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2015-10-09 Making a Scene S2:E5 | Modern Thrones
2015-10-07 Making A Scene S2:E5 | Modern Thrones | AOL
2015-10-07 Guitar Hero Live Trailer
2015-10-07 PLEASE DELETE Making Gossip Gal
2015-09-30 Making A Scene S2:E4 | Saved By The Freaks
2015-09-30 Making A Scene S2:E4 | Saved By The Freaks | AOL
2015-09-30 Hollywood's Smartest Celebs Including James Franco and Emma Watson
2015-09-25 Making a Scene S2:E3 | Murdered with Children
2015-09-23 Murdered with Children Bonus Clip 1 | Making a Scene S2
2015-09-23 'Of Mice And Men - NT Live 2015' Trailer
2015-09-22 Making a Scene S2:E2 | Gossip Gal
2015-09-16 Making Gossip Gal | Gossip Gal Bonus Clip 1 | Making a Scene S2
2015-09-16 Shaq and 'Kim Jong-Un' -- Best (Worst) Katy Perry Sing-Along
2015-09-16 Making a Scene Season 2 Trailer
2015-08-12 James Franco Co-Writes Book About Lana Del Rey With Best-Selling Author
2015-07-24 James Franco Writing Book About Lana Del Rey
2015-07-24 At 37 James Franco Will Enter Manhood After Bar Mitzvah
2015-07-23 James Franco Co-Writes Lana Del Rey Book
2015-07-23 'Good People' Trailer
2015-07-22 Celebs' Bizarre Jobs Before Finding Fame
2015-07-17 'True Story': Second Chance Clip
2015-07-14 'True Story': First Meet Clip
2015-07-08 Charles Rahi Chun from 'The Interview' Calls Out Threat Regarding SCOTUS
2015-07-01 'True Story' Trailer
2015-06-20 Dave Franco & 8 Stars Who Stole Our Hearts From Their Famous Older Siblings
2015-06-13 James Franco Spoofs Shia LaBeouf in His Underwear
2015-06-03 Robert Duvall Returns to the Western: Nominees Night Party
2015-05-14 An Inside Look at Sienna Miller's Love Life
2015-05-12 James Franco Pens Newspaper Column Praising McDonald's For Early Job
2015-05-08 James Franco Owes His Career to McDonald's
2015-05-08 James Franco Lands Cast for Next Indie Movie
2015-05-06 Pop Culture Quiz: How Much Do You Know?
2015-04-30 James Franco, Cynthia Nixon and Christian Slater on Their The Adderall Diar
2015-04-29 Celebrity Brother Facts You Probably Didn't Know
2015-04-28 Amber Heard and James Franco "Have Great Chemistry"
2015-04-18 Selena Gomez Shares Steamy Poolside Instagram Pics
2015-04-10 James Franco on 'The Interview': 'We Never Felt We Were Doing Something Wrong'
2015-03-27 Special: Movie Holidays from Hell
2015-03-19 James Franco's Next Film Boasts Impressive Cast, Including Selena Gomez
2015-03-18 James Franco: 'I'm Gay in My Art'
2015-03-18 Nat Wolff Cast in James Franco's New Film
2015-03-17 Meet the People Who Will Be Roasting Justin Bieber
2015-03-06 James Franco Gets Asked To Prom
2015-03-06 2015 MTV Movie Award Nominees
2015-03-05 Tribeca Film Festival Showcases Movies About 'Everyday Life'
2015-03-04 Leonardo DiCaprio to Portray Multiple Personalities in Next Film
2015-03-02 Channing Tatum's EPIC Sony Hack Email Ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto & KingBach - Drama
2015-02-26 Seth Rogen and James Franco's Bromance Alive and Well
2015-02-25 Spiritual Guidance from Deepak Chopra and Lindsey Lohan
2015-02-22 9 Younger Celebs Starting to Outshine Their Famous Older Siblings
2015-02-18 'The Interview': Deleted Scene
2015-02-15 EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes With the Adorable Puppy of 'The Interview'
2015-02-14 Hulu Nabs Franco for Series on Stephen King's JFK Thriller
2015-02-13 Wenders Brings 3D to Drama in New Movie Starring Franco
2015-02-10 Berlin: James Franco on Dane DeHaan's "Obsession" With Him, ‘I Am Michael'
2015-02-09 2015 Berlinale Red Carpet: James Franco, Olga Kurylenko and More
2015-02-08 Werner Herzog on Shooting His First-Ever "Erotic Scene"
2015-02-08 'The Interview': Frodo Baggins Clip
2015-02-05 'The Interview': Take Him Out Clip
2015-02-05 James Franco Smooches with Zachary Quinto
2015-02-04 James Franco to Direct In 'Dubious Battle'
2015-02-02 ChefDance & The Art of Elysium Party Bring Out Sundance's Finest
2015-01-31 'Pretty Little Liars' Actor Keegan Allen on His Photgraphy Book
2015-01-31 Selena Gomez and James Franco Reuniting on the Big Screen for In Dubious Battle!
2015-01-31 Sundance 2015 Roundup - James Franco and Kristen Wiig Do Double Time
2015-01-30 James Franco Tries to Move Beyond "The Interview"
2015-01-30 'The Interview' Unscripted: Bro Date
2015-01-28 'The Interview' Unscripted: Bro Tips
2015-01-28 'The Interview' Unscripted: Dictator Name
2015-01-28 James Franco Has a New Love?
2015-01-27 James Franco on Why He Didn't Meet Murderer
2015-01-26 ‘The Interview' Is Officially Streaming On Netflix Now
2015-01-25 Sundance 2015: Jonah Hill Helped James Franco with Tough True Story Role
2015-01-24 Here's Your First Look at James Franco, Zachary Quinto and Charlie Carver's Threesome Sex Scene in ‘I Am Michael'