyes. Proud of his freak show persona and wearing alienation like a badge of honor, musician and artist Marilyn Manson (nee Brian Warner) has an everyday look fit for a séance. Though he caused the stir when he burst onto the music scene in the 90's, his signature skinny black suits have now been co-opted by Emo kids and Pete Wentz has him beat when it comes to eyeliner. Even if his ghoulish look no longer shocks, no question the man is haunted: His 1997 autobiography was entitl...

Sneak Peek: Recap of '30 Rock' Episode 3.1 'Do Over'

10/24/2008 2:18pm EDT
30 Rock
(Spoiler Alert) Last week TV Guide announced that they would have an exclusive sneak preview of the third season premiere of NBC and Tina Fey's 30 Rock available to both subscribers and checkout stand purchasers. Not wanting to be outdone, though, NBC posted the episode themselves on yesterday, allowing us at to start our recaps one week early!

"Do-Over" opens with Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) heading to her office in 30 Rockefeller Plaza; she looks exceptionally refreshed, well put-together, happy, and not really like herself. Jack (Alec Baldwin) pulls up alongside he...

'30 Rock' Season 2 Comes To DVD Oct. 7; Win A Copy!

9/12/2008 7:30pm EDT
30 Rock
Relive the second season of 30 Rock, nominated for 17 Primetime Emmy® Awards including Outstanding Comedy Series, Tina Fey for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and Alec Baldwin for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Created by Emmy®, Golden Globe® and SAG Award winner Tina Fey, 30 Rock features Fey as TV writer Liz Lemon, Golden Globe® and SAG Award winner Alec Baldwin as corporate executive Jack Donaghy, Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski as Lemon's unpredictable stars, Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney, and Jack McBrayer as the naïve NBC page Kenneth Parcell. Co-workers...