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Now Playing: James Franco and Mila Kunis' Have A Steamy Kiss in 'The Color of Time' Trailer James Franco and Mila Kunis' Have A Steamy Kiss in 'The Color of Time' Trailer
2014-11-24 Nicki Minaj Set to Perform on 'SNL' for 'The Pink Print'
2014-11-23 The Best Moustache Inspiration for Movember
2014-11-23 Making A Scene S1:E9 | Catfather
2014-11-21 Making A Scene S1:E8 | When Harry Met Harry
2014-11-21 Meet the Cats | Catfather Bonus Clip 2 | Making a Scene S1
2014-11-21 Honing the Script | When Harry Met Harry Bonus Clip 1 | Making a Scene S1
2014-11-21 Take Aways | When Harry Met Harry Bonus Clip 2 | Making a Scene S1
2014-11-21 James Franco and Seth Rogen Take on Naked and Afraid
2014-11-14 Social Media Special: Taylor Swift in Braids and More
2014-11-10 The Interview - Trailer No. 2
2014-11-08 James Franco Helps 'Event Cinema' Come of Age
2014-11-06 James Franco Interviews Orlando Bloom and It's Hysterical
2014-11-05 James Franco Hits A-List Jackpot with 'Zeroville'
2014-10-28 S1:E5 | I'm The King Of Wayne's World | Making A Scene
2014-10-17 S1:E6 | Forrest To The Future | Making A Scene
2014-10-17 S1:E7 | I'm The One That I Want | Making A Scene
2014-10-17 Behind The Scenes WIth Sandy | Making A Scene Bonus Clip
2014-10-17 James As Wayne & Garth | Making A Scene Bonus Clip
2014-10-17 Meet The Travolta Dancers | Making A Scene Bonus Clips
2014-10-17 Forrest's Future | Making A Scene Bonus Clip
2014-10-17 Mashing Up Titanic & Wayne's World | Making A Scene Bonus Clips
2014-10-17 Behind The Scenes With Doc Brown | Making a Scene Bonus Clip
2014-10-17 Timothée Chalamet on 'Homeland', Hillary Clinton and His Next Big Project
2014-10-01 S1:E2 | Here’s Jimmy! | Making A Scene
2014-09-17 S1:E1 | Dirty Dancing Dogs | Making A Scene
2014-09-17 S1:E3 | BatJuice | Making A Scene
2014-09-17 S1:E4 | Silent Taxi Driver | Making A Scene
2014-09-17 The Social-Media Habits of Hollywood’s Biggest Stars
2014-09-17 'Palo Alto' Trailer
2014-09-14 'Of Mice And Men' Screening Dates Set
2014-09-12 Who Said That: Jason Statham
2014-09-11 Exclusive Footage from Venice, Toronto & Deauville Film Festivals
2014-09-09 James Franco Shaves Head, Takes Over Venice Film Festival
2014-09-06 James Franco Shaves His Head For Zeroville, Is "Bald As A Mutha"
2014-09-04 Stars Remember Lauren Bacall
2014-09-02 James Franco Offers More Acting Classes
2014-09-01 Sex List Drama: Lindsay Lohan Responds To James Franco
2014-08-16 13 Celebrities Who Attended Ivy League Schools
2014-08-10 Sony's Kim Jong-Un Assassination Comedy 'The Interview' Delayed
2014-08-08 James Franco's Inspiration While Directing 'Child of God'
2014-07-31 North Korea Is Furious Over Seth Rogen's Movie, Rogen Not Surprised
2014-07-26 'The Interview' Movie, Dinklage Selfies and More Hollywood Happenings
2014-07-03 Celebrities Who Worked at McDonald's
2014-07-03 James Franco, Kate Hudson in 'Good People' Trailer
2014-07-02 A Look At North Korea Send-Ups In Pop Culture
2014-06-27 Kim Jong Un Calls Movie 'An Act of War'
2014-06-26 North Korea's Fury At Kim Comedy
2014-06-25 North Korea Blasts New Kim Jong-Un Comedy 'The Interview'
2014-06-23 The Interview - Trailer No. 1
2014-06-18 Seth Rogen, James Franco In "The Interview" First Trailer
2014-06-13 Excerpts Released From James Franco's Short Story About Lindsay Lohan
2014-06-11 Would You Take a Film Class With James Franco for $25?
2014-06-11 Mila Kunis on 'Fighting for Her Child' at 'Third Person' Premiere
2014-06-10 James Franco's Story Based On Lindsay Lohan
2014-06-10 What Beth Grant Does for James Franco in Her Spare Time
2014-06-01 Change the Way You Eat at McDonald’s
2014-05-22 Will Arnett Plays 'Guess That Actor'
2014-05-18 Leighton And Adam Kick Off Summer With A Little PDA
2014-05-17 James Franco Blasts Spring Breakers Sequel And Producers, Says Movie "Will Be A Terrible Film"
2014-05-15 James Franco Slams 'Spring Breakrs' Sequel in Bizarre Instagram Video
2014-05-12 'Palo Alto' Film Clip
2014-05-09 Late Night Laughs: Kimye's Prenup, Franco Mad Over Naked Selfies
2014-05-09 Dave Franco Had A Pimple On His Butt During His First-Ever Sex Scene In Neighbors
2014-05-09 James Franco Defends "Provocative" Underwear Selfie On The Late Show: "It's What The People Want"
2014-05-09 Emma Roberts: Kissing James Franco Was ''So Not Romantic," But "Everyone" Was Jealous!
2014-05-09 Advanced Ticket Sales For Seth Rogen's 'Neighbors' Soar
2014-05-08 'Spring Breakers 2' Plans Prove Spring Break Truly Is Forever
2014-05-07 James Franco Posts & Deletes Racy Pic on Instagram
2014-05-04 Franco Continues To Deny Sex With Lohan
2014-05-01 James Franco Says He Never Had Sex With Lindsay Lohan
2014-05-01 'Third Person' Tribeca Film Festival Premiere
2014-04-30 Here Are Nude Paintings Of Seth Rogen By James Franco
2014-04-28 James Franco, Seth Rogen Were Asked To Perform At Kimye's Wedding
2014-04-23 James Franco Is Everywhere These Days